This Puppy is a Mess…

hey Gary boy we don't really know when his backstory is like how he came to be as a shelter he is coughing quite a bit and s3 discharged and his eyes so most likely he just has probably tell pop or an upper respiratory infection but we definitely are always careful ability of the kids he does have heartburn about 12 months really speak out they already have heartburn so essentially what I did was I put some mineral oil and then I pinch the skin and then I literally spray it with a scalpel blade until you see a little bit of light come to the surface that way I know that I'm getting into the hair and zip it up just eating the necks of the tears so we're going to start implementing a to pass continuum antibiotics essentially down the road we're going to need to unify heartworm is a new trend but that's kind of earlier a lot well you can barely hear me but our opening is going into its posture today we're gonna recheck him in two weeks um and neuter him and then check his skin and see if we can go ahead and start his heart room treatment but he already looks a lot better others he ready okay Judy says he saw Tony last and is saying how much better he looks his hair is growing back he's no longer coughing and sneezing definitely just grab his face a little bit a couple little crusty crusty areas but I think we're definitely okay to go ahead and your only stop – mom shaken pretty when I'm new to room today and then we should just need to do one more follow-up and then release some for adoption oh my gosh you're acting so scared and you're such a crazy bully you're stingy pretty boy all right we're everything that I've been get started all right we got his face kinda cleaned up it looks almost like a hot spot like he's been scratching at it we're gonna neuter him and then we are gonna go ahead and start heartworm treatment today as well so that we can get him healthy I forgot he was heartworm positive so he actually has a couple more months in foster before he can look for a home all right I'm going to attempt to show you this microfilaria on the slide so kind of in the center there's just what looks like a little translucent worm shape and it's moving the red blood cells and that is an immature heart worm and so that's you know another indication that he is heartworm positive so we're gonna go ahead and treat him today and then I'll have a month of rest in his foster home and then we have to treat him again and then here's this heartworm test and that's a positive this use control and the T is the test which is positive for him all right final final check for Oakley so we did his heartworm treatment we didn't really get a whole lot of put into that because he was a little bit crazy the imaging injections and took all of us to hold him so he exactly have an attorney and the hold camera when there's three before the end who asked if the company is doing amazing and now he is ready for forever home his skin as you can see it's a lot better he's a little sparse down here still was and we found some food that works for him and as demodex is all cleared up so we just want to say thank you guys so much for all your support and thank you for watching our videos and you

44 thoughts on “This Puppy is a Mess…

  1. Please don't give this adorable boy to worthless people. I hope you are very strict with the people who wants to adopt a dog from Vet Ranch.

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  3. Why is the penis clamped inside? Does it want to go out under anesthesia or has it something to do with neutering?

  4. Please keep making these videos. I am undergoing cancer treatment and I don't have much energy, so I love watching you all save these animals

  5. Gorgeous Baby…reminds me of my Charlie boy, Who we Sadly lost Last year at 13 years old …rescued him at just 7 weeks old (I'm a Lead specialist veterinary nurse in England) ….I now have a crazy Rhodesian Ridgeback LMAO!!….love you guys so much….Hugs from England xx

  6. Just wondering, how much training and socialization do you guys and the fosters typically do with rescue pups at Vet Ranch?

  7. I think it is horrible they have to blur operations. They could use the money and gain more attention to the needs of animals. Also, people who might not be as kind as they should could get a dose of reality and if it turns any heart warmer towards them, it is a good thing. Granted the opposite might be true but I would rather not think that way.

  8. Please help my dog he has a big cyst or tumor on his feet. I don't have enough money to bring him to the city and cover his expenses on his surgery ?

  9. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to censor it and also make an uncensored version.

  10. I'm surprised you guys are still doing vids considering your lawsuit alleging fraud with donations…

  11. Hi guys, could you help me with this campaign? if they share the link, it would be very helpful! any donation is immensely grateful. This is the Link:

  12. He’s a beautiful looking dog he’s so lucky you are talking about people found him and was able to take care of him

  13. Wooooouuuw.. Only a month, and we can see the difference.. Good vet… Awesome.. Thanks for helping the dog.. ?

  14. Who would vote a thumb down for a video of this story of Oakley sweetheart. …. please tell me why you did, I'm genuinely interested in knowing?

  15. If anyone on here is a veterinarian can they please help me out with some questions/concerns I have about an upcoming surgery for my puppy? I’m freaking out and would love for someone to guide me through some things before I back out. Thanks!

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