34 thoughts on “This is why GERMAN SHEPHERDS are the FUNNIEST DOGS – Funny DOG compilation

  1. I had a German Shepherd puppy that was the most adorable you could imagine, he died after he ate a rat that ate poison.

  2. Water is something not even the smartest of dogs can understand

    Dont worry to all the dogs out there, I also have a hard time understanding if water is wet or not

  3. Please dont leave leave live crabs around your dogs because they grab you pretty hard and its hurts. Not sure why they didnot claw the dog or if the dog was aware but humans should never allow this. I would never watch my dog explore live blue crabs up close like that. My husband was snapped by a crab and it was a very painful ordeal but the steamed crab with butter was delicious!

  4. My German shepherd is just like a lot of these, very clumsy but innocent.??
    Like before he picked up a box which covered his eyes and he was trotting around the back garden and walked straight into a wall

  5. One time, I was walking down the street then I saw a lost German Shepherd then I adopted it. It’s name was bear also after the birth it died so I had two shepherds so I adopted them there names were Leon, George so when I got older I this other dog was biting me and the my dogs helped so they treats and they got a bath and they went to bed I my kids were having a great time

  6. In germany we say: Der Hund ist dir im sturme treu, der Mensch nicht mal im winde – The dog is loyal to you in the storm, the human being is not even in the wind
    . And this is true.

  7. It's a real shame that the German Shepherd breed has been plagued with hip dysplasia problems, even the working dogs!

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