This Is What Your Dog Thinks When You Talk to Them

hey guys what's up it's Charlie here and today we're going to be looking at what your dog things when you talk to them I'm sure many of us here have a pet dog and I'm sure just as many people speak to their dogs as if they were people sometimes you may think this is just for your benefit but once your dog actually thinking when you speak to them well believe it or not your dogs probably can actually understand you a lot more than you think today we're going to look at some new experiments with dogs we're also going to find out if they understand speech body language and emotions why they can understand us and also how you can better communicate with your furry friend but first why not subscribe and press the notification bell – believe it or not there have been many many studies all about dogs cognition this is basically dog's ability to understand humans this research goes all the way back to the eighteen hundreds and is still carried out today one professor named Brian hare from Emory University did a study in 2000 he found that dogs can understand and relate to people's words emotions and body language obviously in history they didn't have the technology that we have today and that's why a new study done by a group named frontiers in neuroscience is so amazing they've trained 12 dogs to retrieve two differently named objects and they then measured the dog's brain activity using an MRI scanner one was a toy pig named Pig and the other was a toy monkey named monkey the dog was trained to differentiate between these two toys and then when the scientist said go get the pig the dog did go to the pig and sure enough when it said go get the monkey the dog went and retrieved the monkey toy so dogs can clearly recognize names for things this means dogs will likely recognize their own names and also the names of people in your family they may need some training for this but their cognition definitely stretches to those limits the scientist also did another test simultaneously as well as pig and monkey they said some gibberish words such as Babu and Budnick when they did that the dog went to other objects they had around the room in one instance the dog went over to a hat and in another instance the dog went over to a doll but when they did this while measuring with an MRI frame scanner they found something amazing they found dogs brains light up more when they hear words they've never heard before this is actually the opposite to how human brains work human brains react much more strongly towards we know that's why when you're in a foreign country you can hear people who speak the same language to see you over everyone else really they're speaking of the same or a quieter level but because human brains light up more when they hear words they understand it means you can hear these words much more clearly so why do dogs brings light up more when they hear random words they've never heard before well the scientists said unlike humans who can immediately tell gibberish dogs can't always make this differentiation they may actually be trying harder to please their owners to receive food or praise so after all of these experiments have been carried out can we actually say for sure do dogs understand speech or not well the answer is partly in 2004 science magazine did a study on a dog named Rico they did something called first mapping new words to this dog this is kind of similar to how you learn language as a child you don't know what things are called so the first time you hear a word that isn't grained in your brain using this technique they were able to teach Rico the names of 200 different items and within just four weeks of training he was able to identify most of them and retrieve them from a room but dogs actually understand more than just works a study by the University of Sussex in the UK found that dogs can actually pick up on emotional cues in our speech dogs process the meanings of words on the left side of their brain but on the right side of their brains they process the emotional cues in our words this means they can understand the difference between good boy and bad boy they can basically tell if we're angry when speaking or happy when speaking so dogs can partially understand speech but can they understand our body language in 2012 a study was carried out which heavily suggests dogs understand our body language dogs were presented with two different servings of food one big and once naturally most of the dogs went for the larger survey but then they did the same experiment but with people involved it seemed that when people were involved the portion size did not matter instead it was all about the people's body language the dogs would never go to somebody with an angry or sad body language but no matter what the portion size was – people with a friendly and happy body language the dogs would always go – also when you're communicating with your dog you should always look at your door that's because they can actually recognize this part of body language a study found that dogs have the similar brain capacity to a six to 12-month year old human baby and that applies to recognizing when they're being directly addressed or having information conveyed to them for example in one test a person said hi dog while looking away from the dog they did this many times and most of the time the dog did not look back at the hema however while they did the same test while the person looked at the top while saying hi dog the dog looked way more often it seemed it judged body language when differentiating when someone was talking to them and not talking to them in both situations the dog would have been able to hear thoughts only when the dog was being looked at didn't realize it was being directly at rest and on that subject do dogs understand our emotions we've already covered they can understand our emotional cues when we're speaking but what about just by looking can they tell if humans happy or sad a study by the University of Lincoln found dogs can differentiate between human emotions based on facial expressions however they noted dogs may not be able to tell the difference between positive and negative emotional states for example they can tell the difference between a frowning face and a smiling face but they don't necessarily know that smiling is a positive thing and frowning is a negative thing but that begs the question why can't Doug's understand us well the cool thing about this is that the reason why dogs are capable of understanding us so well is actually a mystery some scientists say this is a product of evolution and Sesa t that's because for thousands of years dogs and humans have lived very closely together and a lot of the time dogs do depend on humans many dogs today are bred specifically for humans this is either for humans to use as pets or to use in jobs for example farm dogs police dogs or racing dogs so it only makes sense that when one species depends on another so much they would need to communicate and understand us but now that you have all of this information you're probably asking how can I communicate better with my dog well the first thing you can do is pay more attention to how you speak to your door you can actually train your dog much better if you use emotional cues in your voice it may sound silly but when you tell your dog off make sure you do it in an angry voice and when you're being affectionate to your dog and praising it make sure you do it in a very happy voice kind of like you would to a baby this may sound funny but based on research this actually works to train your dog a lot better also if you want to get your dog's attention make sure you actually look in its direction when saying its name this will improve your dog's ability to understand you're actually directly addressing it and not just saying something to someone else and finally make sure you always call your dog something consistent most people have a name for their dog but every now and then they'll say something like good boy instead of saying good boy you should actually use your dog's name all the time this will help to cement that name in your dog's mind and realize that that's them you're talking about this will allow you and your dog to have a closer connection and for them to understand you better and vice-versa check out the poll on the top right corner to vote for if you have a dog or not and if you guys want some more amazing videos then why not check out my second channel they'll be linked to that coming up on screen in a moment but as always thanks for watching check out some more videos on screen right now leave a like if you enjoyed and if you haven't already what are you waiting for subscribe to top tens

36 thoughts on “This Is What Your Dog Thinks When You Talk to Them

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  2. My dog doesn’t listen to us that much because she is quite scared as she was used for breeding and we got her from the rescue centre.She hates sticks,nerf guns and other things but she always follows one of us around as she feels safe,but if you go to stroke her head,she ducks it thinking that you will slap her.

  3. Charlie: I'm sure many ppl here have a pet dog
    Me: I'm sure all ppl here have a dog cuz if they don't they 1 r stupid and think cats r better and 2 have no reason to click on da vid

  4. My mom was sad about something a while back. Our Pushan, Kyra, knew she was sad.
    So, she went to my mom. When my mom looked at her, Kyra had tears in her eyes even though my mom wasn't crying.
    She looked up at my mom with such a sad expression then gently laid down in my mom's lap facing her and watching her.
    So, I believe dogs know the different kinds of emotions.
    We baby talk our dogs so when we speak in a strong, firm voice they know they did something wrong.
    But, never ever spank or hit your dog. Sometimes, I use a rolled up newspaper and hit it against my thigh. The sound makes them straighten up.

  5. Our Pushan is very intelligent.
    She loves playing ball so much that we can't say the word 'Ball' in front of her any more because she knows what we're saying. And because she'll sprint around the long table in the den at 100 MPH and bark like crazy.
    Her high pitched barks can make your ears cringe.
    We only say it when we're going to actually play fetch.
    We started spelling it instead.
    After a short while, she started understanding B-A-L-L.
    I'd spell it and she'd walk up to where we keep them.

  6. A dogs main sense is smell and they can use it to figure what another dog,or US,is feeling just as most other animals can read the emotions of their own kind.

  7. They understand body language trust me that know a lot too they know time and they don't know how a watch look

  8. Wow this is crazy I sure will not erase dogs you guys dogs are amazing I thanos hereby refuse to erase animals read more

  9. Our dogs know each other's names, Mom and Dad. Also when they're barking at a stranger they understand "stealthy" means to be quiet but alert. They also know who's personal toys are and what toys are up for grabs.
    We are a pack and it is expected to take care of each other, protect each other and follow the alphas and their older sister is the leader when Mom and Dad are not there. Unfortunately, she has a knack for leading them out of their property and down the road for adventures until mom or dad come find them.

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