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baby bus click here to subscribe hide under your nails look at your dirty hands baby wash your hands and have some snacks let's hide under your nails look at your dirty hair your dancer yeah there might be germs under them shark nail clipper you have a mission go open your mouth man let's go fight go quick quick quick the germs are scared ha quick quick quick germs bye bye by 2-1-1 girls say goodbye choose the thumbnails say bye to mommy Mimi let's go wash your hands one more time let's go find other kids someone got hurt we are we are we don't worry I'll take you to the hospital we the ambulance arrived so fast that's great please call boxer amulets for me we will boo I'm a m-monster ambulance let's get my big wheels rolling I feel sick what should I do I have a good idea please call the ambulance please please call our ambulance for me I won't be fooled anymore wee-ooh wee-ooh I am monster ambulance let's get my big wheels rolling rolling rolling running go sorry I promise not to fool around anymore remember kids call the ambulance only when there is a real emergency I'll be right back can you be little doctors and take care of mom before mom has a fever I'm a doctor here's a mommy is sick she needs to rest mommy is sick she needs to rest I love you too I feel much better now thank you kids me Timmy you did a great job click on load if you like this video mosquito panics bombing can't ah one two three great everybody move let's go the mosquitoes are so annoying don't worry we have the mosquito repellent ha ha ha ha let's go down the slide how cool can I be lie down off the slide sliding like fly man watch me go down shoo shoo shoo it's not fun enough what should I do yeah yeah let's go down the slide let's go let's go be careful when you go down can i play with your doll okay yeah what should I do we should complete bubble Rangers we're gonna beat you next time let's go find another dirty place bubu Wow there is a playground in a swimming pool over there it looks like so much fun okay we'll be taking off soon with hurts it hurts so much boo I really want to play so there's no body body bye-bye dirty germs bye-bye bad germs yeah go away oh yeah we creatures away oh yeah Badgers away yeah go away goodbye goodbye whoa the garbage truck garbage let's go come on let's go now we are the dirty dirty germs we love to play in dirty places germs then they trash away let's go with the garbage truck lalalalala germs let's go Wow garbage garbage truck here we go yes wonderful garbage truck here we go awesome watch oh it's really hot and wait over there I will bring it to you so hot and so tasty corn soup for everyone be careful about the hot soup be careful love the hotpot sit down sit down now just wait until that comes here you are here you are enjoy the tasty soup now let's take a bath let's play splashing splashing let's play splashing splashing blue balls blue is cold cold side of the tap red is on red is hot so be careful not to touch it's hot water danger danger it's a father Danger Danger bird eats turning red I'm so scared so scared of hot water now you need cold water to cool it down turn on the cold water take your hands on dairy with cold water wash it wash it in cold water don't cry don't cry be careful next time please maybe TV hot water's dangerous don't turn it on TV you're great you

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