This Grumpy Looking Dog Couldn’t Get Adopted. But Then A Couple Discovered What Was Wrong

This grumpy looking dog couldn’t get adopted but that a couple discovered what was wrong This Canadian pug mix was ignored by everyone that visited the litter to pick up a puppy in 2013 Not only was the poor baby sickly looking but also had the appearance of an almost permanent scowl on his face But one day a couple with an eye for the different pop buying could it be that the luckless pug had found his forever family? Meet mr. Cornelius a little pug with massive appeal thanks to his adorably grumpy expression However, the down in the mouth dog was not always as popular as he is today Quite the opposite effect at an early stage in the game Cornelius found himself way out in left-field pushed past by people looking for the perfect pug Indeed when mr. Cornelius first emerged into the world in Toronto Canada. He was on the fringe of everyone’s attention Sadly that included the members of his own canine family Including his Shih Tzu mom and pug pop That was because Cornelius was the runt of his litter and he was so much smaller and weaker than his three siblings brothers But the babies animal alienation did not end there Cornelius had to watch sorrowfully as his happier looking siblings got picked out for adoption before him The grouchy looking pup was left unwanted and it wasn’t just his grumpy seeming scowl that put people off the little pug Potential adopters thought that perhaps there was something wrong with mr. Cornelius due to his skin coloring It’s certainly true that the four year old has always had a striking appearance The poppers pale colouring and unusual eyes give him a ghostly appearance and it’s fair to say that the Pug mix frightened off a succession of human would-be parents Cornelius scared off most visitors to the litter afraid that the smallest of the set was sick Meanwhile one by one his brothers were whisked away to their forever homes Next to his siblings who look more like their toy dog. Mom and pure pug father. Mr Cornelius was an oddity on the other hand That’s exactly what appealed to the offbeat tastes of Toronto woman Tony cussin and her boyfriend James O’Donnell When the couple visited the litter to find that only the runt remained, they were both smitten with just one look at Cornelius Cussin in O’Donnell lived in the same neighborhood that mr Cornelius was born into when the couple heard about an unexpected birth of pug bumpers on the dog grapevine They felt they had to go and visit the litter. However O’Donnell and reservations about acquiring another animal He was quite content with the dog the couple already owned In fact cussin and O’Donnell shared a happy home with an attractive pug Boston Terrier Kraus called Bowie hence O’Donnell’s initial reluctance The puppy later in question had been the result of an accidental pregnancy But it proved to be a happy accident now that all the pups had been adopted well all but one mr Cornelius the couple’s hearts went out to Cornelius when they learned that the unconventional beautiful boy had been overlooked He was the one that nobody wanted O’Donnell later told animal issue website the dodo in December of 2017 Everyone thought this dog was sick as soon as he clamped eyes on. Mr. Cornelius O’Donnell changed his mind about adoption Far from the puppers unusual appearance being a deal breaker for the couple. It was what made it happen People thought he was weird and different but we liked weird and different cussin explained to the dodo However, despite the couple’s eagerness to expand their family. They wanted to understand Cornelius a little better first. I had done some research Custom continued in her interview with the dodo. I wanted to make sure he was okay, right? Initially the Pug lover had thought perhaps mr Cornelius was affected by albinism, but her research revealed that the animal was not nailed by no custom wasn’t too far off the mark However, the Pug actually had a similar condition called leucism both albinism and leucism are rare conditions which indicate a lack of dark pigmentation in the sufferers system an animal or indeed a person is Centered albino when their body produces no trace of the pigment Melanin this results in a distinctive pale skin pinkish eyes and white hair Leucism however is down to the subjects partial production of the range of pigments and shows itself with a similar but sometimes patchy discoloration of the hair and skin So cousins dogged research revealed that mr. Cornelius did not have anything seriously wrong with him at all The popper was not sickly or ill he was simply different and when cussin and O’Donnell became as official humans The couple realized quickly. Just how unique Cornelius is when it comes to his personality to begin with Cornelius just isn’t what you would call a dog’s dog The canine much prefers the company of people there is one exception. However, he simply adores his adopted older sister Bowie Mr. Cornelius has never once liked another dog other than Bowie cousin confirmed to the dodo in addition usually dogs Actively dread bath time but getting in the tub has become one of the fastidious Cornelius’s favorite things He’s obsessed with taking baths custom described if we go to anyone else’s house He’ll find their bath and he’ll sit in it and he’ll be like, can you turn it on? Furthermore. Mr. Cornelius isn’t just preoccupied with baths. He also has another obsession he loves orange objects and is inseparable from his beloved toys of that distinctive hue during playtime if He perhaps suffers from a lack of pigmentation. The Pug certainly doesn’t lack for a bit of color in his life Cornelius was once the dog that no one looked twice at but now all that has changed for the pug thanks to his online presence No animal lover finds it easy to ignore. Mr Cornelius these days as the popper pops up all over the Internet his adorable grumpy face has members of the online community flocking to his social media accounts in droves They can’t seem to get enough of the unusual animals antics and with cussin as his manager agent and photographer They’re getting exactly what they want Every morning when I sign on to his Instagram, it’s like 200 likes and 50 comments cussin told the Canadian current affairs website global new in January 2015 and in an article in the Multi-language newspaper epoch times in December 2017 cussin revealed a secret which may have added to the pugs pulling power Since his adoption these seemingly curmudgeonly. Cornelius has found his smile It seems that the popper is not always so set in his attitude as cousin went on to admit in the epoch Times piece He’s not always grumpy She said I just have a good eye for catching him when he is grumpy as a result of his humans keen photographic eye Mr Cornelius’s scowl has become his trademark smolder custon said from then on he’s been turning heads and melting hearts with that face in His YouTube video filmed and hosted by the dodo Cornelius has attracted more than 2 million views. So the pug is turning countless rounds upside down Mr. Cornelius started life as overlooked and unwanted but now people Enthusiastically accept him for the star he is they are mad for his antics for as cussin inform global news. He’s just a crazy little You

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  1. My sister had an albino boxer. Named Maggie may. She was told she wouldn't have long lifetimes. But instead of one year, she lived 8 happy years. She was adorable.

  2. "Crazy little"…what.?(haha)That sentence was 'cut off' at the end.Like the pic of Mr.Cornelius with the mini pumpkin in his mouth. Thanks for posting+good day. Julie ???

  3. Who couldn't adopted this little cutie. Grumpy face and all I would of Loved to be this Grumpy Fur Babies Mama. God Bless the Loving People that took him in and made him apart if there family. What A Cuttie Pie?

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