This glove gives your dog a bath.

Washing your dog is now better for you
and your pet. Aqua Paw is a wearable sprayer and scrubber that you can turn on or off just by making a fist. Aqua Paw comes with a quick-release adapter,
so you can fasten it to your shower head or you can attach it to your garden hose
to bathe your dog in or outside. Besides this glove making it easier for
you to keep your dog steady, the little rubber scrubbers in the palm are
soothing for dogs too. One of the dog owners in our office who tried AquaPaw
said she really appreciated having one hand free to hold on to her dog. That
turned a dreaded ritual into a seamless activity. The spraying power is more gentle
than a high-pressure hose. And it’s a lot more effective than a cup bath. And because it’s designed like a glove, Aqua Paw lets you wash them in the
exact same way you would pet them.

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