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[Applause] the bond between Brooklyn and mojo was immediate he was so little when we got him you know what his name is yeah mojo he was so cute huh I met mojo at the recipe there was a litter of 10 we walked into the room and all the other puppies were doing their thing and mojo is a little set aside and he had this little cute white face and we picked him up and he was just so sweet and the look on her face I mean she was so in love she would not let that dog down Brooklyn is five years old Sears three best friends Brooklyn is a very determined little girl and there's nothing that she won't try tae kwon yeah Sierra's a girly girl she's a princess she was to be the center of attention when we first got mojo Sierra did not want it she actually asked if we could trade him in for a cat now Sara loves mojo but Brooklyn and mojo are best friends mojo just like Brooklyn is very active when she's out on the soccer field her personality is very take-charge mojo loves being part of action Mojo's a really good goalie unfortunately mojo failed puppy kindergarten that was embarrassing he is not a good student we brought a trainer to our house to help us out when we're training Brooklyn works with him as well we want to make sure that any training he gets she understands and then he can work with him hi do you want to play fetch I'll show you how what we're gonna do I'm gonna help you that ready fine throw the stick all right ready he's gonna pick a sticks a cup o Joe showing good and then put your hand out madjoe was such a good listener I was so proud of him mojo did such a good job at training today that we felt that he deserved a little bit of a reward as mojo doing back there I hear he's not peeing what toy do you think mojo is gonna pick out Holly R mojo used to have this really long alligator there was this favorite toy probably lasted maybe a week how many toys you think mojo hairs were 20,000 20,000 Hey look Maggio oh I think you likes that one yes yes who's gonna wear it so happy I pulled your phone around with you guys excited you got only to the beach we love the beach so we go every chance we get when we go to the beach Brooklyn's in the water mojo is running away from the water he's not much of a swimmer yet but we're hoping to change that Mojo's favorite thing at the beach is digging he's a big digger so Brooklyn tries to help out sometimes not fully to her advantage [Applause] Brooklyn and mojo it's something above and beyond just a OK'd in their pet she shows him love and she shows a friendship then she takes care of him I love mojo from your static you you

49 thoughts on “This Girl's Happiest When Her Dog's Happy | The Dodo Kid's Best Friend

  1. Hi The Dodo! I was just wondering, how do you choose what stories you are going to do? All of the stories you choose are amazing!!!

  2. Such great parents to embrace their children's love of Mojo. These kids have a bright future with their furry friend. Little sister, at 4:00 minute mark, is hilarious. Are we really doing this? Lol

  3. I bet nobody is going to read my 50 page long comment but here goes anyways! I connect on a personal level with this girl because I got a three year old doggo when I was 7 and 6 years later, I still have and love this guy! I have complete full responsibility for this dog and I do my VERY best to keep him healthy, walking him 4 times a week, hiking 2 times a week, and swimming once a month. I’ve educated myself about dogs and can answer about any question you can provide, and I’ve trained him completely by myself. He’s 9 now, going on ten and I’m terrified of the day he passes. Anyone have any tips?

  4. Awwww my Brooklyn is 8 now but at 28 months she fell in love with a buck American Pit Bull Terrier… Mighty Sprite and Brooklyn are thick as thieves…. sooo cute

  5. Every child should have the experience of growing up with a dog.
    Dogs teach kids emotional lessons that are vital to developing a well rounded personality.

  6. OMG that squad!!!!!!! Girls like Brooklyn make me feel better about the future of this world 🙂

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