This Family Thought They Were Raising a Dog—It Was a Bear | Nat Geo Wild

37 thoughts on “This Family Thought They Were Raising a Dog—It Was a Bear | Nat Geo Wild

  1. A family was in for a surprise when they realized their puppy wasn't a dog. What are your thoughts on this shocking discovery?

  2. 1. Chinese Family Adopted a Dog, Then Realized This
    2. Family Adopts a New Dog Then Vet Sees It And Calls The Cops

  3. For some reason this story popped up on the current news feed. I'd like someone to show me a picture when it looked like a dog because in the ones I've seen it looks nothing like a dog??

  4. Stupidest story ever. There's no way they didn't know. They're just covering their butts because it was illegal. Sheesh, people — how naive can you be?

  5. Family thought they were raising a tabby and found out after 2 years that it was a Siberian tiger .they wanted to still check and kept the tiger till it ate half the family and the animals and most of the towns people then they understood that they should not have watched nat geo tv with the cat when it was small …moral of the story be careful what you let your children and pets watch.. have a wonderful new year!!!

  6. Dogs can have different looks but how can anyone mix it with the bear? How is it possible that this "dog" wasn't barking for 2 years, it was eating mailny fruits and walking on hind legs…

  7. My pet rat didn't stop growing, then 5 years later it was taller than me…someone told me it's maybe a kangaroo.

  8. Being a animal is the worst thing which can happen to u in this world……u can't speak…than their is no justice for u….only a small cage

  9. Oh they knew it was a bear what they didn’t know was that it was ilegal to have a bear until they wanted to get rid of it.

  10. Understandable. I was 2 minutes balls deep into my wife's mom b4 she found out. Thought it was my wife without makeup. Oh well, mom in law lives with me fam

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