This Dog Threw A Child Across The Yard, But When The Mom Saw Why, She Could Not Believe Her Eyes

facts first presents this dog through a child across the yard but when the mom saw why she could not believe her eyes help us spread the word about facts first by clicking that like button and also be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell so you don't miss our future videos many dogs end up in shelters after being abused or neglected when the person adopts a pet from a shelter it's one of the kindest things they can do unfortunately there are certain breeds that spend more time in the shelter pit bulls and Dobermans are the most common breeds who are left behind due to their reputation of being aggressive the seville experience australia decided to adopt a dog from a shelter they decided to take a chance on a Doberman the family had wanted a dog for awhile and they decided to adopt a dog from a shelter because they knew that many shelter dogs are looking for homes they decided to adopt rather than shop Kathryn decided that a large Doberman Pinscher named Khan would be a great addition to her family after hearing about the dog she found out the dog had been abused for most of its life and needed a family to make him feel loved now at that point a lot of people told them they should not bring in a troubled dog into their home especially since they had a 17 month-old daughter Charlotte well Kathryn and her husband they didn't listen to the warnings and they decided to bring Khan home anyway the fact the dog had been beaten and starved didn't seem to worry them in the least when Khan had been living with the family for only four days Kathryn was watching him play with Charlotte in the yard and suddenly from the window Kathryn saw Khan's behavior change the dog became crazy uncontrollable and angry he not Charlotte to the ground Kathryn was shocked she couldn't believe how aggressive the dog was suddenly being she quickly ran outside Kathryn couldn't believe what Conn had just done he grabbed Charlotte by her diaper and literally threw her across the yard like a rag doll Kathryn says her daughter appeared lifeless at that point Khan appeared to be acting aggressively toward the little girl trying to nudge her to get her up ference says that if she didn't see it for herself she would never have believed it and when she got close she realized what had really happened as she picked up her daughter she heard kahn cry out in pain and next she saw a snake quickly slithering away turned out the dog was not trying to hurt Charlotte he was trying to save her a snake had crawled out from underneath the house and Khan had seen it just in time he wasn't just any snake that was about to attack the little girl either it was a venomous king brown snake which is known as one of the most deadliest snakes in Australia these snakes had the power to kill a human within minutes had the snake bit Charlotte she would have died Catherine was thrilled that Khan had saved her daughter but now she was worried about it Catherine knew that the venom had gotten into Khan's system and he needed help immediately if he was going to survive soon Khan collapsed as a result of the venom after becoming paralyzed the dog began having trouble breathing since Khan was a big dog he'd be at least an hour before the venom could kill him so Catherine had to work fast Catherine Khan in the car and rushed him into the local Animal Clinic there he was given a shot of antivenom which Catherine prayed would save his life Khan spent the night in the clinic clinging to life finally when the Sun came up he was feeling better he even ate all of his breakfast when Khan got better he was able to go home Catherine made it a point to tell all the people who warned her about bringing Khan into the house with Charlotte about how Khan had saved Charlotte's life Dobermans are known for being great guard dogs that's exactly what Khan was to Charlotte that day when Catherine thinks that she could have chosen any other dog from the shelter that day it terrifies her to think about what would have happened if she had Khan saved her daughter's life and for that she'll be forever grateful that she picked that dog Khan has definitely earned a spot in this family subscribe for more

47 thoughts on “This Dog Threw A Child Across The Yard, But When The Mom Saw Why, She Could Not Believe Her Eyes

  1. My mom had a pet Doberman when she was little I asked about it and she couldn't remember
    I think I want a Doberman when I can get one because it saved the little girl (kinda)

  2. I had two Dobermans around my four kids. they would not let my ex-mother-law and ex-husband around the kids my male Doberman would sleep with my daughter's bedroom. and the female Doberman would do sleep in my son bedroom. I find the male Doberman when I was putting out a car fire he was 6week old.the female Doberman I find when I put out a trash can fire she was 8 weeks I bring the Doberman home with me. my kids would lay in them play ball with them and watch tv and fall asleep two Doberman would go for a walk and would not let my kids out of the eyes.they would watch my kids get on the school bus and stay with them to the bus come and they would know when my kids would be home from school the would walk my kids back home from the bus. sometimes I say that I have to work they would be on the car before me and work in the firehouse they think that was a firehouse dogs.

  3. My dog was in the backyard…. because I’m an Aussie my dog died a snake bit his back…

    I miss him so much.?But he’s in a better place now..?

  4. 1 do not tell me to hit like before I watch vid , and will subscribe when you show your worth, . Asking me to do before anything just pisses me off.

  5. Once I saw blood on my grass then I saw a orange afro my dog had blood on her tooth they I saw paint I checked my cameras and I saw my 4 sheperds and my 5cats attacking the 7 clowns

  6. I have a Blue Doberman,named LUNA .She recently killed a CORAL SNAKE.Coral snakes are Red,Yellow ,kill a fellow..Very poisonious .Luckily she was not bitten.My Malmute did nothing.Thank God for my LUNA .I love her .Great dog.?????

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