This Cat Looks So Fluffy And Cute But Why Is He So Angry At His Owner? | Kritter Klub

Meow!! Meow! Meoww kyaa Fierce Austin… Why you so scary like that?=+.+=Owner: He growls and gets wary these days.. He wasn’t like that before *Jumps in to snuggle* What the..?.? Sudden change in mood lol Mild Mild BUT To his older bro.. Get off ma back !!! RAWRRRRR RAWR How dare you..=+___+=Oof bro’s SHOOK Don’t follow me ._. I’m eating=o.o=Nom nom Strolls casually Gosh don’t you have any sense*[email protected]@!!!!! Get. Out. !!! Stay away from me!! Austin… Do you still feel awkward around your bro? Owner: I was the original owner Whenever I see that I feel so frustrated Gunwoo used to receive love and affection Used to have Austin’s love all to himself.. But now.. Couldn’t be further from Austin’s affection 🙁 Owner: I hate him he used to be like that to me… I hate you too=+.+=Despite the hate.. Smears himself with the smell of catnip and approaches Austin again~ What the heck was that=+.+=Do I seem like a game to you=+.+=Then how ’bout food.. Nom nom Gently… Don’t touch!!!!! So…rry I warned you hooman! Do you wanna see some blood today!!! OMG hella scary o_o Skin…and heart both broken T.T Owner: He’s getting worse, keeps biting.. This is too hard.. Doctor… Please help T.T Vet: He’s showing a stiff body due to anxiety and fear There must be a reason for that Austin behaves like this because he’s scared of Gunwoo.. Owner: I once returned home after being 4 to 5 months away I ran to him, (excited) going “Austin~ I’m home!” Vet: Austin felt like the owner was another big cat with a strange different smell entering his territory The expression of happiness of seeing him felt like an attack by a monster cat to Austin.. Vet: It’s best to do push and pull well Pretends not to notice “Pushes” (a snack~) “Pull” (Austin)~ There’s hope! Vet: If you switch the dad’s clothes with the son’s Perhaps (Austin) will get a good feeling.. Will he…? Hmm… You thought this through huh ._. One step☆ Two steps☆ closer to big bro☆ Mom: What’s up with him! My heart is pounding.. The final piece.. Nom~ Woohoo!!! Oh my God~♬ Again Another SUCCESS♬ Living with the big bro who just felt like a nuisance Now~ even eats food that big bro gives Nom~ Nom~ Owner: If there were 10 steps, I couldn’t even take 1 step before but now the first step was taken That..feels huge to me Mom: I think Gunwoo and Austin will become close again someday like before Meow~ Austin~ Let’s go back to how we used to be ‘kay? ☆

100 thoughts on “This Cat Looks So Fluffy And Cute But Why Is He So Angry At His Owner? | Kritter Klub

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  2. Блять… я не живодёр, но после видео про бедных животных попавших в беду я хочу уебать этому коту…

  3. I love that cat.

    He doesn't take no kadachas shit.

    So fly.

    The owner amazing man to love

    Great video. God bless to the love ones.


  4. Она или он по моему глухая,у меня тоже было белая и голубоглазая глухая кошка и они немного агрессивные

  5. Hot boiling water and belt for ass whooping that cat till the white fluffy bastard turns red would simply solve the problem.
    Either die or run out of the house

  6. to be honest, I read the comments just to know what's going on, but I'm still don;t understand why the cat is angry at his owner?
    someone please tell me the story

  7. Frankly it's nonsense your videos. Title in French
    sometimes subtitled in English
    and almost all comments in English.
    It's weird

  8. If my cat reacted to me like that, I would very soon have a dead cat to bury. That I would honestly just chuck into the garbage disposal. Because I don't have time for all your hissy shit.

  9. Lol cat suck if i met a cat ill just throw it to the water and then i throw it to the bin and then i will throw a rock to a cAt

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