39 thoughts on “This Cat Kept Kidnapping The Neighbor's Puppies. Then They Discovered The Jaw-Dropping Reason Why

  1. "In the end, the situation actually worked out for everyone."

    I hate to be a downer, but uh….

    what about the kittens that died?

  2. My doggo never got the chance to be a mum and now that I've rescued three abandoned kittens she is being a great mum to them:')

  3. Lets be honest, if a cat ignored its kittens, we would adopt them as our own too, if a dog did not want to be a parent, we would take them as own too, every specie has the instinct to take care of babies, the cat saw the puppies huge eyes and small noses, and the cat couldnt handle the cuteness.

  4. I love cats and dogs
    I was about to get a baby kitty but they sold it?and my dad just lied to me saying he was allergic to cats but he was not and I never got the cat and every day I remember him, the little baby kitty??????

  5. It's a damn shame that animals are one of the smartest creatures. And to be honest I don't think animals get enough credit then what they should. If animals can talk English like humans or whatever native language you speak humans would be fucked

  6. Love Miss kitty. A week after my dog gave birth I got a kitten so I gave her one of my mommy dogs teats and it happily drank from her. Big girl competed for a nipple till she was fully weened and was best friends with the dogs they even protected her from other cats invading her garden. Giggles

  7. Just FYI to everyone this story is a couple of years old and was on the news. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TirG8IE5RA

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