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What’s going on? the week has just started we are heading to Biltema because… a couple of weeks ago I found out that Pernille wanted a cat for Christmas so I decided that I am going to buy a cat for her and I have bought it it’s a special cat a pretty cool cat I am very excited but the most important thing is that we need some toys for the cat to play with why are you filming me so close? wide-angle we are going to buy some supplies for the cat maybe a bed and something to transport the cat with therefore we are heading to Biltema I saw that they were supposed to have some cat supplies I think there is an animal store here as well it’s perfect with fishes on what about this one? it will need a place to sleep we need this one she needs toys yes, because you will not be playing with here during the winter she needs something to play with Pernille will play with her that one looks better than this one where is she supposed to scratch at? he will need this one she* what are you doing? doing some shopping don’t think I am the one who will use the hula hoop we need to go to the animal store the cat will need a lot of care quality is important we have bought some toys from Biltema and we’ll buy the real stuff at the animal store I think the store is called “Dog as a hobby” are we fixing it? yes, we are we have bought Cat litter a toilet a transport-cage some more toys we bought the real stuff she will be here soon she is out training she has no idea our cat has arrived I am excited to see her reaction look at our kitten is it a kitten inside it? it’s the cutest kitten ever I am crying I have given her a name what’s her name? the star she is so cute are you happy? yes open up she is so cute now we are on our way to Davos in Switzerland the reason why I haven’t been filming lately or since we got our kitten on Tuesday is because I haven’t been feeling good I have had a cold my throat has been sore for two days therefore, I am a bit nervous about the weekend hopefully, I am good it doesn’t feel like I am still sick I had an interval this morning just to see how I felt and soon I will be ready for Davos my private driver you are mean we are on our way to competing let’s go to Davos we are flying the smallest SAS airplane ever made we are flying from Trondheim to Oslo hopefully, the plane from Oslo to Zurich is bigger because there is no space another plane hopefully, they brought our luggage I am waiting for Morten I hope he will be here soon so I can get in the car, listen to some music and have some food we will be in Davos in a couple of hours the time is flying when you are traveling I just started watching a new series many of you have probably watched it a long time ago but I just started watching Suits I like it here we are I told you that I was going to film the food pasta with some vegetables and meat I would like to eat the same as you but I am competing tomorrow this is my dinner for today you are using the wrong lense just so you know which means it is the wide angle put it on 30 yes, it’s on 30 you can’t zoom more than that we brought the wrong lense yes, Ola had it I have tested my skis I think these skis may be the badest skis I’ve ever used are you going to use them during the competition? no, luckily not I like warming up on bad skis Frode definitely made it possible for me to do that today these are bad you know the skis are bad when you have to paddle in the downhill I hope you have better skis for the prologue we’ll see about that but I think they will be good, for sure but now I have to warm up, it’s important especially when we are in the hight I will join him done with the prologue I will start warming up for the quarterfinal now it’s going to be exciting Chanavat won the prologue with 2,5 seconds I should never have given him the lunch that was not smart good for the sport though I am competing against him today no one else was brave enough to compete against us in the first heat but that doesn’t mean they are not as good as us there are 6 seconds between the first place and the 30th place people are going fast are you happy? you are standing here I am very happy you don’t know who the winner is yet? what? I got the victory yes well done we were even I told Chanavat to drop the neck shawl and so he did next time he will drop the hat as well with some hufs in his hair then he will get the victory I’ll just have to enjoy this victory will you compete tomorrow? I will see, maybe or maybe I should go home for Christmas we’ll see I got another 100 points and that was important we are done we have moved on from Davos to Zurich I decided not to go tomorrow and we are now at…what is it called? at the apartment, the house? it’s as big as a house but it is an apartment which belongs to Morten, a friend of dad he has very good statistics in Davos he has been joining us for three years, and I also have three victories from Davos we are using the wrong lens for this, but I have to show you it’s too dark we’ll do it tomorrow then I will show you the view tomorrow this is one of the few apartments in Zurich which has a view to the lake it’s very spectacular let’s call it a day I am going to watch the ski race today on Youtube hopefully, someone has published it today and maybe I will go on Twitch and watch some live streams there are probably some Fortnite live streams today as well and then we’ll call it a day see you tomorrow we are going on sightseeing to watch other parts of the city yes you are going to train as well let’s move on to tomorrow see you tomorrow we have been living there and the city is there it’s a short way are you going to run? they are running how far are they running? 10 kilometers? and the kids are running 5 kilometers go go! go go go! is it the farmer’s market? yes, it is it looks just like it Trondheim is doing well the farmer’s market you guys probably don’t know about the farmer’s market it is a market where you can buy a lot of healthy food yes, basically I like buying food from there we have been doing some sightseeing I am just going back inside to have some food before we head back to Trondheim I think I should end the vlog right now this week has been very good we have bought a kitten, the star as well as I got another World Cup victory which is great let’s end this vlog right now and I’ll see you guys next week Ola is home and we’ll film a lot of cool clips thanks for watching and I’ll see you next week goodbye from me and I think that Pernille and the Star say goodbye as well thanks, for watching

36 thoughts on “This cat is our new family member! | Vlog 48³

  1. Так вот почему он не побежал гонку. Он предоставил шанс выиграть Устюгову.

  2. Спасибо за видео. Поклонникам Клебо из России хотелось бы перевода, хотябы субтитров. И да Клебо крут. И да Большой крут. Лосенок всех победит. Но Клебо пока отец лыж!) Субтитры для поклонников Клебо в студию))

  3. Herlig klipp med både kattesjarm og World Cup backstage feeling. Du og broren din er ikke lenger øverst på Klæbo-toppen min – der ligger Stjerna nå. Men takk for en veldig underholdende og spennende Lørdag! 100 poeng i det selskapet der, når du er den alle legger planer for å slå – er imponerende. Skikkelig imponerende! Nå gjør du det imidlertid ikke lett for dem, siden du kan angripe bakfra, ligge i tet, ta dem i spurt, motbakke, utforkjøringer eller på flate alt etter som du føler for, ser det ut som, så er du neppe lett å legge opp en taktikk imot. Kanskje hemmeligheten med din imponerende suksess er overraskelsefaktoren? De vet aldri hva du gjør, for du gjør det – og da har toget gått. Eller ekspressen, blir det vel riktigere å si.

    Hvis du kjøpte det kattestativet, så er mitt råd ikke hiv den boksen det kom i. Mine katter (2 stk – selv om den ene er en husokkupant), har aldri brydd seg med stativet. Pappesken det kom i, kniver de om å kravle rundt i, og skjule seg i, enda. En kasse som henger, eller ligger høyt, så katten både føler at den ligger skjult samtidig som den har full oversikt, faller langt mer i smak enn et klatrestativ som dere selv kommer til å bli mektig lei av jo lenger det står (ubrukt). Sprayet det til og med med kattemynte, uten suksess. De bare sniffet litt i luften – og det var det.

  4. Congratulations on another great race and especially your new kitten ? ❤️. If you need help, I’m a cat doctor!! Good luck with Star!!

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