This Canadian Lynx Is Twice The Size Of A Cat Now Watch His Reaction When A Trainer Goes To Pet Him

with their ferocious reputation
razor-sharp teeth and formidable claws it’s sometimes hard to believe that
bigger wild cats are related to the humble felines we call pets still such
larger cats have a distinctively bigger bite than the domestic variety so when a
Canadian lynx is owner attempts to stroke him like a pet how do you think
you’ll react Canadian lynx is can be found throughout the whole of Canada and
in some parts of the United States well exclusive to North America they’re
closely related to the Iberian and Eurasian Lynx both of which are found in
Europe closer to home though the species also counts Bobcats as cousins on
average Canadian lynx is our 23 inches tall and 35 inches long this makes them
about twice the size of your average house cat but because they tend to live
solitary lives and make their homes away from human civilization they’re known as
the great ghosts of the north indeed they tend to reside in densely
forested areas where they scout out their dens and hidden nooks and crannies
and thanks to their large eyes and distinctive pointy ears Canadian Lynx’s
are perfectly suited to hunting at night they mainly eat snow hares although they
will catch other forms of small mammals when hares are scarce the cat’s
predators meanwhile are coyotes Cougars and wolves and humans also want the
animals for their fur there’s never been an abundance of lynxes in the United
States but they were traditionally found in as many as 25 states however their
numbers have dramatically declined due to loss and fragmentation of their
habitat indeed things got so bad for the cat that in 2000 the US Fish and
Wildlife Service listed the species as threatened in the lower 48 states but
while it’s gotten harder to catch a glimpse of the Canadian lynx in the wild
many are available to view at zoos and that’s where max comes in
yes the infant Lynx was born at a zoo in May 2011 before being released to
wildlife educator for an adoption Hoffman began working with animals as a
zookeeper at Hoosick Falls New York in 2002 when the zoo closed six years later
however she took out a part-time job at a Natural History Museum in her free
time – she taught wildlife education courses there for little max found
himself in perfectly capable hands in fact max appears to have settled in
well in his new environment so well it seems that after almost five
years in Hoffman’s care the Lynx has apparently forgotten that he’s a
medium-sized wild cat indeed extraordinary footage posted by the
animal educator shows just how much trust exists between the pair the video
which was posted to YouTube shows max purring loudly as he’s created by
Hoffman with the promise of a stroke the Lynx lifts himself towards his Handler
and gently bombs his head on her hand then as Hoffman strokes him the cat’s
purrs get louder and louder just like any domesticated felines after a while
the adorable animal sinks to the ground as he relaxes to his fullest
he even rests his head on his paws and closes his eyes thoroughly enjoying the
pleasurable massage just then Hoffman begins scratching max under his chin
which as any cat owner knows cats can’t resist surrendering to his master’s
advancements max rolls on his back and wraps his paws lovingly around Hoffman’s
arm all the while the felines Perth resonates throughout the room it appears
from the video that max has a lot more in common with the humble house cat than
may have been previously thought in a caption that accompanied the
heartwarming video Hoffman explained max links the educational animal ambassador
takes a moment to get some good scratching before he sits down for his
meal he was born at a zoo in May 2001 he’s not completely domesticated but not
wild either Hoffman added he educates the public on the endangered Canada lynx
in hope that people will be driven to conserve our environment and protect our
wildlife he is not declawed during the winter he weighs 40 pounds and some are
about 34 he has about four inches of fur in this video which makes him look fat I
mean fluffy since the video was posted in January
2016 it’s been mute and impressive 700,000 times it’s also attracted
thousands of comments in fact many of the observations marvel at these
similarities between Max and domesticated felines it’s just like a
giant pussycat so cute commented one YouTube user my cat is the exact same
body movement pattern when I pet him a can’t really is a cat in all sizes and
in another it’s just a matter of scale in terms of how dangerous they can be
otherwise their behavior in most species is pretty much the same as your common
house cat one more set but while he may look cute Max is still
a semi wild animal therefore his behavior isn’t always predictable when
asked if the cat had ever hurt her or others Hoffman responded max has no
contact with anyone except myself so he’s not injured anyone I have gotten a
black eye and a couple good scratches but no bite marks and none of the
injuries were from aggression just stupid accidents still max was just a
baby when Hoffman acquired him so he would have been easier to Train than
most in fact videos from his first months in
his new home showed the Lynx being taught how to walk on a lead poor
footage features max at his first educational visit and although he
appeared nervous at first he soon eased into his new role but when
max isn’t out helping teach youngsters about bigger cats like him he’s at home
with Hoffman where he is an indoor and an outdoor enclosure
according to Hoffman the Lynx loves being out in the snow the most it makes
him frisky in wild she said he rolls in it licks and sniffs it normally I
wouldn’t allow the adrenaline rush but sometimes you just have to give a little
but while he evidently loves being on the open max will never be able to live
out in the wild like other Canadian lynxes as he was born in a zoo the cat
is probably too domesticated to live among others of his kind he also has to
take regular medication to fight an ailment his pancreas doesn’t function
properly and therefore he needs enzymes on his meat daily Hoffman explained so
although we probably won’t contribute to the population of Canada Lynx’s with his
own Cubs Max is still doing his part for the protection of his species as an
animal ambassador max is helping children better understand the need to
secure a safe future for his species education of our next generation is the
only hope for the survival of our endangered and threatened animals
Hoffman said I hope you liked this video if so please hit the subscribe button
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100 thoughts on “This Canadian Lynx Is Twice The Size Of A Cat Now Watch His Reaction When A Trainer Goes To Pet Him

  1. Stunningly beautiful and so adorable! Love him and how he's just like a house cat in many ways. Best of luck to him and his lovely handler.

  2. Not taking away the fact that he is considered a wild cat are any really truly domesticated or do they domesticate their owners

  3. A friend of mine in Canada has one when it barely had its eyes open then he imprinted on the animal now the cat is over 6 years old and is nothing more than a big kitten. I'd like to have one

  4. Wow, this guy must take pleasure in hearing himself talk. Narrating a series of photos about a video. Even narrating YouTube comments. Just shut up and share the link. Get your own original content.

  5. have to be grateful to these educators and conservationists. it would be a big plus if their numbers could rebound in the lower 48.

  6. Hi I am a cat lover and max is beautiful and a blessing from god it hurts to think that people hunt cats of all kind thank you for being his friend

  7. How disappointing, a slide show. You can't tell much from stills. Maybe they had to do it that way to cut out all the BAD parts!

  8. I had a cat that had linx in it. Cat wanted to stay up all night n roam around get in my face. Lol what's up w that!

  9. Lynx and bobcat are among the most easily domesticated of the wild cats. Size is a factor but lynx and bobcats tend to bond to one person if adopted as babies.

  10. Again, why not show the actual video or at least post the link to it and give the source a PROPER credit? What a stinky practice!

  11. As a person who grew up with cats and having a cat as an adult, my fear would be what does this animal do when it wants you to STOP? See, cats are different than dogs. If you're petting them and they either have had enough or you've done something wrong, some will give you a scratch. Our first cat was like that lol However, our second cat wasn't like that at all. When she'd have enough of the petting, she'd just move away or something. I'm curious to see what happens when this cat is like "Ok, enough…stop" lol

  12. i did not know about the lynxes tell today i never seen or hear one before come one in canada have it on fb i been looking into im today is sad they need laws in place to save if they dieing out spin got im butt they said there only 100 all to gather very sad i like this cat they look like Bengal thye cross bread with house cat and Asian leopard cat they should do the same with this to less so there bred somnew what live on it sick how man kind got to kill everything

  13. One last time wish when people post video they get real and better info on why some animals do better or worse . It's not cause by development on why the lynx is down but caused by people that think know better on how to help a animal or save them this would be my best time to help you all out on why the lynx is going to loose will be caused by people that have no idea what they are doing. Like the wolf needs to be thinned bobcats coyotes are the main reason why the lynx is doomed they will only go down do to those main animals that take land from the lynx . Less rabits why other animals numbers go up then the weak predator like the solo lynx that not adapting like the big three it's only reason why this is happening plus we have more fishers more mountain lions so it's very simple when we have to many of the others the WEAK lynX in the food chain goes by by bobcats numbers are highest ever wolf coyotes bears bobcats are more aggressive to the point the will run a lynx out . So when the cat not willing to learn to adapting only one out come people and that's just the first warning sign on a Apex predator is taking over like the wolf. Wolves are doing so well now that they now are now killing bears when only 4 to 5 years ago I would never see a 160 lb killed by wolves and the wolf is so smart some are now learning to go into dens when bears are easy to kill. They have no mercy on little Cubs lucky if they leave a paw and head but most time they eat heads they have no problem popping there small skulls like a grape so just a snack after they ate mom 1st so please people learn more about the truth talk to people that hunt not wildlife refuge they always mislead to work on are human emotional response by saying it's humans that cause them to die but that's not the truth hell most people don't even realize the person that started conservation was a hunter and understood that it's needed with a balance from hunters not over killing plus working on the land to help the animals come back by making sure that we stopped poaching also. Just look at African wild life numbers after we started showing them that more money plus animals will be back with less poaching by one more time hunting safari yes killing animals saves life's. By teaching them that over harvesting and no attention to how managing the land will only bring more money to the country but will now turn pouchers into Bushman trackers for hunters and no more killing for just tusk or fur so just like us they now have more wild life and land by making people rethink how the formula working nothing else does period no debate mother nature is only a fairy tale we are only ones alive that can do it last time I checked . So lynx is a great cat but it's only one that can't change it's ways so now we see what happens when department of wildlife and hunters can't do there jobs . The anti think and cell with bars is a better life for a lynx zoo display is there answer wow sad way we have become so blind to how colleges are causing people to loose common sense and not think outside the box. I only see how they are destroying people turning them into brainless smartphones older I get the more I see alot of bad. On the skyline if we keep letting government turn great people from a free country into a bunch a lambs just waiting for the wolf to take them away

  14. My grandfather had a bobcat for a number of years, he said I could play with it but don't play rough. Never a problem with dogs roaming into the yard.

  15. We have a backyard rescue feral cat and he behaves just the same. He chooses to stay with us but strangers freak him out. He sleeps on momma and occupies part of the bed at night. Sometimes you just hit it off.

  16. FYI: The cat loved being petted. The end. I'm not watching an almost 7 minute video that should have only lasted one minute. Neither should you.

  17. Max is a beautiful Lynx and he has all the moves of my domestic cats. Like Bernie says, he is a wild animal and you must be careful when you interact with him. She constantly works with him and he has respect for her. I love Max!! ❤️

  18. It takes years for my cats to get emotionally close to me. I let them come to me. I assume it would be the same with larger cats, such as Lynx & bobcats. They are not dogs…

  19. Illegal to keep these in Canada these people some how get around this law by claiming they rescued it as a kitten same with squirrels skunks and raccoons

  20. What a magnificent Lynx! I would loved to been to hear his purring! And those paws are incredible! Do you give him the ability to hunt? Which would give him the ability to exercise in the natural way of his species. Is his medical issues due to having been born in captivity? Has he had the chance to procreate?

  21. Ok I'm confused, the video I watched with Hoffman petting max says in the description he was born in 2011 but in this video, the narrator says he was born in 2001. So was he born in 2011 or 2001?

  22. Before this was an ad of a nurse who had hurt herself. My goodness, she was so fat she should lose her job for being a health risk and bad influence on patients who are themselves too fat. When will health care providers become responsible. I bet she could barely waddle around any way as a nurse. Now she is a cook who wants more for everybody, including more food for her belly. WOW.

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