This big dog with a big heart needs a home

and finally the VIP very important pup this week is Yogi he’s a big dog with a big heart this isn’t Yogi’s first time at the Humane Society he’s been to a few homes but he’s struggled to fit in with the other animals yeah Yogi’s a very friendly dog but his size kind of makes him intimidating for some other pets he just needs to find the home that works for him he’s laid-back and enjoys relaxing spending time with people and other animals he’s made lots of pals at the shelter and he would easily make friends with everyone in his new home he is just that dog that you remember from growing up right they just like hung out on the porch and just kind of did whatever and just wanted cuddles just wants to be with you and since yogi is a senior dog his adoption fee is half-price we’ll have more information about him on our website k2 vh comm all right

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