This Animal Sanctuary Has a Unique Way to Adopt Pets | SELF

cats have always been a challenge to get adopted and so we wanted to come up with a really creative and fun way to introduce cats to potential adopters and we thought let's try yoga with cats most of the times when people come and see cats that are available for adoption at the center they're just in a very small cage and you don't really get to see their personality so this is an opportunity for the cats to come outside of the cage we've seen people who have never interacted with cats just be curious and come on in and try it we've actually seen adoptions happen coming out of this class where attendees have fallen in love with cats and brought them home and so that's the perfect scenario of what we want to see happen

2 thoughts on “This Animal Sanctuary Has a Unique Way to Adopt Pets | SELF

  1. such an awesome idea! Great for the cats and great for the people. However, I wouldn't get much exercise. I would want to be petting and interacting with the kitties all the time and I'm fine with that 🙂 ADOPTION IS THE BEST OPTION

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