THIS ANIMAL HAS A SPECIAL ITEM? // Animal Jam Red Panda Review!

Hello everybody, this is Ninjakittymeowmeow, and welcome to yet another animal jam video; where today we are going to be
doing some cool stuff. Now as you all know, Jamaa has gone through several
updates recently including this fantastic fall update which I am
absolutely in love with! Like night of the Phantoms was great, but in November
the township is just bursting with color ravishing reds unbelievable oranges
yellow gorgeous gold and honestly it all looks fabulous. Another part of the
update is the death of my beloved dance club, may Club Geoz forever rest in
peace,it’s really sad. Aside from that we also have the arrival
of the red panda eeee cute cute I love cute things!! I also love reviewing cute things and
since the red panda is the cutest new arrival to Jamaa, today we will be checking
out exactly what this animal has in store. But before we get started a quick
announcement: there is still time to enter last month’s rare long green
spiked wristband giveaway all you need to do is check out theHow to be Spooky in Animal Jam video. instructions are in the video and description and the
giveaway ends next week so go ahead and check that out
before it’s over. Anyways with that being said let’s get straight into reviewing
the red panda. So guys here is our red panda and oh oh this little guy is so
cute! I just love him already. I also got this really long name,
check out this name tag it’s so long. Apprentice courageous kangaroo now
that’s a mouthful. Anyways apprentice courageous kangaroo
let’s see what you can do start with dancing. Oh that! Wow Wow Animal Jam has a talent
for creating extremely acrobatic animals. Look at that you got a little handstand
there a little tail whip there that is wonderful. You know we need some better
music for this. That’s great okay let’s go ahead and try
hopping Wow Wow oh my gosh that is by far one of the most adorable hops I have
ever seen in Animal Jam. Oh it reminds me of a little kitten
wonderful all the animation is really really good too I love it.
Okay well now we are going to go ahead and try playing oh look at that just
hops and then it rolls it hops and then it rolls oh that’s so great
I love it! Okay, now we’re gonna go ahead and sleep it’s so flat
it’s slightly reminiscent of a pillow pet but let’s go ahead and try sitting
real quick. I love the sleep by the way it’s really
cute oh hey wait a minute its eyes changed standing eyes sitting eyes
they’re different. This new glitch has the ability to
change an animals eyeballs… Aside from that very odd occurrence this
is really really cute I love the way it sits I love the way its little ears are
so just perked up, awesome. And now the true test: are you able to wear clothes??
Well guys, here we are in my inventory and we’re gonna see how well this little
guy wears clothes. Everything looks to be doing pretty okay wait- whoa is that a
glitch? Is that an easter egg? Look at the difference between that and that the
ghost a balloon turns into a meep balloon!! It’s a meep balloon that is
absolutely wonderful and so adorable!! let me check this doo do do um where is it
there it is.. Yup the ghost balloon turns into a
kawaii little meep balloon 😀 Oh my gosh that’s so cute what a neat little like
Easter egg glitch thing! Anyways let’s try to get some outfits. It also looks
like we’ve got a secret color down here, so I’m gonna try to keep that. And no on
this outfit cute but no. Oookay so I ran into a weird glitch where I couldn’t put
the items on, and then they showed up as the wrong items and then it was stuck
wearing the meep balloon, so that was weird.. Oh yes
yes that is just the right mix between cool and cute I love it!!!
Okay now this little guy is all dressed time to go to the diamond shop and
figure out the pros and the cons. Pros You are so cute
All things considered you’re actually a pretty unique animal, and who wouldn’t fall in love with that little face ^-^ you also have that cool glitch
slash Easter egg meep balloon which is awesome. Okay
cons you’re a little bit glitchy because of the eye thing when you sit and the
weird glitch that happened when I was trying to put on the clothes. You’re
members-only which is a big disappointment and you look kind of like
a pillow pet when you sleep but I mean that’s kind of a non-issue. Glitches
aside, this red panda is an awesome new addition to Animal Jam. It’s also got
that really fun meep balloon so definitely check that out!
Animal Jam has clearly worked really hard on this new addition to Jamaa and
everyone should give the red panda a try. Once again this is Ninjakittymeowmeow,
I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to check out my rare wristband
giveaway in the other video, be sure to like and subscribe, and I will see you
all next time. Bye! ;3

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