24 thoughts on “This Adorable Husky Was Raised By Cats And Acts Exactly Like A Cat

  1. Kind of like my dog Daisy but if she wasn’t necessarily raised by cats she was raised by humans and cats and many other animals but she acts like a cat but she knows she’s not a cat and she’s half dog half cat basically????

  2. We have cats and only 1 time it’s out of the litter box and our dogs pee all over the place and our rabbits never pee or poop out of the litter box either

  3. Did you just say it better have 9 lives, cause those lives are going down?!
    Like if that made you feel sad.

  4. First of all cats dont piss anywhere there not supposed to second the one that get alot is a dog dummy u uset me very much fun fact u have to train a dog but a cat knows what to do u ashole u should no facts if u were smart cats dont have 9 live and ur a mother fuckin bich oh and u a ashole u just upset me whith u fuckin lie why do i watch u if ur all lies

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