Things Your Pets Do When You're Not Home // Presented by BuzzFeed & XFINITY

all right guys we'll see you tonight good Carl check out the trash right yep and he's gone who's ready for a good day all right listen up everybody I'm all ears get it get it what's up Carl so the Rainmaker was just on and it made some pretty fresh mud who wants to go roll in it yeah that sounds terrible first off it's wet and you know how I feel about water and secondly I don't do outside right I'm down for a little mud bath if you can just let me out of this cave oh sorry buddy no can do no hands I'll see you when you get back no no not the mud not the moonlight let's guys have no idea what they're missing oh yeah make it rain I've gotta rinse off a little bit check it out I gotta figure out how to program that sprinkler it worked up an appetite all right everybody who's hungry it depends what were you thinking I'm glad you asked I am starting with the main course of an empty ish jar of peanut butter that you can lick if you have a long enough tongue which I happen to have there's an old beef jerky wrapper and an old tuna can yep mine guys I don't be cliche here but no carrots okay you know we don't do this enough good lunch Carl you know I do what I can are you sure there's no carrots give it up bonbon doorbell who wants to get it no I'm too scared Diane all right I'll handle this it's just the box Springer Oh Andy brought a box I love boxes and there he goes oh I just thought of something who wants to throw a little surprise party for Doug and Linda when I get home I'm sure it's no surprise that I would like to if you could just let me out of this cage I don't know that I can make it I'm gonna lay on this table for a while so probably not gonna be there oh you're they communica oh boy busy alright everybody hi gonna figure out how to reprogram those sprinklers or you don't have no idea how to reprogram them no surprise Carl I'll deal with the trash you handle the mind yeah that seems fair I'm so happy you're home and so sorry about your pants good boy Carl hey Linda you didn't order a box of broken glass did you never mind

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  1. I’m a cat named Honeystripe. My owner’s name is Lily, and she is a big warriors fan. I get to know about the clan life, all because of her. I understand the cat’s side, because I’m a kittypet like this cat. I wish the mailman would bring mice every day for me to eat. My two-leg Lily is typing this is a meow it.

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