Things Only Cat People Understand (ft. Mike Diva)

I have five cats, and there are some things only cat people understand. Like which meows mean what. *meow* *meow* *meow* Or how they love to interrupt you at the worst times. Ghost, this is not a good time. You know, we even know the best ways to cheer them up. So I have five cats, I have Abby, Lilly, Jimmy, Congress, and then Ghost So we got… *door bangs open* Congress? BAD KITTY! I’m just doing sound, I’m gonna go. *screams* No! Anna Akana I’ve come from the future to stop the feline wars What? How did you get in my bathroom? You did. Sorry, I…I thought you were gonna ask who sent me, so… No. Nevermind, it’s up to us to.. ugh fucking really? Here kitty kitty, look here’s your favourite toy *machine shuts down* Good boy. //And thus began the reign of Anna Akana// //She ruled the land with an iron fist// //Some feared her// //others worshiped her as a god// //But that is a story for another day//

100 thoughts on “Things Only Cat People Understand (ft. Mike Diva)

  1. really liked this..I like dogs also ..your stuff is weird ..interesting and weird which is quite the asset in any art ..its the "whats it" that rocks it little mama! got a lot!! cats are a lot cooler than dogs! peace out beeiotch!

  2. This remembers me so much of Rick and Morty episode of Snuffles (the dog pet) getting smarter and invading the earth. Even the terminator machine looks similar.

  3. The rivers will run red with the blood of man! Bahahahaha! Also, nice Conan The Barbarian reference at the end!

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