They’ve Got Mice ?Halt Pest Control ? Scorpion Studios

(upbeat music) – [Bone] We’re on our way
to go and see Rob McMaster, the president of Halt Pest Control. – This is what we’re dealing with. – Oh wow.
– Oh my goodness. – [Rob] Yeah, they’ve got mice. – Where are they now, do you think? – In the sub area, and that’s
where we gotta go next. (suspenseful music) – [Rob] Follow me, we’re going in. – He said, “Hey, I don’t wanna scare you,’ “but if you feel something
wiggling under your elbow “or your knee or on your stomach, “just smash down on it really quick “because I want you to kill it.” (dramatic music) – [Rob] I think we may
be dealing with something bigger than mice. – Click the subscribe button
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