They Do What To Animals?

– Sorry, Chicken Little. Hello! Today I want to talk to you about what happens away from view inside modern farms. Now, we all know about the
basic conditions, right? That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about some of the other things that happen routinely that
you may not know about. And, we’re starting with pigs. So we know it’s common for sows to be kept in gestation crates, which are metal enclosures that confine them throughout
each 16 week pregnancy, we know these bright
animals can’t turn around, they get pressure sores, and all that, but did you know? Most farm pigs… Have their tails cut off. And many have their teeth clipped, too. Without anesthetic. Now cows. She’s cute, isn’t she? Cows are smart, and fun-loving, but on feedlots they
don’t get to do anything apart from stand around and wait for their babies to be taken from them. But did you know.. that when they’re young, they may have their horns burned off with either chemicals or a hot iron. And males can be castrated with again, no pain relief required. Both dairy and beef cows may be branded. I’m sorry, but this is going to hurt. So, let’s talk about the egg industry. You know that only female
chickens lay eggs, right? And that half the chicks born into the egg industry are male. But do you know what happens to them? Yes, we macerate them. Which is a fancy way of saying we grind them up while
they’re still alive. Sorry, Chicken Little. I hope you found this video informative. But of course, if you don’t like what you’ve seen, you don’t have to eat animal products. Thanks for watching!

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