23 thoughts on “These unclaimed animals were rescued from the Camp Fire and brought to UC Davis for veterinary care

  1. This breaks my heart. Thinking of the people and animals who couldn't get out is so horrible and these little ones hurt from their injuries and just want home or their family. If no one steps up to take them I hope they will be put up for adoption to people who can care for them. If I lived in CA I'd offer to take a couple of them. Thank you to the vets and techs that are caring for these little ones. I hope they all have a caring home waiting for them.

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  3. Sadly i feel a lot of these pets wont be found because maybe their pet parents perished in the fire and them also. Just heartbreaking

  4. I pray for you all, babies. Be fighting. The world is still yours as it used to be. Love. May Buddha bless you all, always.??????❤?????

  5. Thats so sad can't help but tear up and feel my heart break for these animals god bless these who rescued them many prayers

  6. My heart is so sad?You all are AMAZING humans for helping these beautiful animals….I hope they are all ok and find their families or get new ones that give them the love they deserve??

  7. It is always tragic when owners willfully leave innocent animals behind. Our family would never, under any circumstances leave any of our animals. They are family.

  8. SO heartbreaking to se all those poor babies burned like that. Wish I could hold and love and comfort them. They love to be talked to in baby talk. I will pray that God comfort them. Hurts  to know so many animals are suffering with burns.

  9. Poor babies?? so sad to see them in that state but so glad they will be on the mend…hope they are reunited with their owners or find a good home

  10. I hope U find their owners……..If not after a certain amount of time please allow them to be adopted out to good homes. They deserve a good life after everything they have been thru……….Please don't put them down unless they R in severe pain. They have already been thru so much and want to live.

  11. My heart aches for these poor fur babies .?I sure hope they are reunited with loved ones or someone adopts and cares for them ..so traumatized ..prayers for swift and miraculous healing .

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