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Hey are you okay Anna nice to meet you hey Ben all right who's this that's Daniel I did yeah so in general what's going on with Lucifer we are dealing with a case of food obsession sometimes bordering on food aggression because he'll eat everybody else's food oh yeah they don't seem to have a fear of open flame I've woken up in the middle of the night to find the gas on well woken up in the middle of the night to find a flame on I think our cats might be trying to kill us well that's terrifying concept to wake up in the middle of the night with the gas on or an open flame or something worse could happen because these cats aren't afraid of open flames so we have since childproof tar okay so you've done that – just don't leave anything out everything's locked up all the time so if we're cooking we either have to lock them away or be guarding everything all the time it's just incessant we've gotten to this place where it's just so frustrating because we feel like we've done everything we can possibly do and we still have that fear of making a mistake Anna and Ben have done a lot they make changes every time their cats show a little bit of ingenuity they slam it down but they can't get ahead of the game I want you guys to go through your normal feeding routine with the exception that we're not going to separate the cats all right we just want them all eating in the same place at the same time so I can see how bad it actually can get they are all over the stove are you kidding me are you kidding me right now it's like these cats have been starving for a week they just charged the cabinets they're not dainty about anything Oh three of your cats have serious food drives let me tell you something I've dealt with a lot of food aggression a lot of food obsessions and cats but I've never felt as bad for a couple of Guardians as these guys because Ben and Anna although they're committed to solving the problem here you can tell they're at their wit's end so I want to take this opportunity to just hang out with them a little bit all right food can't be the be-all and end-all of your cat the process of securing food that is the be-all end-all I want to see if these guys have that connection to their raw cat to their instincts if I can get these cats as interested in hunting and playing as they are with the act of eating I got a leg to stand on otherwise I got nothing Wow you are born to do this they are obsessed with hunting I mean they're going after the toy with the same kind of veracity as they went for the food the raw cat is blossoming out of all three cats seriously that's really cool well Lucifer the good news is that Luke is like I want that toy I want that bird and you can hang on to the treats for now I'll come back for that and so we wanted because it gives me an approach and in to their life that I didn't have before I want to remove the perception that you're powerless your cat and this is all of it not just Luke are incredibly wonderful what I call raw cats they are in touch with their hunters right they look like wild cats when they are following a toy now the very beginning of your homework is going to be speaking to the raw cat they're eating dry food right now I want you to start making the transition to a raw diet I think that that's really going to satisfy them in a way that they're not being satisfied you can buy raw food at a lot of different pet stores they come frozen you follow them out and there you have raw meat with the supplements that the cats need and it's great that that's available one other thing I want you to change is I want you to Institute what it calls slow feeder bowls slow feeder bowls are bowls that have bumps in them little walls things like that it's going to force Luke to slow down his eating I don't want you to have to separate these guys during feeding I don't think there's any reason that you would have to if they're all eating at a normal pace because they're slowing the process down and chewing and swallowing their body can register feeling full and that compulsion has a chance to be little mellowed out your next piece of homework is what I call the 3 R's and 3 R's our routine ritual rhythm so the idea is that when you have a routine around feeding and that becomes a ritual and those rituals repeat a day after they become their rhythm hunt catch kill eat this is my life this is what I've got to do play is gonna become a precursor to the meal ok we have to get them tired seeing that these three cats will choose the hunt over the kill tells me that if we Institute playtime before meals we can get something very natural out of their system so that the eating itself is not so desperate and frenetic one more piece of homework well we're gonna use deterrence so there are remote deterrents that you put up and I just want them up when you're not in the room so you set up these little air canisters so Suze they jump up on that counter and then down they go any place where there is food there's going to be a little blaster you tried it before no but I love this idea I've never heard of this yes now clearly the counter tops are a problem in this house by using the deterrence we're letting them know this is not the best place for you to go not we the humans shall punish you but the space itself doesn't want you there I will be back in a few weeks the homework that Jackson gave us can help us make some progress and we're ready to try it all right bye guys hello hello come on in how have things been with you guys you had to do that look let's go through your video homework because I know you guys have a lot of stuff to show me Luke has already destroyed three of these fishing line toys buddy this is my kill that is fantastic this is what we want from these cats their behavior is extreme behavior of what I call the raw cat the natural cat the ancestral cat that's what Luke is doing and now he's got a channel through the right place okay so move on okay so I got these super cool deterrent thingies I'm gonna put it over here by the sink oh there you go deterrence I think are working there you go okay so let's place these down here we've got the raw food out it is pasted up against the walls of these slow feeders they're put in the right place at the right time it is time now to free the beasts and please let this go well okay here we go oh and here we go here we go cats nice going guys yeah we go perfect do you see how slow mealtime is at the moment yeah yeah do you notice that nobody's hoppin yeah for multiple they can't really go after each other's food they were focused on getting the food out of their bowl but job dude yeah a civilized meal time yeah I guess everything here is set up cats aren't calling the shots anymore around here the humans are laying down the rhythm of this household not the cats this is the way it should be you

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  1. Outstanding advice. I had inherited two adult cats (male and female) a one female kitten five years ago and their prior owners let all of them completely run amuck; they all were jumping through windows and on the tables and countertops and stove just like in the owners in the your video clip; and they were picking messy eaters. I immediately shut them down started the three Rs and established new daily house rules and daily routines and rituals for all of them. If you keep strict to the plan and give them the exact same commands and require them to do as they are trained without wavering they will come around and conform and they'll be happy about it. Cats are resilient and smart; they can be trained quickly and they will conform to the complete enforcements without hurting them mentally or physically and they actually adapt to routines very quickly. After resetting their compasses back to true North, I was able to give them all baths which they loved and clip their nails and I restored the coats of the two adult cats and treat them all for earnights and tapeworms. Three healthy happy cats and two new happy owners. Cats are easy to handle and train once you establish boundaries and hard n' fast rules and not give into their cuteness. 10/10+++++

  2. My cats' attitudes. You know what, it's easier to keep the cats that way, and you adjust. Simple.

    (we the humans are the reasonable species here, not the cats.)

  3. I don't really agree that the growling cat is a good thing. I feel like he should have addressed a way to preserve ghe cat toys and lessen the aggression a bit. What I usually do is put the toy down and let my cat revel in it's "kill" until it relaxes enough for me to pick it up and start playing again.

  4. Hi. I love your page. I love all animals. Keep u the good work. Would love if you could subscribe to my page. Thank you

  5. Holy shit how did the cats learn to touch the stove?! Those three cats don’t get enough play. They need play to occupy their mind.

  6. Animal Planet. Your icon is still not doing you justice. Since colour change it’s worse. Please go back to the original.

  7. I just lost my cat, snowball, last night. I was very attached to him. He was the sweetest, cutest, most playful Kitty ever! Rest in peace Snowball. ? ?

  8. Ooookaaaaayyy, one cat is called “Lucifer”, one, “Daniel” (as in the Omen?), what’s the third cat named? Beelzebub?! Molech?! Are they Lucifarians or just have no idea about the danger they’re inviting? Whatever, they’re good cat guardians I suppose.

  9. As a dog owner, I’m always fascinated by the behavior of cats. I know I couldn’t ever get used to it. They’re adorable tho.

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