These Cats Know How to Relax!

100 thoughts on “These Cats Know How to Relax!

  1. Last, but not least.
    Is this an older video, or are you having an exceptionally warm winter? Looks like a beautiful day.

  2. U r awesome everyone should love these little cuties like u do,great job, giving them a great yard like urs to live and love

  3. So adorable. I can tell by the video that you take great care of your cats and they really like you. Thank you! May God bless you for helping so many strays!

  4. I love every one of them all. I can call out their names before they came on the screen.
    I found myself smile ear to ear when watching your cats.
    Thanks for sharing. ?? ? ?

  5. How do all the cats stay in the garden? Do they wander off. I had a couple of garden cats but sometimes they wandered off and i sort of got anxiety looking for them. Esp the male ones.

  6. Makes me wanna lay down on that rooftop with that Catnappin Cat, trouble is I weigh 264.2 pounds, roof would cave in on me! Ouch! Hello Kit Cats! Lol??????
    Let the Cats Decorate your Tree this year!
    Or are you gonna decorate the Tree & are you gonna run & jump into the tree? Hey? Hey?

  7. Are they gonna get a Power Wheel Jeep for Christmas? Or a Pool Table?
    Or a Hot Wheels Track? Or a Tarzan Rope & haller like they are in the Safari??

  8. In my experience this is common behavior in cats. Matter of fact! There's one laying across the room in front of the fireplace doing it, right now!

  9. A friend gave me a little kitty plaque that says “how lovely to be able to rest all day and then take a nap”. These kitties relax because they are so happy.

  10. Yes, they certainly do know how to relax. They also know how safe and loved they are there. A lot of their names also came up in Turkish. That was interesting. Now I'm going to look up videos on that language here on YouTube.

  11. So cute! I want my kitty to be able to come out and hang in your beautiful garden! He's a TNR failure because he was so friendly…thank goodness! Last winter he was out and froze his butt off. This winter he'll be toasty warm as long as I can keep him in.

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