There's a New Puppy at our House!

are you ready to cry today's the day baby we're about to leave to go look for well we're going to look at a litter of 11 puppies from Georgia they were brought up they were found under a house abandoned in Georgia I know but at least they were rescued yes we definitely believe in rescue we believe in saving not shopping even well then you clean the yard should be a special day I'm so nervous because they were available like two days ago and I think they only adopted one which makes me sad but it makes me happy that I'm gonna have more of a choice well they're very young they're only like eight weeks old yeah they're baby babies they're very young there's supposedly border collie mixes I have to take that with a grain of salt but some of them look like they could be but it was nice to find that litter after we missed out on the border collie puppy from yesterday because I was texting the lady and he was already adopted so he had a sister that looked very much like him but I'm afraid to do another girl with Lucy because she's very territorial yeah I think she needs a brother son yes right a son yes because Lucy's gonna be the new mommy fingers crossed that the next clip you see will be celebrating crying I know already that I'm gonna cry this time so yeah you're not the only one Lucy what's going on Oh Lucy's being so good right now Lucy said my baby arrived and there it is oh they're both being so good boy we've got a new baby look at that new baby there's lots of names swirling around right now I think we're gonna give it a little bit and see what see what sticks yeah oh I think we got the pick of the litter I mean they're all winners there was only three boys to choose from oh really yeah one was um very similar to flash mm-hmm but tiny I think that was the fluffy runt of the litter and this was one of the bigger boys the other boy was all black with just a little bit white and like smooth coat Minnie it's your new baby they were both wagging their tails I think they're gonna like each other I think so I think so but this one's covered in poop yeah he stinks like yeah a little you would have thrown up at the place there was so much poop yes yeah yeah oh look at you think you're gonna like it here he said I'm ready for a nap it's been a long day yeah Minnie do you love your baby come here come on Minnie come on good girl see you baby good girl she's like candy was when we brought home but yeah candy was a little bit afraid Radel said get out but candy was a little bit afraid oh you're such a good baby impressive mini right now I am too being so good just a little growl when she realized that was holding another dog but I think Minnie's gonna be a good mommy yeah Oh a friend come on Minnie lay down so what she's just said I don't smell like that do I yeah did he step in something yeah oh yeah all right well let them get acquainted a little bit man check back Minnie's looking a little more like adventurous cry it out wagon right Minnie sleepy time oh he is so tuckered out we still don't have a name for him yet we haven't decided we have a short list but no name yet it's just so adorable the big Billy he's still sleeping I don't want to wake him up oh he's so fresh everybody sat down Minnie the best he's such a good mommy sister he even came with his own presence he got balls you to play in the yard with you baby they took his and now they gave him my fun pack he's already been neutered he seems like he's gonna be a happy pup and fit in with the flow of things I think I think we picked a good one I know it's only been like a couple hours but I feel like I feel like I am getting a good feeling from him it just took me a couple hours to put this kennel together cuz I totally forgot how to do it I was like this is not even reaching because I had the hooks on backwards so huh silly no it was playing it stupid and wasn't silly it was just stupid this isn't staying here by the way I just put it there for now well what do we have here yeah he went to the bathroom that would be a miracle yeah she's been good he's been amazing once we do drinks it I think she's gonna be really good though he loves this thing right underfoot yeah mama's boy yeah oh he's daddy's boy too come on boy so cute yeah we only have one Oh that's Lucy's old collar from the day that we got her no come on bro oh yeah there's somebody that's somebody hey girl many good girl good girl I know when you did the picture at the shelter we did a head turn amazing has this boy been today yeah Mini's the best you have been so good they both are we ready to review we have we said yes oh it's so cute baby Bowie I have a feeling Bowie is really smart yeah I just have this feeling you aren't very smart you were watching TV before you're just very very smart okay Louie is very smart how to get what she wants there's a difference though between smart and conniving Oh I mean she can me I think he's he has decided that he likes life on the sofa yeah yeah he didn't want dry food he wanted a pouch of wet food it might be but those teeth are razor sharp before they're sharp yeah oh you're so good he has captured our hearts he has bewitched us body and soul yeah uh-huh are you comfy yeah you comfy sir I am he was laying like that on dad before I know it was hilarious it's so weird how puppies breathe quickly you know I know I guess we got a review now for Big Brother you're gonna film it looks like he's gonna be sitting on our laps for the I was wondering what we're gonna do yeah cuz he doesn't like to be left alone he might be okay if dad came in here I'm worried about it being too loud for him he's on my lap I yeah yeah we'd have to wake up that email where you going he said I'm the king of the tiny peas Minnie is sharing her toys not knowingly oh I think she would share okay all right what's dessert time so I think that was enough Bowie footage for today believe there's gonna be a lot of it he already made a pee-pee in a poop around crime good job baby and many peopie's inside [Laughter] so doin velcome bowie hey where do you go alright we're gonna we're gonna go because it's kind of hard to keep an eye on him and do anything else so hey what you doing wait what you doing your floppy puppies you he's so good oh he took a lot of long naps today yeah get a big day you did have a big day yes we are I think so too there you have it tomorrow's gonna be possibly more exciting I have to go to the doctor tomorrow what do you think of our baby right oh I'm so glad to hear you say that thank you and thank you guys for watching that was awesome I had a lot of fun today but I'm exhausted now here comes many thanks so much for watching we appreciate you and until next time much love

35 thoughts on “There's a New Puppy at our House!

  1. I got your Mr. Darcy "Pride & Prejudice" quote by the way Janet!  "…and I love, I love, I love you.  I never wish to be parted from you from this day forward…"

  2. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?
    Love the new puppy "Bowie" …. he is such a bundle of love!
    Congratulations on your new addition to your wonderful family!
    Much love ❤

  3. OMG! It melts my heart! How adorable is he. I want another puppy so bad I just don't know how my baby now would react. Lucy seems very interested she is like what is at my house. I think they are going to be great friends. Lucy seems very calm and sweet towards him. Oh Bowie what a perfect name. I think it fits him.

  4. Awe! Bowie is just precious ?. I love how much joy he brought y’all in just one day. I have a B/W border collie named Bindi. They are smart AF.

  5. I Love The Puppy Song ?? # 1 on The Billboard Chats .Bowie is Adorable Border Collie very Smart Dog ?? Congratulations Sweet Fur Babies Lucy ?? Bowie ??

  6. We have a border collie mix named Banjo! We think she’s part blue healer too…anyway, they need a “job” (like chasing ‘herding’ squirrels lol) because they’re sooooo active and need a ‘purpose’ and lots of exercise. Regular walks around the neighborhood help with their need to be super active. Good luck and congratulations ? on Bowie! He’s absolutely adorbs!!

  7. Never enough Bowie footage. More, more, more. My sister has a border collie and a border terrier. The border collie is a sweetheart. Enjoy your baby.

  8. So cute! You should show everyone over on Madrosed channel. They need to see you happy now since we all saw you sooo sad.

  9. I'm in love with Bowie, too!!!
    He's gonna LOVE IT THERE!!!
    That Little Georgia Bumpkin lol

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