100 thoughts on “The YouTube Star Who Kills Animals For Fur

  1. My uncle used to be a fisherman and would go seal hunting in Newfoundland. I know people complain about catching the seals but there are plenty of them. Many fisherman would die seal hunting and most had too to survive during the winter. Newfoundland used to be really poor and a lot of fishermen were not even paid. You were just given salt and supplies for your catch.

  2. How is this supposed to be shocking this is normal all people who live in the country do this what about what happens to dogs and bears in china?

  3. The comment section is filled with retarded vegens shame on you evil vegens for eating all the poor little animals food

  4. To all animal rights activists trashing this guy fuck off, this guy is trying to make a living lile everyone else just he hunts animals for there fur which is fine because most likely your ancestors did it too, furtrapping is what's Canada is built on!

  5. i don't see why everyone gets so pissed about this he is only doing his job
    ya don't get pissed off at a soldier for killing humans

  6. As long as people aren't hunting endangered species, then I don't see nor have a problem with it.
    This man is making his living doing this, so props to him.

    Animal rights activists are scumbags anyway.
    Fuckers are like animal Nazi's.

  7. Do you think you will go anywhere nice when you die, you fuckin scum of the earth ? Hope you die in excutiating pain, REAL SLOW .

  8. I don't see a problem with people doing this in the past since we needed it to keep warm, but now a days (which by the way what I'm about to say is cheaper too) we have other alternatives in place that we can use such as faux fur.

  9. All of the cosmetic products are tested on lab mice, but does that mean Women should stop using foundation? We are all hypocrites, its not ok to wear fur but its ok to wear leather products. We can't eat dogs but we are eating pigs and cows every day. Media and the public can say whatever they want, but I think if you had just one piece of meat for meal in your entire life,that means you are guilty. So check your self. fuckin hypocrites.

  10. The only things wearing fur should be the animals, I would make a very slight exception for the people within the arctic who have worn fur out of necessity for thousands of years. They've eaten the animal and used its fur and their dogs would eat any leftovers. I only then agree with it if the animal is shot and killed instantly with absolutely no suffering. Traps cause horrendous painful deaths where the animal literally starves to death with a severely broken leg. Some animals have been known to bite their leg off to escape from the trap and that would be agonising. No animal should ever feel pain at the hands of humans. If you must kill then be ethical and learn to shoot so you know you can get a 'head shot' first time.I'm disgusted that in the U.K. fur has made a comeback, having been taboo for so many years.

  11. I get it that these people have a 'tradition' to keep, or whatever (!) But we have fake fur now and cold-resistant clothing… We really don't need to wear real fur coats anymore. People only buy fur now for vanity reasons, and that's why I find it unacceptable- these animals are dying needlessly for someone's vanity.

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  13. Avid hunters and proffesional trappers ironically are one of the active groups interested in conservation. The trapper has a financial interest that the animals he kills have a clean large environment, as well as hunters they enjoy being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Hikers and climbers are not enough you don’t need as much land to enjoy a pretty bike trail as you do to sustain healthy populations of wildlife. You will also notice the trapper at the end killed and burned wolves with mange. Mange is highly contagious and destroying wildlife infected is the fastest way to prevent an outbreak. Hunting parks in Africa also use hunters to kill old, sick, and or dangerous aggressive animals, as well as money to maintain the parks. Responsible hunting and trapping should be encouraged as they keep away poachers who are people who really give no fucks about the environment

  14. I prefer wild fur rather than farm raised fur

    The animal had a good life even tho I don't really want to care about it

    I'll wear it

  15. PETA kills more animals every year than this guy could do in ten lifetimes. Nothing wrong with an honest living.

  16. Fur is beautiful. What this man is doing is noble work. Stupid AR people are very far removed from nature. He is not killing endangered animals. His life is in perfect harmony with nature. Animal rights is a stupid idea. Go hug a lion. See what happens.

  17. My Grandfather was a very good trapper and his brothers were the same all 4 of them did taxidermy as well when they hit the shores of Toronto in the 1920s and moved North to the Muskoka's for al their lives. Today I love to watch them Live as I have Never killed a critter except for a chickadee when I was first shown the gun for hunting. I Never shot again except targets and people who get to close =) A Man has a right to do as he wants as long as it doesn't hurt anyone and this guy is very respectful but doesn't understand how FEW critters are left =((( I hope a Grizzly scares him out of the bush for good. Like Whale hunting all these practices are so outdated they should be banned and FUCK the CHINESE let them farm their own~ Im a chef all my life so Im no dummy if you kill it-eat it~~~

  18. people who want to kill others should be baited in, setting them up to make their attempt, and then shoot them dead in self defense, like the pos's that they ARE.

  19. God put animals on this earth to use for resources. He gave them to us to do as we please. If you dont want to eat animals, then dont. If you dont want to use animal fur, then dont. But stop trying to force your beliefs on everyone else

  20. Its kinda sad that that’s the only job that’s fun to him is killing animals..What’s wrong with people

  21. ANDREW is what this country WAS BUILT ON and buy the way it,s what MADE our nation and founded our territory.This is the real world and this is a real man. Walk one day in his shoe,s and you might learn a thing or two if you could or are able to.GIVER ANDREW AND STAY WILD DONT LET EM TAME YOU.

  22. Any anti that want to threaten Andrew better wear there big boy panties if they go after him. You won't return to your cozy life.

  23. The fur looked better on the otter, rather than on some bottle blonde middle aged soccer mom. People who trap animals are making a living for themselves in a harsh environment the way their ancestors have done for centuries – I hope their way of life dies out soon but the real blame lies with the people who buy fur.

  24. I just dont understand why did they burn the wolfs at the end of this video??? I mean they're good for fur, right?

  25. Best job on the Planet! Good for you Andy. The vegans will breed themselves out of existence and the sooner the better. When it comes to the crunch, the collapse of the system, I know who’s going to survive and I will try and speed it up for as many of them as I can…vegan skin coats and special vegan traps…now that’s an interesting thought!

  26. I think it's wrong when Cosmopolitan urbanites use fur from China (you're probably wear a dog btw) but for what this man does I don't think there is anything wrong with it. He makes an honest living doing a job humans have done as long as they have existed. Hunting/gathering is the oldest profession, not prostitution.

  27. Trapping is not needed anymore . Most guys do it for sport fur is not worth much anymore . If u need to harvest an animal u should hunt , and yes all animals / predators can be hunted . Trapping is animal torture thats a fact even the traps that are considered paw friendly. The stress and agony the animal goes thru not to mention some people don't check their traps for long periods of time , more agony and suffering the animals endure. The long process of dying . Check fur prices ,they can get a job that pays more per hour then a few pelts bring in . NO SUCH THING AS A HUMANE TRAP THAT'S BULLSHIT AGAIN CONSIDER THE PAIN AND AGONY THEY ENDURE WHILE WAITING FOR TOUGHGUYS TO SHOW UP AND CLUB THEIR HEADS , PUT A BULLET IN THEM , OR JUST LEAVE THEM TO DIE . THEN GO BACK AND PICK THEM UP . TRAPPERS SHOULD GET A JOB AND JOIN THE WORKFORCE IF THEY CAN PUT THAT MUCH EFFORT INTO TRAPPING THEY CAN GO WORK A JOB NOT TORTURE ANIMALS FOR A LIVING .

  28. Fur rocks. Fur is awesome. Fur keeps you warm. But should not be industrialized. Keep fur prohibitively expensive so the animals don't suffer but don't shit all over the people who can afford it. Instead of trapping (which is never a clean kill) hunt. Only those with the skill reap the reward. That is fair and balanced. Plus wild fur is always of better quality than farmed. The hunting method would keep the prices high as no businessman will ever go out to hunt mink or any other fur bearing animal for profit.

  29. In that first shot of the sled riding in I could swear that was a place where Les Stroud did a winter episode of Survivorman.

  30. Wtf he killed two Beautiful Wolves and burnt them who the fuck does that and, y r people supporting him! So what if he works hard I don’t give a shit, he enjoys killing animals! I’m so disgusted of how fucked up people can be! And by the way these animals might be dead when he skins them but the have a slow painful death in those traps

  31. If you can only choose one winter jacket, get one made of sheepskin or some other heavy fur. Take care of it and it will "care" for you when it's freezing out. You won't need to buy a new jacket probably ever. Leather clothing, when cared for properly, lasts so long you don't need to buy new clothes every year. You'll save money in the long run using leather and since it's not synthetic it's better for the environment.

  32. Canada was founded on hunting and trapping with firearms. To ignore this past time is forgetting your roots, and embracing a shitty modern one of drinking starbucks having a liberal arts degree which is what vice promotes

  33. Animal Lover: This is cruel, he kil those poor animal for fur!!!! ????
    Guy: Why don’t you go look at slaughterhouses
    Also Guy: Eats meat and supports cruel slaughterhouses

  34. This man should teach the coward trappers who don’t know how to kill the animal HUMANELY. It takes a real pussy to catch an animal by the leg and let it starve to death!

  35. Your very smart and a true gentlemen to others and the land Andrew what you teach out on the trap line is very educational. As a former trapper myself l know all about the haters.
    Just keep doing what you love Andrew and Fuck what the haters say.
    Ever since l found your channel "thewildnorth" l can't stop myself from watching every video. That Canadian accent is so beautiful to listen to.
    Your videos rock!!

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