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We’ve got a vehicle, Sarge! Come, come on… “Yellow bird on the windowsill…” “Yellow bird on the windowsill…” Hey, man. You’re from Virginia? Ms Bartle? Is Brandon in home? He’s out. I’m just following him up on the few things from Brandon’s last post… Has your son even mentioned a name “Daniel Murphy”? Listen, whatever you said, Mister, we don’t want any. -I’m not a recruiter or anything like that, Ms Bartle.
-You had him already. You don’t get to take him again, you understand? Thanks for looking out for him. -You bet. We look out for each other.
-Promise we don’t take care more of them. Yes, of course. Come on, let’s move! Move! Are you guys promise to do what I say? -Yeah, sure I think, sir.
-Don’t give me that. There’s no sure thing in this town. You do what I say, I’ll take care of you. CID, what is that? I’m on investigation division. They’re gonna kill somebody, so we’re gonna kill some of them. We’ve got some doing, Sarge. -Come on!
-Pull off! I haven’t been over there. I’m not accusing Army of anything, I just wanna know more of my son. -He’s down there!
-One o’clock, wait, wait…wait! You guys are my guys, right? Yes, sir. I don’t want to just be a partner. Murph! Murph! Your own is sick of your secret. Maureen? No, I can’t take it! Who are you? Mom, it’s done. What do you think it’ll help by keeping quiet? It’s time, son. I saw the grass, there’s people being no more. You’re offered a bit something, what happened? I’d like to hear that from you first. You said you want to hear it from me first? Here I am.

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  1. More movies about how the troops are fucked up when most arent. Good job hollywood…maybe make a movie about how troops love their jobs like most do.

  2. For Americans, its just a movie but for Iraqis, it was an assault to their existence, death of a generation. It will be repaid back…

  3. A good story but also a very good case of vicarious trauma will happen to many who watch it. VT is real, especially for families and spouses…

  4. This movie sucked ass, nobody just dumps their friends body just because they were murdered.. Very irrational decision making. Other than the body dumping part it was a 4/10

  5. Same stories,with soldiers who never came back from Iraq,Afghanistan……!I don't understand….if you want to be a soldier….go…'s your way….but stop crying how hard it is….my life never be the same…. ?

  6. Don't waste your time on this one… I've seen lot of war film.This one has nothing to offer..Stupid story and also stupid way of rendering it

  7. For all my war movie fans I got y’all Lemme know if you wanna free copy of the movie. It’s a link so you can watch it on your phone or connect to Chrome Cast for you’re TV

  8. This movie is about PTSD not Jennifer Anniston, watch before judging…it's about friendship, loyalty and family…a bond. It has nothing to do with anti-war statements or anti-semitism, so stfu. If you can watch this, and not feel moved…then you never experienced the loss of someone who got lost.

  9. A very good movie based off a good book BUT this trailer TOTALLY misrepresents what the film is actually about. They are making it seem one way when what is actually in the film is totally something else.

  10. These movies have all been told before what about telling the story of the people off Iraq or Libya and their fight for survival

  11. One of these war movies who gives the patriot flag a stab in the back when war is devastating in every way for all humans.

  12. 'Lil' white birdy with a yellow bill, sittin' up on my window sill. Lured him in with a crust of bread, then I crushed his **expletive** head.' That's how we sang it. USMC 92'-00' – Semper Fi – Ooh-Rah!

  13. We started in the military together?! Lol! That's a pretty perfect twist. Or is that… The beginning? Oh yeah. That's just… Now.

  14. That was literally one of the scariest things I've ever seen. My heart is going so fast. Is this over? Could it really be for real?

  15. The usual BIG Military Nation problem.Serve your country, die young for your country, dont understand why this happens country, get a medal after you are dead country. Nothing in these questions have changed since the Vietnam war. Sad for sure, really sad for sure. Take care all mourning relatives and nice to see Toni Collette in this movie.

  16. Just came out from this movie… It was a shitty movie… Basically the story is all over the place.. Branden kind of hates / avoids his mother which the movie didn't explain really why… And their is no peak in the story.. it just looks like their will be some big secret / discovery and you keep hanging their to find out what happened just to disappoint you.

  17. If the American wants to kill…why don't they kill each other in their own land ..
    Why invade Arab countries and destroy them…just for fun
    This is American culture…the culture of thief's

  18. A message to all American mothers. If you are sending your sons to foreign countries to kill and steal for American government, don't cry when they get killed or go missing.

  19. This is a great movie I just watched I definitely recommend it. May god bless all of our soldiers for all that they've done for our country ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?????????

  20. amazing to see Aniston in another drama. she was phenomenally good in 'Derailed' and I have always rated her dramatic capabilities. also, Happy 50th Jen!

  21. I saw the movie here in Baghdad . it's really good movie but it's not real according to the Army Regulation this will be big Crime , Plus as Army honor no one should left behind

  22. I cant stop thinking about it…it scared me completely…
    I work with ptsd but not as outcome of war horrors and wanted to see that because im studying to treat it…but i cant think of anything else since i saw the last scences…just ripped me apart…??

  23. I cant believe jennifer aniston is a mom like an old mom now bc i just finished watching friends so its like 20 years have just passed in her life in only two films

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