THE XOLO DOG – SCARY OR BEAUTIFUL? – Mexican Hairless Xoloitzcuintli

hello and welcome to animal watch and this week we're talking Xolos or the Mexican hairless dog the Mexican hairless dog or Xolo has got to be one of the most unusual dogs to grace this planet with his striking looks and furless skin he looks like he could have stepped straight out of a fantasy movie coming in sizes ranging from miniature intermedia and the largest standard size they do not fail to stop traffic with their statuesque like appearance and otherworldly presence which was revered by ancient Aztecs who considered the show low a prophet and guide to the underworld but these days he is best known for being a calm and watchful companion today I am meeting Milo a striking black amber eyed standard sized fully hairless Xolo along with his owner Justine fromage I'm very excited as animal watch has never covered such an unusual dog before this is Milo he's a Mexican hairless he's a standard-sized he's called a Xolo and then this is Saphira who's an intermediate sighs we feel amazing wow are you gonna take them for a walk yeah I'm going to let them off the lead in a moment and then they can have a game oh she's such a tiny little thing mop on top yeah people ask I'm her owner if it's been dyed because she's got such a dark skin yeah and then there's blonde hair she's got this blonde hair where is he he's got no fear at all has it and I have been asked how long it takes me to shave him but of course with it with the Mexican hairless they can come completely bald yeah or head or hair yeah and sometimes they have hairy bits on their back feet tail so they don't have to be completely bald and then some of the lists are a completely hairy so so usually you get half the lifter bald and then a bit of the lifter with hair and then a few with hairy heads and do they all have from that amazing amber eyes or no some do some don't technically it's correct to have dark eyes if they're dark skinned they should have dark eyes if they're light skinned they should have light eyes he's got a bit of both which actually makes him look beautiful so if I was to show him he would actually lose if there was an exact same dog he would lose to the one that had darker really well actually preferred like the ideal well oh they're massive massive Junkers as well they can clear a six-foot fence it was warned that a la virge ility and they loved jumping after the walk we returned to the house to find out more about the character of the show Lo and what it is like to live with one squinty if I've got it right but that probably isn't a show lo which is a Mexican hairless and I'm you I'm used to seeing the really tiny ones so to actually see one this size it's astounding his miniature which is the size of a tower then the intermedia that's like a terrier and then Milo how old is this breed exactly 3,500 years he's a real ancient dog laughter whoops he probably was the first domestic dog he's originally from Mexico if you imagine the dogs that used to sit outside the tubes like in Egypt the dogs are the cross legs so in the olden days and they used to sacrifice them and put them in the tombs so it wasn't nice being a shoulder in those days sometimes they killed them sometimes they put them in alive because the idea was they kept evil spirits away and took them to the afterlife people would eat them at funerals and weddings because they again warded off evil spirits Christopher Columbus actually wrote about him and said that he'd been to Mexico and seen some weird hairless dog they used to put them in bed with them so before the days of heating every house would put two of these in their bed and then they were used for arthritic problems so if you had bad knees you start to show low on your knees and they've never been over bred and messed with so they are still exactly how they were and because some they've got such a rich gene pool what is the life expectancy of a dog like this usually fifteen to twenty years that's what it's they're really good yeah because they don't have any relative health issues that usually die of old age is there a purpose for not having any fur I think just because they lived in a really hot country one in five has fur so his brother for example looks like a Labrador you need to moisturize his skin don't you to to keep it nice and supple yeah shiny coconut it's like we do if we're looking dry one day we want shiny legs Wow and the moisturizer on him does he like that does he loves it eat it yes and if there's any other dog around they like it you do you have to give him any sort of some protection from his skin you don't have to be too fanatical because he's black so if he was a cream one or a pale one you'd have to cover him in lotion I do put lotion on him if he's going to be out a long time but because he's dark he has a lot of melanin in his skin I mean what is it that attracts you to a dog like this does he look like the sort of men you might go no that's a funny thing he's completely opposite to any man I go boy normally I like lots of hair and wonderful teeth and he hasn't got any hair and not great teeth so nobody can really understand why I got attracted to him why why isn't he got good teeth learn because he's only like eight months old it's because the head genes gene for hair and teeth is the same if you've got no hair you don't have particularly good teeth sometimes in a dog so his brother who has hair has full cannons hief and he doesn't and then the chief he does have a very weak so if you look at them they look very frail your teeth do you find them that sometimes as I get older they will actually lose all of the day so yes they say don't give them pig's ears and bones because their teeth are so sensitive does he have a different diet or does he just eat normal dog food and he doesn't normal dog food a lot of people that have them do feed raw because they're still very primitive dogs and they're trying to keep them as natural as possible he does get the odd spot which is like I was getting sports if we eat too many cakes to each other so the best quality food you give him the better yeah these sore spots that they've got on them is it is it something that they only get when they're young or do they have this throughout their life they can get them at any age they are typical and adolescents like us so hopefully he's going to grow out of them because I don't like them and if he had fur you wouldn't see it so for you know that your dogs at home with with with fur on my and he's eight months old and he's quite long yes so he's a bit more he'll grow you think he'll get a lot bit bigger yes a little bit more the intermediate-sized girl Fira Saphira what beautiful name now she's very unusual she was very very excitable wanting to meet everybody yeah the bigger ones are more quiet than little ones so they're known to be more of a relaxed quiet dog where the little ones are much more busy and fun when I met him earlier he didn't mind me sort of coming up and talking to him but to be called it's not probably couldn't he's not aloof with family he's a very family dog he's just aloof with strangers until he gets to know you once he gets to know you he's loving see they are primitive dogs so you do have to train and you do have to socialize them they're not a typical sort of child's dog I would say what's training like is it hard is it challenging it's easy they're very very intelligent dogs and they love their master so training is very easy and he's very intelligent he does anything I ask him to do if you don't socialize them do what do they just become be more aloof of how not wanting to interact more aggressive no but you know they need socialization because they're primitive I've done a lot with him he's totally friendly with everybody loves other dogs he likes to bark something nice to look after the house so this is their origins as a guard dog he's not an endless barker for the sake of it he only barks at the door or the NOI is so so but he's definitely a guard or the post late he said one day he's quite scary yes if somebody came in the house when you're not here do you think he he would be a proper guard dogs I think yeah I think you would I haven't seen that side of him because he's so friendly but I think from how he reacts at the door you know he would be so what's it like living with one of these you don't get dog hairs no dog smell there's no fleas and you spend your life walking around like you're you're with someone famous everywhere I go people want photographs of them and they want selfies with him they're quite rare aren't they in the UK so how many standard sized Mexican hairless like him have we got in the United Kingdom right now well last time they did a check they were 75 and how many that look like him there won't be many because most of them do have hair and most of them do have some markings on them or sports or tellers so there's not many of him that's that color completely bald they're very popular in Russia I know I know but the Russian gosh they must be putting jumpers yeah I know well he'll have to have a coat this window definitely very popular in South America they're very popular in Russia Mexico obviously they're the National Mexican dog so they're worshiped in Mexico they're statues of them everywhere will he actually really start to show the cold when it starts to get chilly I think so if you put a hot water bottle in his bed he goes on it's straight away radiator on he sits by it so even now he's enjoying the heat so I'm going any day now to buy him a super good coke the dogs in that so computer get Resident Evil and just remind me so much of him with his yellow eyes he would just make such a fantastic movie don't you certainly would well if you enjoyed this episode of animal watch then please give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our Channel I've had a fantastic time today with the amazing Milo who's finally calmed down to sleep next to me I've actually managed to sit next to him for once today please remember to tune in to all of our episodes every single week which are mainly on wolves wolf dogs dogs animal rescue and conservation I'll see you next week so it's bye from me and bye from a very tired Milo bye for now if you would like to find out more about Milo the Show Low he has his own instagram page which you can find by typing in the username Milo the xolo also Saphira the intermediate sized xolo who features in the film also has her own instagram page which you can find here Saphira the show low

40 thoughts on “THE XOLO DOG – SCARY OR BEAUTIFUL? – Mexican Hairless Xoloitzcuintli

  1. What is of most interest to me is that Xolo is pronounced Sholow…crazy lexicon.
    The 2nd point of interest is the Xolo being a hairless dog…never seen a hairless dog.
    3rd most interesting point is the age of the breed…3500 years and rivals the greyhound/saluki.
    Beautiful dog and on command looks like it can be a 1 headed Cerberus, for protection.

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