The Worst Gift You Can Give This Christmas

Open! You are the best Christmas gift ever. So much energy Thanks for coming. Yeah, absolutely. Happy I could come. Do you still have the dog? Yeah, we do. She’s crazy though. We have to put her in the kennel. Yeah, it’s too bad. When guests come over. She just goes nuts. Like really… All the time. Yeah, it’s really bad. I can’t. I didn’t think it would be like this.

91 thoughts on “The Worst Gift You Can Give This Christmas

  1. Wait what if you do end up being given an animal for christmas and you love him or her. would that be acceptable.

  2. this is a great message. however I would like to say that not all animals that are given as gifts end up in the shelter. case in point my Chihuahua was given to me as a gift from my parents and he is now 11 and the love of my life. do your research make sure it is apart of the family and not just a neat gift idea. proper training also helps

  3. That's so sad! It's should be illegal to adopt pets in the holiday season but legal to buy a 'free adoption pass,your choose slip' so the person receiving the animal can choose the one they want and if they don't want one then they just don't use it they can give it to a friend or back to the shelter/rescue organization

  4. How sad so sad that the word itself is not enough to explain the sadness ?????????????. No wonder I hate this lonely cruel sad temporary full of bull shit life

  5. I would not be able to get a dog until I move because my house is not big enough and I will not be able to get one until I move but when I do I will need to have baby sat dogs for a long time before I ever get one but my mom is allergic and we need a hypoallergenic dog any ideas?

  6. i got a dog for my birthday and everyone was shaming me about it because its not a decision that should take place at such a time but tbh he has been one of the best things in my life and i love him loads and i walk him and play with him everyday (he's almost 6 months) but tbh I've been asking since i was 2 and my parents got him on my birthday so it was more special, but unless you know you're prepared and will commit to the dog you shouldn't get one

  7. Don't give animals for gifts unless the person you are giving it to knows you are giving it to them, and are commited to take care of the pet. A gift doesn't always have to be a surprise.

  8. this is so true growing up my parents didn't have the love for animals that i do, and for two Christmas's we got dogs and ended up in a shelter. so sad. don't gift animals.

  9. I think there should be a mandatory test when buying a pet. Like where you ger to prove that you know how long they live, know what it costs, what they need and why you chose that breed. Buying a living animal just because its cute is the worst thing ever.

  10. LOL OMG what the fuck is wrong with u people ur only looking at the worst scenarios of giving a dog as a gift seriously then what the fuck is society suppost to do with all of those dogs obviously there not suppost to be in the streets or any other placer there HOUSE PETS for a reason
    this is a grown couple if the guy was not sure that they where gonna take care of a dog he would have not bought one in the first place it would have been different if the dog was given to a little girl or boy that is not responsible of taken care of a dog
    obiously there's always gonna be a exeption so stop with these stupid advertisement ur getting everything wrong for fuck sake

  11. Don't give an animal as a gift and don't buy an animal. He or she isn't a slave to buy and sell or a brick to toss in the yard.

  12. If you are a kid then your parents will give you a puppy on a normal day so this makes sense for adults but not for kids because who will give a puppy on a normal daily basis if I had a puppy I would never do that I'm so desperate for A puppy I would even pay all my money for it

  13. well the two dog's i have are saved. One me and my dad found in a forest He is about 5 years now seeing as the vet told us when we took it to him he was like 2-3 month's old. The second one is just found by me like 3 weeks ago. I found him and his 3 dead (tortured and beaten up) and 2 alive puppies one of them did not survive seeing as he had wounds all over him they were 2 weeks or 3 weeks old i have that one puppie that thankfully survived. I love them, i just hate awfull people like the one's that throw out puppies and do not give them away at least.

  14. My sister got a dog from a rlly good friend it was in christmas BUT it was because her best friend couldn't take care of him she never had time…

  15. For Christmas last year, I got something similar- a trip to a local shelter to pick out the pet I wanted. Was this a bad idea?

  16. Does anyone know what breed is the dog in this video ? It looks almost exactly like my dog and would like to know the breed.


  17. Dogs as christmas present are dumb because the giver rarely thinks about the commitment OR the match to the receiver. Also, people prioritize cuteness when buying them, as the initial reaction is the "good" part.

  18. If I ever get a dog for Christmas or any other time I would keep them until they die I have a dog right now and she is still with me

  19. Not to be rude, but i got my cats for Christmas and they still live inside and i love them to bits

  20. My dog is my life I used to have two dogs but one got lost but the second one is my life I would not give my dog bake to breeder

  21. Awww so sad. U shouldn't buy a pet for someone as a gift unless that is rally what they want, they have done their research and the person will take care of it for as long as it lives.

  22. We gave my brother a dog as a gift but he had wanted one for a long time, researched it, and he went to get the dog with us at the humane society

  23. I know im late but 7 years ago i got a dog but not for christmas, my birthday..

    He was a good boy, how much i miss him.. he was with us for 7 years until our neighbors taunted him, until he bit him.. and they blamed the dog even though it was not his fault..

    We had to give him to a shelter for his sake, because our neighbours threatened to kill him and us as well for biting him.. How much I miss him.. He was like a brother that cant speak english

  24. This is so accurate don’t give an animal to someone unless they know you’re giving a live animal to them

  25. My friend got a bunny for Easter a few years ago and still has it and she loves that bunny and I don't think she wants to ever get rid of it.

  26. There are a lot of topics I disagree with peta about but this one is one I think everyone can agree on

  27. It isn't wrong to give animals as gifts, aslong as you know the person is prepared and responsible enough to take care of an animal, and really wants one. There are worse gifts.

  28. We got a dog for Christmas and we love her so much and we can’t
    Not ever imagine living without her and she’s so happy and cute and smart
    And we love her as much as u love everything

  29. I agree. I have seen thousand who buy dogs and then dont care for them. Who adopt dogs but dont care for them. Those stupid people expect human intelligence from dogs. They are insane and inhumane. Human is most brainee creature. Hence it humans duty to flourish the life every other creature on this planet rather than behaving insanely and usine their strengths in ruinning other living creatures lives.

  30. If I a get another dog, it will be a senior dog, I will adopt a senior dog from the pound. the dog will be 4 Life, not christmas, birthdays, VALENTINE'S day etc. Same thing goes for cats.

  31. I got a dog for my 8th birthday and she has been my world for nearly 10 years now. Sure, costs can get a little high but we love her, and our other two dogs, like we love our own family.

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