The WORST Demonology WARLOCK Pet! (5v5 1v1 Duels) – PvP WoW: Battle For Azeroth 8.1

may I introduce you our boys on Team Blue and on Team red the team blue are gonna start off with a dagger not playing the good old owl I got them Jane of swords and we got cased and played another bumpkin here all right we got lemon Astra playing that retribution paddle light for John I probably and honestly one of the best-looking allied race mugs I honestly feel like it's the best-looking one we got one the demonology war like look at he had that okay with the toy I guess it looks a little weird and then we got a sauce vid Leon on Team Blue what's him red we got ourselves love is it gonna show any of his enemies some love gonna be AI think I'm assassination rogue lucre I'm playing the demonology war like trade dog playing that destruction whoa he's under the dead now I don't like look so good dancer warlock Ani he was a DEA agent Vendela as a prep palace yes ever rep belly for repeal edema for Dima rogue for rogue with a few variations this is gonna be on to you first up off the bat looks like verses vid Leone fury a warrior versus demon hunter we see a lot of this how this goes down for cats again and Purple Haze for example one of you just trying to approach him try to see if I can give the honor dole in there really and not really trying to get in there running circles around each other just circling i boys that churners head off get her now I want to you get a new villian I want to see your boys really put on the best goddamn performance I've ever seen gotta be both in charge of that it shows it connects and down the middle it's gonna be like – uh what is it right hard as the slamming each other with a charge Finlay and losing quite a bit of health uh it's gonna land a fear leaping away as audio does get him quite a bit of bigs a bit of Ileana he's gonna walk back and recover his South a little bit has a bit of a bleed don't think he's gonna go for the Warlock Houston a little bit early landing the charge onto onto you but the blade yawns I think does interrupt his heel gonna be a trick Finley's on a little bit early with a blade some to follow only users trying to bail out of that for a second try to point out for the next set of i-beam there it goes does get a truck on it really am I need to go for a bit of heals it's gonna go for the rage regen but it was a mile and if that he just couldn't reflect down it goes Canton is up next as a bumpkin I don't think you should give on you any kind of any kind of advantage you're playing behind here kissing is he gonna go for full honor ah so honorable you're gonna die you know showing a demon hunter honor you give them an honorable duel got a land that rude gonna be a reversal throwing it was worse magic as it's trying to get up to actually the slams everybody else but casa just now it was that somebody on Team Blue gonna be a metamorphosis coming down at Skansen it's gonna go from a bar skin thorns as well gonna get a sound saw the demon hunter eyes with another route on edu it's gonna break out of it with his immunity that's gonna be casting just trying to see if you can line the side and it startled to see if you can arrange the metamorphosis that's gonna be 30 seconds of straight-up carnage for Ani you so if Kansas could avoid as much of the damage as you can thought of your best incarnation coming down for the balance were trying to get the dots and damage rolling start so just I coming out onto on EU right now go to let the disarmed with a little bit of arcane damage gonna get interrupted on his arcane stunned on his cyclone that's echoed a little bit late gonna be a trigger for on EU into another route on to the demon on a cast and if anything at least he's using those fruits as best as you can it's gonna get some free be damaged or to honor you with a couple other route to fall I think actually just stomping him up left and right was it route it was really hard to tell looked like he was trying to bail out and get stopped in place guess him doe drop in for alone held and used to be a well in bear from source rob but it's I don't know and I say you slamming another one out of the park with one finally coming out the boss of the group the head honcho coming in the leader of that group of one versus on EU gonna be a rematch for both of these we'll see how these still gonna play it out and Ani is like you know what i'ma give you an island oh I'm really waiting for blur to be open about seven more seconds but I said I'm still gonna do it now they just blur up you might be able to have a chance that's gonna be some succubus for one actually it's gonna play succubus against one of you is it really oh my god it's gonna be very Dolan's demonology Warlick goes for a succubus instead of a felguard that's a stun and the felguard damage out of the window the succubus is gonna do some CC some damage but not nearly as much gonna be a whore effect on to on EU with a fear to follow actually trying to get a handle go down a little bit early and that's good for one the only you bailing out for a second gonna be Pet CC and what is gonna get the full child in their hand and go down to follow that's gonna be darkness coming down with oh my god try to see if you can just take the damage jeez just getting lucky with how much darkness is absorbing right now I started to see if we can get away from the tire and just obliterating away from the tire without rush is gonna be immunity right now as to get said by Malek and the owls lived a lot of the damage really just was like you know what let's roll the bones here cross my fingers and hope that darkness keeps me afloat and it did it was probably the best move ever ballsy move cotton and it paid off one is still fighting it out it's gonna be reflect on so Ani use mattock I'm pretty sure as he psyche get ahead by – Maddox now that's gonna be 1c seen him for just a second just to get the imps up and running two imps are actually getting quite a range on the side though they're doing quite a bit of damage as the Darger's come out as well that's gonna be a whore effect back on you loosing is still taking quite a bit of damage even though succubus is not going to felguard any kind of damage that one is putting out is gonna still do quite a bit this is where the fellow guard comes out to finish tomorrow I'm gonna get the stun in there maybe possibly the up users gonna get that instant cast and down he goes who's up next this is good to be loved should have been love doctor or something gotta be love from dark speed get a taiga Road onto one as the bet is gonna go for a bit of a spin getting out of the bastards bombers just to walk the world injured no fee welcomed enough pretty early for one right now as he's just trying to get damages of love gonna force out that cloak which is gonna put him up in a bad bad situation I guess the powerful tyrant gonna go for that fear inch of drain live the beams actually doing quite a bit of damage gonna get the Diamond Dogs out with a Vantage to follow try to shatter feeder in a random location misses but he has a pretty big army even wants to get a massive tyrant even actually sacrificed all those imps if you could find one out and you open somehow gonna make in this shot gonna be restarted to love gonna force the trick it out of him but a poison bomb is gonna put one in a bad situation is to get a lot of bits up and running in order to get another set of tire into a hand of gold on getting that iron up right now is he going to be to get the angle onto one basket bombers on one hand is gonna be dog is on the other that's gonna come out used to kinda Mitchell it looks he's a quite a bit of job actually kind of him right it to the tire does Jesus clamping them out right now look at it the tire actually there's quite a bit of damage blotting the tired its disease that's where most of the damage from the warlock comes from that's a little emphasis kind of tickling and it's gonna swap out into a pet sat on saddened how do you have Chinese characters and then watch some characters on pets now the cat pet's name is Sarang deal Saran T or Sauron do something like that someone love the science I'm pretty sure it's like not a Russell name is a sound Russian it'll be pets Baskerville was one said he's gonna be able to cut him into it that's what it looks like he's trying to make this give me these guys a choice do you want him deal with me or do you don't want to deal with my boss coach bombers do you want to deal with me on this side of the wall or with a chart on the other side of the wall oh my goodness and love goes down as one is gonna get a port I don't think it really needed so next up is gonna be Luke run though demonology versus demonology if you see the demonology warlike doing super well out and doors right now you got a counter with another demonology warlike that's literally all you can do when that happens look around it's gonna slowly walk up to one is gonna give him less bow look what I was gonna give a nice bow to its gonna be I wonder what look around place actually I'm pretty sure look on he plays a little bit different place I he has a second doomguard or Falcon he can someone was the second stone so you can change those stones with a mass of char and also sacrifice it bets it also has the deme du gard spin as his powerful ability while one on the other hand has the bas scourge bombers for a bit of damage and he plays with a Empson he summons passively they pass was someone's more and more demons over time gonna be a ooh gonna be a banished out of both of warlocks in the opener I can't tell who's Pettus who's actually at this point that's gonna be kind of hard I'm gonna guess lukrons betters one with no name I don't once bet is gonna be the one with a name iron coming out but whose heart is gonna be one side coming out it's gonna be rough like banished to the tyrant immediately gonna be reflect for one right now quite a bit of damage uncle Devon's coming out right now for entire to still coming out actually gonna be able to get one shot in there maybe a second shot into Luke Ron third shout to fellows liquor doesn't well now look on Stern is to get the big tire and play rolling actually looks like he didn't get the full tire and set up now he is the tired coming out one needs to deal with that immediately like see he's trying to line decided gonna go for a banish as soon as it comes out trying to see if he can get a stunning they're walking out to Camille and a full bandage doesn't manage to tired that's gonna go hand to go down as he's getting beat up with his fellow guards back to back manage to follow on to Luke Ron gonna hit him it's gonna drop down to Boscovich bombers on stop for a second with a trinket Luke groans over there dealing with a couple actually no no pets then actually gonna pull he started back and one obviously do him back here looks like he's been is out of commission for now is he over there with Luke Ron yes he is now he is look completely spent completely gonna fear all that's happened look at that beyblade go though gotta get a horror effect onto one could he chained anything off that no he's not gonna be able to better get a bandage from both of those pets so no stunts are available for a bed actually one is gonna banish one of the dread stalkers interesting choice against who wanted to banish some pet maybe picked the wrong one backs and you know job down basket bombers Kenny kite look orange it no not gonna happen one is gonna banish the pet gonna get a start up so Luke Ron which is perfect for him gonna be able to get another stun with the hand Uncle Don's coming out it's gonna go for the big tire gonna get a reflect for lucre on that's gonna be look relaxed is surrounded by beds right now surrounded by demons sit – another horror effect into another hand goes down I'm tired is gonna come out go to be reflector look right now could it be banishes coming out for both of those two and then one still has the tyrant and tired actions this attack at the wrong pet what does that are doing the chart is exact and Luke resumed guard what a dumb pet it is what a dumb dumb dumb dumb pet it is what is gonna have to pour it out of there stone him to Luke Ron can he get away fast enough the pets are approaching you're gonna drain life on those the fear to follow this approach comes a big leech look I was gonna get in the immediately looks like one doesn't have a lot of health left a look on da snipe I'm out if that tyrant only started hitting Luke Ron instead of Luke wants felguard I think one would have had it and dagger s comes in to take out Luke release he has no health left next up is gonna be vinyl vanilla vinyl I don't say Vinny Vinny Vinny Vinny is up next versus addresses together fulstone – Vinny getting quite a bit of damage though as an outlaw has a blade rush dropping Vinny down to about half health as Winx coming out for Vinny the zaccharas gonna respond to this though he's actually gonna get some foam mats if he'll bounce out of the group it's gonna be Malik to follow started – Vinny right now shells when he's up and running his dagger is gonna go for anything else gonna be shield avenges up and run for Vinny right now daggers is gonna be able to just sprint out of there blonde defeated try to see if you could push the corner I am is that gonna be a trinket bubble anything no dagger this is gonna be able to catch full reset then as long as he doesn't get hit by the children vengeance saps it far enough out of reach if you can get the full setup opener again right now gonna get re-roll bones going good buffs actually quit buffs are gonna be good it's the trinket for Vinny right now as dagger is just gonna continue truck and damage to him – I had a full stump it starts to fall again in fátima calls Barry Ford address it's gonna be bubble for venom dagger this is not gonna vanish this for now Shubh may be considered vanishing those villages getting full flashlights in their daggers tells Perry for just a few seconds as dissipates right as Vinnie's bubble goes down does get a gouge what kind of buff do you get not the best bulb but it's gonna get a lot of cooldown reduction start to video right now will the blade dance to follow blade rush actually it's gonna be quite a bit of damage our dangle around it's getting kind of Prague's hodge coming down does he have any support Vinny's playing very defensively no wings out of the Paladin coda which went for the kill but it's a do you know what I think I need to survive this a little bit longer and dagger is gonna bail out of there with advantage but it's actually gonna be right in front of Vinnie gonna reopen up a ton with a cheap shot to see have enough though damage son full Bob coming out there anything no the actual event is gonna be able to recover did you throw that character throw the judgment at Dagon rice is coming out it's gonna be blade rushed for dagger hopefully as a cloak of shadows for this or something because that's gonna be a hodge it meaning they're gonna that come out gonna use that stick it to get quite a bit of heal a drum horse to fall try just even get quite a bit of damage talk about actually getting smacked out by Vinnie at the very last second it's gonna be luminous – just taking him out that's gonna be Drake dog versus loom as the last two standing loom is not wasting any time trying to get over there make it over to Jake dog immediately that's gonna be a massive immolate where the cannibals coming out for drain off right now try to get as much damage until lumens time to fall a cataclysm afterwards a couple of server's chucking out to follow back up an inn for loom now I'm gonna have a bubble for a while so might even put himself in a back seat with forbearance I don't know what he could have done with a Bob right here getting instruct on his hole he actually completely locked out can he do anything chill the minister maybe anything I don't know and drag dog takes them out oh my goodness oh my goodness I was a quite a long do I like the old uh what spray I in the world it is Dell it is that was is the worst that is the worst pet like how who programmed that thing right who programmed that thing they decided oh

14 thoughts on “The WORST Demonology WARLOCK Pet! (5v5 1v1 Duels) – PvP WoW: Battle For Azeroth 8.1

  1. What I want is our infernal and powerful demon pets as permanent pets again. I miss fel fire, “that was the name of my infernal.”

  2. Spoiler for the video:

    I'mma say I effectively lost that one. I was flubbing half the time and hesitated too much when it came to actually doing damage, and with the amount of hp I had when that tyrant came out, I would've effectively died had the A.I. worked properly. Even if I decided to instantly banish the tyrant as soon as it came around, stopping the drain life would've led to me dying from the Dreadstalkers' auto attack damage.

    Honestly, that situation should've been checkmate, but it was turned around due to outdated engine/coding.

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