The world's worst petkeeper on TV, cute little puppy tongue get bitten by tortoise

such as um the gold nugget whoops come on kitty kitty is nice and clean attractive color it's one of my favorite ones they monkeys think they taste good too now when he's chewing on my finger like this what I do is I tell no and I poke my finger down his throat like that he gags and then he stops okay now we let him do it again it's important to do this little while his teeth is small and he can't hurt me we tell him no poke your finger down the throat he gags and then he stops let's talk about feathers here now bird feathers iguanas are very easy to take care of as long as they have the right diet you're better off to just keep them away from wool if it's possible I have nothing to grip against oh they're going to grow a lot faster and all the other nails whoops Kitty on the floor wrong well Luke's puppy down hello puppy it's important that you really work hard and ferret on the floor now it's important that you really work hard in obedience training oh excuse me Barney all right now if you had now this kid never saw a dog before so he's scared okay okay the first time he's been here now if you hold the kitten how did that Barney where they'll always go now they chose to go inside you let go hey Jenison cockatiels don't get along any veterinary can do that nowadays I have a very effective vaccine for rabies and ferrets now I'll call from Susan hi mark hi Susan hi how are you I have um one-year-old beagle mix up Senegal parrots do not make good toys you wretch she's there yeah I see you stopper when the bird nervous now is that there is no longer there is no longer a corner therefore when he goes to the corner to do the flips whoops crash hit me monkey all right all right all right there you go hurry though copy monkey again well I will follow I don't eventually hello it will pull out on its own eventually however splash um what we talking to her talking about blood feathers in the oh it was about 20 Birds whines up there that we know will ever catch is that Jim nutritional crop if you send me a fax please be sure that you have some way that I can get back to either by a phone number or fax number or address and if you have some way like that little fan of happy right take a quick break the public has ever been allowed inside until now Bravo takes you

36 thoughts on “The world's worst petkeeper on TV, cute little puppy tongue get bitten by tortoise

  1. ?This guy is F**** cruel!!!!!!!
    He let animals fall off
    Get bitten by others
    And has small spaces!
    Screw the shitty guy, I'm never seeing the f**** show again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yo idiots neglegence is still considored animal abuse. Just becuase you are not intentionally abusing the animal does not mean that you arent abusing them. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

  3. I think that the main problem here is that there all squished together. Maybe if they were each separated and in a closed cage or kennel then maybe these poor animals wouldn't get hurt.

  4. With all due respect, my main concern would be, why are all the animals there in one place. There's too many animals for one person to handle, imagine you have all these animals and you alone, how will you take care and behave all of them? I don't want to sound mean but each animal should be tied or in a cage in a safer environment, away from the other animals. That man should show the animals one by one instead of having a mayhem there in the counter.

  5. Did someone ever sue this piece of shit ? Instead of helping the poor helpless puppy suffering for over 30secs he is just laughing about it … WHAT THE HELL

  6. I want this man to die, literally. That poor dog was shoved into a box with a fucking turtle?! What happened to the poor dog's tongue?!?!?!!

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