The World’s Worst Liar (“The Usual Suspects” Parody) – Key & Peele

– Johnny. Okay, Carter. I can stay here
all night. So why don’t
you and I cut the crap, and you tell me what happened
on March 15th? – And what’s in it
for Carter Finley? – What’s in it
for you is I don’t send you back
to jail. – [sighs] The guy’s name
is Cat Branchman. I met him downtown at a club
called “The Clutching Kitten.” You may have heard
of it. It’s down on the corner
of Hang and Fur Street. – Cat Branchman. So what’s a guy
like you and a guy named Cat– [sighs] Okay. I know what
you’re doin’, Finley. You’re just using what you see
in my poster. – I’m not, detective. I’m telling the truth. – We’ll see how much truth
you tell after a few weeks
in solitary confine– – Fine, detective. You’ve twisted my arm.
– Now, that’s better. – The guy’s name wasn’t
Cat Branchman. – Thank you. – it was a Chinese guy named
“Mr. Meow.” He’s the real
gang boss. Story went he hung guys
from trees and took pictures
of them. – Finley.
– Used to run a club downtown. A front, of course.
Called it “The Paw and Poster.” – Finley. – Ran it with a guy named
“Hong in Thar.” – Okay. Let’s try this
one more time. Finley? Who do you work for? – Um… Coffee.
Mr. Coffee Coop. – You–coffee coop? – His name was
“Baldy Tall Man Coffee Coop.” – [sighs] now you’re just talking
about me. Finley, I’m gonna give you
one more chance. Who is in charge? – His name was
“Angry Man.” – [sighs] – The warehouse is located in the Diploma
for being a detective. – I want a name.
– Justin. – Thank you. – Hangtree–
– Don’t say “Hang.” God damn it,
do not say “hang.” – Hang–
– Nope. – Hangman Justin Cats…
– Finley. – Poster.
– Do not say “poster” or “cat.” – Cat Poster.
– Okay, that’s it. I’m losing my patience. Winslow, get this moron
outta here. – [sighs] – I’m losing my patience. Let’s try this
one more time. I’m gettin too old
for this [bleep]. [groans] – Well-played, detective. Well-played, indeed. – Hey, Carter. You hang in there.

100 thoughts on “The World’s Worst Liar (“The Usual Suspects” Parody) – Key & Peele

  1. We can make film on this but difference will be that he will never got caught lying and at end he will get caught or he never get caught but his lies will actually help to solve other crimes

  2. The mention that this is a parody doesn't really feel necessary.
    Anyone who's seen the movie will get it.
    Anyone who didn't, you just entirely ruined the movie for them

  3. It’s funny how close Peele’s sense of humor hovers near Horror movie tropes…which makes sense why he has done so well in that genre

  4. These guys skits are so hit an miss for me. Dont get me wrong mad respect to their skill and talenet. This one just didnt do it for me.

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