The World's Strongest Pit Bulls use Bully Max

my name is Oliver dela Cruz of dungeon camel 50-150 produced and created some of the strongest working dogs and I use bully Mac's product bully max is very important part of our championship program we recommend bullet max for anybody that's working their dog regardless whether down the track or just some kind of some activity bully max is the best product out there hands down what happens when these dogs are working on the fact is the dogs muscle are actually being torn rolling max provide that new chance that their muscle needs to repair and grow especially when it comes it's coming down to the crunch time of the National I'm just packing on some some muscle into my dog and there's nothing better than gorilla mask packing on muscle check out our amazing muscle building supplements for your dog

23 thoughts on “The World's Strongest Pit Bulls use Bully Max

  1. Bro you know those dogs are healthy asf and strong id hate to be the guy who has to walk them. Id be chasing my arm attached to a string thats attached to the most adorable beast ive ever seen.

  2. American Pitbulls – the toughest, strongest, and most tenacious breed ever. Then again, they were bred to take on large and dangerous animals like bulls, bears, and wild boar and have even been used to take on big cats like lions. For more info on the American Pitbull breed, there is an awesome video interviewing one of the top experts on the breed called ALL ABOUT THE AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER WITH RICHARD F. STRATTON and there is a video of an American Pitbull taking on a bull called Pit Bull Vs Bull in Maxela if you want to see what an American Pitbull can do.

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