The World’s RAREST Animal

An uncommon species of nautilus has been discovered
by scientists for the first time ever in 31 years. According to researchers,
the nautilus known as Allonautilus scrobiculatus could be the world’s rarest
animal. It is believed that the Allonautilus scrobiculatus
has inhabited Earth for more than 500 million years. The nautilus is part of
the mollusc family, relatives of cuttlefish and squid. Peter Ward, a biologist at the University
of Washington, first saw the marine creature back in 1984. This summer, Peter
Ward along with his research team filmed footage of the creature by using bait
suspended on the pole between 150 and 400 metres under the surface of the water. These species are dependent on the temperature
of the water so they are restricted to particular habitats. Once vanished in an
area, these marine creatures will be lost forever in that region. According to Peter
Ward, nautilus mining can cause these spectacular creatures to go extinct.

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