The World’s Most Influential Cat

– [Shannon] Nala makes anywhere between $8000 to $15,000 per post. We have a awesome agent over at CAA who does an amazing job for Nala. (upbeat music) – [Pookie] Nala, where did you go? (Nala meows) – [Pookie] Nala has over
4.2 million followers – on Instagram. And then she has her
Facebook and TikTok, Twitter. Nala won Tik Toker of the Year, 2019. So we have that next to her World Record. (upbeat music) – She has these big blue eye, and people commented about her ears. – Everything about her is round and people relate to personality. Sweet. Silly. Funny. Clumsy. Hungry. Photogenic. I think she’s high maintenance. Certain days, she likes to wear something and other days she doesn’t. Timing is everything, too. Top three, I think
crown, bowtie, shark hat. Nala is definitely not a
one-take shot kind of kitty. She likes options to choose from. (camera clicks) Out of 200 photos, maybe one
or two is Instagram-worthy. – Nala definitely knows that she famous. – So when we’re out, she’s like, “Look at me, I’m famous. “Take my photo.” And at home, she’s like,
“Everybody give me my space.” We always referred to Nala as being an influencer all these years. But I think this year, she changed things and now she’s entrepreneur. Brand deals, they come and go. I stayed up at night thinking what happens when this deal is done? What happens next week? How are we helping? And so we created a
platform called Love, Nala where our focus is on pet health, nutrition, giving back. Animal rescue at its core. (upbeat music)

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