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Cats already run our houses, so shouldn’t they have their own kingdoms to rule? Here are some of the best cat cribs ever made. When this guy moved out of the city, he wanted to introduce his very indoor cats to the great outdoors. So he built them this epic catio. So they can get in touch with nature… and blow off steam. All in the safe, luxurious environment they’re used to. And when they’ve had enough of nature, all they have to do is pop back in through the window. Frances’ cat is a prince, so she built him and his brother a house fit for royalty. There’s a lot of swing bridges because it’s funny watching them use swing bridges. I was really inspired by the architecture of early European castles. I kind of intended that top part to be a single residency area, but they just cram in there together. Frances thinks this castle fits Prince Peach’s personality to a T. He doesn’t care about the masses. He’s just like up there being like, “Yo, let them eat cake!” I’m standing in the middle of the living room. This couple turned their living room into a cat super highway. We call this Cat City. They have 18 cats, many with special needs. Oh, big stretches! And all are either rescued or adopted from local shelters. So they decided to create a space where they could explore, relax and just be cats. They even eat up there. Gizzy Lizzy on the wall. Gizzy Lizzy, do not fall. This lady had an old bookcase that she wasn’t using, so she decided to turn it into a deluxe house for her cats. She designed it on her computer and used a special machine to match her drawings exactly. It has a scratching post and spots to relax. And the cats seem to approve. Hey, Dodos, this is Mark. Thanks for watching the video. Be sure to, like, comment and subscribe. And if you have a crazy cat crib, let us know in the comments.

100 thoughts on “The World’s Most Epic Cat Cribs | The Dodo

  1. LMFAO ?⚡⚡ ⚡⚡ ⚡⚡ ⚡
    A $600.00+. Apt IS GOOD ENOUGH ☝ ???©
    IF NOT
    YOU BUY IT$$$$$$$$?????????

  2. A null vote. Neither like, nor dislike. Maybe I need to see in person? But honestly letting the cat outside to explore seems to work fine for us.

  3. love this video… just something i learned with cats is if you adopt a kitten or cat, be touchy feely with them especially on their faces. they'll get use to you and will let u clean their eyes and nose. my cat let me pick her nose and dig in her eyes from the trust I've showed her. i feel so sad when i see a animal face thats not kempt by its owner. ???

  4. Oh my, the cardboard castle will not last long. The outside run is totally awesome and elaborate. Kudos to the person that made it. The shelf house is so cool and almost anyone can make it even if you do not use a machine for the cut outs. ? ? ?

  5. Not enough strong for my 12 years old cat lady. She climbs walls and has always a big cardboard box to destroy. But your creativity is awesome and your finition well done! ???

  6. The best would be to combine the first and the third. And don't forget to add the second or the last. It'll be like giving them the best free and private spaces whenever they feel like it.

  7. Castle's too flimsy. Outdoor area is just a cage. Homemade rafter system, you'll never see your cats again. Bookcase best idea. Cheap, easy, safe, effective. Use a jigsaw and sand the cut edges, or skip the front piece and just turn the bookcase backwards and use the back to cut openings.

  8. What people don’t see in these videos is the complete disaster cats make of everything. I have 13 cats and a Catio, cat walk, large climate controlled cat house, and two cat runs all connected. They shed, barf, pee, and spread their food and litter. It’s a disaster most of the time. I certainly wouldn’t allow such in my home, I’d be cleaning constantly. And don’t even get me started on how long something made of cardboard would last ?

  9. I love the cardboard castle, it combines the cats' love of boxes and their superiority complex lol. The gibet hanging off the side was a nice touch too. 🙂

  10. giant ass cage that is actually fun for the "dogs" as the tags call them despite clearly being CATS…
    big ass castle that seems genuinely fun for the "dogs"…
    big "Cat-shelf" that they can eat from…
    a shelf described as a "deluxe house" for these so-called "dogs"…
    a small cage/bed hybrid where you can barley explore and every damn thing is a choking hazard for human BABIES?

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