The Wildlife Command Center: Capturing Rat Snakes (Season 1, Episode 1)

My name is Michael Beran and you are at
Wildlife Command Center and we’re going to take you out today and show you some things that we do to rescue people from wild animals. Hey Victoria
what do you got for me? hey Michael we just had a homeowner called they had a
snake on their front porch. They think that it went down like a stump hole.
okay yard but they had to leave for work they’re hoping you can come out and
check it out okay can you go ahead and put that in my schedule for me and I’ll
head there now yep I’ll do that all right. Thank You,
Victoria. all right so hopefully this kinda scenario happens often… you
know the snake is visible it shows itself and then by the time we get there
it goes down in a hole and sometimes we can get it out sometimes we can’t but
we’ll go over there and see what we can do so we’ll get lucky if pull up here
we’ll be able to catch them find them pretty quickly. it should be right up
here oh look right there right see them on the side of the chimney classic rat
snake right there if it’s climbing actually you know this guy’s not going
anywhere so I think we should take a moment just to admire how acrobatic they are — a lot of people don’t realize how well these black rat snakes can climb. a
black rat snake is… almost every single time a snake is called in and it’s
climbing we know it’s going to be a black rat snake because they are like
excellent excellent climbers you can see the way his body and I’m just going to
let him climb a little bit since obviously he’s not going to go very far
but you see how he makes these s’s in his body right here that’s where he’s
hanging on and he’s moving forward with the locomotion of his ribs that is
classic Missouri rat snake right there I mean it doesn’t get any better than that
now these are the these are the animals that we see constantly getting into bird
nests in people’s eaves they also eat a lot of rats and rodents inside people’s
attic spaces and so anytime somebody has a black rat snake in their home we know
for a fact that they probably have some type of food source baby birds they’ve
got bats oh they got rats or mice we’re going to run into a lot of these
today this particular one looks like it’s a male and the males are out
searching for the females so I’m sure we’re going to be able to discover a few
of these today so I’m gonna go ahead and grab him
before he gets into a hole and then we’ll notify the homeowner that we
captured the snake that they saw this morning these snakes are not biters they
won’t bite as long as you don’t squeeze them if you just stop them like this
it’ll freeze them and then you just gently pull them back as long as you
don’t squeeze them they won’t bite what you got there’s a snake on the
eleventh story of a building is it like on the outside of the building on their
level floor or where yeah it’s on the roof so how did a snake get on the roof of an
11-story building? I have no idea the maintenance man is
staring at it right at this moment all right well I mean we’ll go go ahead
and put it in my Brio and schedule it for me
all righty we’ll go there right now thanks. Bye Mary! man the last three flights of these stairs about killed me. the only thing I can imagine that there would be a snake out here is if there’s a bunch of
pigeons and it’s after eating baby pigeons you know obviously looks like
they had some pigeon issues. Those are the pigeon spikes up there holy I thought that that was
a water hose that’s crazy that goes to show the climbing ability of the
missouri black rat snake I mean somehow he’s scaled the outside of this building… I
assume I mean it could have been brought in with a box I guess they weren’t lying
really is a snake on the 11th floor roof of a building but we’re gonna go ahead
and capture him and and move him or move him along so that he doesn’t frighten
them any more attention he’s gonna come so it’s a female female black rat snake
so you could tell by the length of the tail right here this it still is pretty
short from here to here if it was about this long it was the amount but the
shorter fatter tails like that it’s a female so she’s probably hunting for
eggs and chicks and pigeons but young pigeons will put her away and call this
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