20 thoughts on “The voice behind 50 years of Big Bird and Oscar

  1. What an incredible career. 50 years in that bird suit, all the children's lives that he changed. Congratulations on your retirement Caroll Spinney. Thanks for the memories

  2. Thankyou Mr. Caroll Spinney, Love You and sesame street will never be the same without your voice doing Big Bird or Oscar the Grouch!

  3. Sorry to say this but most of what they showed of certain clips some weren't from those years they said they were. I'm a huge Sesame Street Fan and I can tell you what decade these clips were without having to look them up. I know my Sesame Street. I collect shows from trades I do with others who enjoy Sesame Street or Jim Henson's other known shows.

  4. Unfortunately, celebrating 50 Years of Sesame Street and Caroll Spinney is not gonna be so easy due to the sad fact that most of today's celebrities are too immature and Disney crazed to show a Sesame Side. Even worse, most of them will be celebrating that annoying mouse's 90th Anniversay nonstop. Especially that that rodent has been around 40 years longer than Big Bird and Oscar themselves. I wish that rotten rodent himself would retire instead of Caroll Spinney. He's the absolute best and too bad that not enough of today's celebrities are into a real true legend and role model for kids.

  5. Turned on Sesame Street for the first time in decades for my 3 month old and instantly knew this wasn't the same iconic figure behind this amazing character. Thank you for all you have done for the show and the world of education.

  6. While I’m glad you’re paying tribute to Caroll and all the work he did, please remember that doing their voices was maybe 10% of what he did and all puppeteers do. The real skill is in bringing the puppets to life, regardless of what they’re saying, through the way they move. Carroll’s voices are famous, sure, but what really made him one of the greatest puppeteers of all time was his sheer skill and durability while playing these characters. Never mind the fact that anyone who puppeteers Big Bird is virtually blind save for a tiny monitor in the suit (and for a while he didn’t even have that, nor the little fan that was eventually added!), so just walking around with your hand in the air for that long is incredibly difficult. Add to that the insane things Caroll did in that suit (rode horses, sped around the street on roller skates, at least once he rode a freaking unicycle) and the voice really becomes a secondary part of it. And beyond that, try watching the scene where he learns of Mr. Hooper’s death with the volume off – even without hearing that inimitable voice, Caroll’s use of body language and manipulating the puppet’s eyelids show you everything passing through Big Bird’s mind. He gave that amazing creation life in so many more ways than just the voice.

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