The Use of War Dogs, 1943

the dog has served man for centuries his progress and use have changed with the times but always he has shown adaptability to specific tenants in the military field his tactical value has been recognized for a long time by the armies of other nations but it was not until the present conflict that our own armed forces began to train and employ dogs for duty with combat units under the guidance of the remount section of a quartermaster Corps the carefully chosen canines received basic and specialized training which toughen and prepares them for definite assignments under fire dogs of many breeds rally to the colors the hunting dog is relieved of his other duties for the duration and begins the grim manhunt after the common enemy the dog's natural instincts make cover and concealment easy lessons kill-or-be-killed is again instinctive he's fast and elusive intelligent and willing his hatred of the forwardly loyalty and devotion to his job or common placement he asks for no reward a pat on the back any little acknowledgment by his master of sufficient procedures for the using branches to supply the men who'll train with the dogs they'll bring back to their outfits all dogs are specially picked for size and usefulness each is trained to do a single jump and remember they are not pets or mascots they're soldiers war dogs the century and attack dogs have already proved their worth for interior guard duty now you'll meet their brothers in the tactical service the silent Scout dog the messenger dog and the casualty dog first we visit an outpost position where the silent Scout dog is used to detect and give silent warning of any foreign presence such as the sneaky character cautiously moving amid those palmettos this movement alerts our war dog who's able to detect ambushes or infiltration long before they can be discerned by human or mechanical means soundless as the night and naturally adapted to stealth a silent scout dog leads his master to a position behind the hidden enemy tojo meanwhile has his snipers eyes on some of our boys and is getting set to knock them off but the silent scout dog has already cornered the rat master and dog take cover a pre-arranged signal directs our own deadly rifle fire to the exact spot where the enemy is hidden Tojo loses by a quick KO and the silent Scout dogs supplied the initiative next a reconnaissance patrol the leader issued special instructions indicating the mission and general direction of the advance here we'll see further use of the silent Scout dog who leads the patrol and in addition the messenger dog who brings up the rear the latter will be used to establish liaison with the outpost but we're now concerned with the scout dog his master's aware of the fundamental principles governing the dog's ability to supply quick warning of a hostile presence best advantage is taken of wind and other conditions favoring the dog's power of sending his master reads the dog carefully every movement of the dog conveys a message note the watchfulness sharp ears alert nose always to the wind it would be the same in frozen wastes or hot jungles in any kind of weather or field conditions the silent scout dog handles his assignment with trained efficiency attention assist rowing he's fresh on the scent of something that smells like trouble enemy in sight so exit the Scout dog his jobs well done and enter the messenger dog vital information is hastily written out for dispatched to the outpost position to the rear and emergency ammunition supply is urgently needed if the patrol is to hold out and instead of a soldier runner the messenger dogs will do the job a human life is not risked and the war dog will get the message through his speed and size make him a tough target and there's no halt or backward glance until he comes to the ammunition supply point it's just brief minutes since he left the Patrol but already the messenger dog has brought in the information that'll help to avert possible disaster and he's raring to race back with that emergency supply of ammunition under such conditions he can pack up to 25 pounds the cartridge carrier with weight well-distributed fits snugly on his back and the pictures show how rapidly it can be made secure his special collar is replaced and he'll be hurrying back to the Patrol again the elapsed time is barely minutes it's the case of passing the ammunition and praise for the dog and his ability to follow teachings and instincts back with a patrol empty rifles indicate that it will be an arrival in the nick of time all the realism of combat is simulated but the messenger dog won't be steered off his course and reaches the patrol safer the life-saving ammunition is ready for instant use by employing the scalp and messenger dogs to advantage the patrol carries out a successful mission the carrier pigeon helps us illustrate another job the messenger dog can hand to pigeons go into a carrier specially designed by the quartermaster Corps and the explanation is clear the homing pigeon is naturally just that a one-way messenger flying from field to home as the dog is a two-way messenger he can be used to transport the pigeons to the tactical unit operating away from the home base the harnessing of the birds to the dog's back is very simple by now you've noticed the attention given to the dog's collar it is important for he's been trained to recognize it as his cue to run from one master to the other thus the dog collar plays a major role in the successful use of the messenger dog incidentally both masters have undergone careful training with the dog and they alone handle his every operation this demonstration proves that we're pigeons are employed the messenger dog fits in for delivery duty that frees soldiers or vehicles for other work and the messenger dog can handle further tests as soon as this pigeon is released we'll move on to still another assignment a telephone switchboard in the combat area and the need for additional lines over various short distances so again the messenger dog gets the call and now that you're actually seeing it the whole thing appears so obvious yes you just equipped the dog with a harness which is designed to hold the loose end of the wire and you've got a wire layer who'll ask no questions and show no concern over the risks involved and here's still another case where a dog spares human life and limb the risk of crossing an area under fire the noise of battle has no effect on the k-9 signal as ever rapid and reliable the dog gets the line across the battlefield to his master and you've been given an idea of the multiple jobs the messenger dog can hand he humbly stands by as his master puts the first call over the newly connected phone line and so when you're talking about getting the message through don't forget the messenger dog he helped make this connection now we join the Medical Corps and the search for casualties after a battle those who fall right in their tracks can usually be found quickly enough but other wounded before they lose consciousness may have crawled with some hidden spot for safety some may be buried in the wreckage of a bomb naturally prompt discovery of such victims is vital the casualty dog is a life-saving answer he's been trained to search a given area for casualties and report his discoveries to his master highly specialized traits identify this war dog excellent power of scent endurance uncanny sense of direction and the keenest earring the casualty dog has found a stricken soldier who may easily have been passed up by a medical throat and posthaste he's back to where his master awaits the master fastens the leash to the dog's collar signal for the dog to lead him to the casual is mission a success the dogs complete happiness is expressed in his every movement a portrait of Serbs obedience and devotion to the job within the limitations of this film we've given you a brief insight into the new tactical employment of the ward or the proven possibilities for his use go beyond what we have shown full advantage is being taken of the dog's natural attributes he's ready to do a soldier's job he's yours at your beck and call and just to show that he's truly man's best friend

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