The United States Association of Reptile Keepers [USARK] – Commercial

ah America the greatest country on God's green earth home of freedom and the cheeseburger we as Americans enjoy our various liberties such as free speech the right to bear arms and most importantly the ability to own reptiles these magnificent creatures are currently replacing the dog as man's best friend but what happens when there are no standards no regulations over keeping these marvelous animals that's why we exist we are the United States Association of reptile keepers and education conservation and advocacy organization for reptiles promoting awareness responsible care and professional duty oh no it looks like we've been interrupted by our opposition the evil and dastardly John McCain I am John McCain and I hate reptiles especially turtles what do they even do anyway sit there in their stupid shells they're worthless they're probably just leeching welfare money plus I bad of this interest group does nothing anyways stop right there John McCain you ignorant buffoon you couldn't be more wrong if you tried earlier this month we successfully sued in court to further establish our reptile transporting guidelines as the correct ones this is only one instance of many successes this wonderful group has achieved even President Obama himself supports our cause yes this is Barack Obama and reptiles are freaking awesome so what are you waiting for be like this family and many others across the nation who support the reptilian cars join today Oh

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