The Try Guys Try The Weirdest Beauty Trends Of 2016

today we are trying somewhat 2016's weirdest makeup trends nice Battlement so a lot of people say the 2016 was a really shitty year so we're gonna try some shitty shitty beauty trends I love the trendsetter sort Instagram I think they make some really incredible things so we're gonna try them out you know get a male perspective cuz that's what everybody wants press the lips have fun I love this one because it's all about fancy rock so crystal lips are a thing where you make your lips look like geode love geodes i love crystals so i can't wait to have them in my mouth i think i'm gonna go for an amethyst look it's my favorite go2 ruby geode cuz it's red blue you know so what do you do you gloss your lip and I'm very good at makeup that in your language ha it's a lip gloss and I'm gonna mix it with some glitter glamour okay here we go oh I am already loving this look I know it's vivid okay I'll clean it up in a second no you know I watched the tutorial I don't think the other guys really paid much attention now looks like I have a soul patch I'm not gonna just write it all over the place I think this is good for this level it's not just about glitter it's about I do look like glows oh don't I where does it look like I went down on a mermaid the last thing is we'll use a lip liner to outline it very much like a geode being cut open em I had pink lotus a double whammy otherworldly or flip-flop who knows really both whop yeah I'm a football yeah yeah looks like we have some shitty lip liners here that will not work because they're too opaque just can't be the desired look cuz in the vlogs you see them use this really awesome powder you can see it here also it reminds me of rocks this is wrong this is wrong I just it's not working look like a like a disco king also kind of looking like a tan and go but who wouldn't like oh my god a new blaze who wouldn't like throw eight bars on my shirt oMG Oh fabulous what it's supposed to be a Rock to be a rock I'm drooling now that's supposed to be a gem that you break open like when you're ten you're like wow Oh instead it just like a man who went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate a coaster so those are crystal lips Harmon bulb borehole up next is fur nail which is where you cut out fabric from your mom's closet and you glue it to your hands I picked a cheetah and I will be your prey when I'm cold in the winter you know what's the coldest oh my do you ever have a Lucky Rabbit any rabbit's foot yes no I had a looking for a dude your fingernails are huge that's so weird look at your fingernails I mean you could probably kill like a small puppy for furn else which can't make a coat which I curled the vil should have thought about okay I would not want to have sex with these is this where I say it looks like you fingered a skunk I'm sorry I'm engaged those days are over no I think would be a great handjob the lips make me really sad you know I'm not I'm feeling pretty happy Ferb ulis night liner it was a Halloween friend and it you make your eyes look like they're bleeding because that you got fur your nails you want to cut your eyes out one of us needs to start on the black handle of the knife on the top the other could start with the red blood underneath yeah finding your island okay so just easy does it no Asians are very used to knives to the eyelids okay double eyelid surgery because an Asian reference black no don't spit dammit oh gee this is a great way to cover up baggy eyelids big woman being a woman's heart enough all right I don't been hard being woman you shut the up you shut the up I'm a bitch you can't step out wow your your your eye looks really thank you handles looking really good UI I tried to make it thick hey your outlines of the tears of blood looking really good pretty good beauty can draw inspiration from anywhere and I think the trends from this year prove that know one thing I know them we probably look better than Zack and Keith it all makeup should make you happy and if if it's making you mad then what's the point these trends are pretty 2016 right we're just trying to distract ourselves from what's going on in the world be like Oh what if I paint a knife on my hide yeah sixteen is so bad what am i mouth of 2016 subscribe this year has been a lot there's been some register like yeah name one thing Taylor Swift didn't put on an album

35 thoughts on “The Try Guys Try The Weirdest Beauty Trends Of 2016

  1. Eugene: I’m not just gonna spread this glitter all over the place.”

    *Cuts to Zach pouring green glitter all over his mouth*

  2. the clip of ned and eugene right before 4:01 was "wow this is a great way to cover up baggy eyelids" I wonder how that fight started

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