The Try Guys Try Acupuncture

– In past videos, I’ve talked
about being sort of nervous around needles, but I think
I’m getting over that fear. What- oh, ah! (yelling) (beeping) So I’m just ready to get poked. (electric guitar music) – I’m so excited to
announce that the Try Guys have a new family line,
you can match your family with the new squad crew neck including our new baby onesie. We got pillows, we got blankets,
we got mugs, only at… – – Yeah, Now let’s poke our butts
for the acupuncture video. – Hi, my name’s Robert
Youngs, I’m a acupuncturist and I’m an herbalist. I’ve been doing this for
about eight years now. So the basis of eastern
medicine in general, there’s acupuncture, there’s cupping, there’s moxa, all of these have to do with getting the energy
in the body moving again. If there’s something wrong in the body, if there’s disease, it’s a
result of stagnation of energy. – So it’s basically, my
energy is constipated. – Exactly. – I’m not constipated, but
my energy is constipated. – You could also be constipated. – My dad’s a doctor,
my grandpa’s a doctor, so I kind of grew up
being a little skeptical of alternative medicine. – What are some of the things
that acupuncture can treat? – Headaches, constipation, chronic pain, menstrual issues, digestive
issues, memory issues, skin issues, acne, hormonal acne. – What can’t it do? – Issues that are gonna need surgery. – Like a broken bone. – Yeah. – Is it something that
requires multiple sessions, or should we expect to feel better after just one treatment? – Depends on how long
you’ve had the illness or disease or whatever
it is that you’ve had, if it’s acute, if it’s chronic. – If it’s with us, you know
that pain’s gonna be a cute. Ay! – Oh, nice. I get it now. (piano music) – Has anyone in this video talked about how handsome you are yet? – No. – Well, I don’t know how we got this far. I thought that’s the elephant in the room the whole interview. – Thank you very much,
and I’ll have you know that I just celebrated my
50th birthday on Saturday. – You are kidding me. – Oh yeah, Saturday. – Well you look great. – Thank you. – You seem like you got great health. – Thank you. – I have bad joints already and I’m 31. – We’re gonna fix that. Where acupuncture really fits in with Chinese medicine is
in a preventative stance. We’ll pretty much always be quoted as saying 95% of all
illness is caused by stress. – I have a newborn baby, so I don’t get a ton of sleep always. I’m pretty stressed. – What level of stress would
you say you’re at these days on a scale of one to 10? – 50000. – Boom.
– Yeah. – Where does stress reside in your body? Maybe you know, maybe you don’t. We’ll keep asking a bunch
of questions to find out. Where do you feel like you
hold stress in your body? – Oh I think I hold a lot of it here. Maybe in my stomach as well. – So I have ankylosing spondylitis. The main places I feel it are my neck, my shoulders, and then with
all the rain we’ve been having, my lower back, like by the sacrum. – I’ve had four knee surgeries on my knee. So I’ll get pain, it’s still not strong as much as I’d like it to be. – It’s not in the form
of things like headaches or anything like that. For me, it’s more, it
comes up in like insomnia. – All right, so active mind is
what you think is the cause. We do other things, like there’s
some diagnostic techniques with the tongue that are
actually really interesting, like the tongue is an organ you can see. – You look at our tongue? – [Doctor] Yeah. – What are you looking for? – Yeah, what are you seeing? – Yeah, so it’ll be the
color, it’ll be the shape. It’ll be cracks in that area, it’ll be the thickness of the coat. – A little tongue show. – Yeah it all starts with a tongue show. You’re gonna open it wide,
I’ll show you one, right? You kinda go. So most people they kinda
thrust a little too far, so they’re gonna kinda go, eh. Too thrusty, changes the
shape, changes the color. – You want just the
right amount of thrust. – Just the right amount
of thrust, exactly. – Ahhh. – Oh my goodness. All right, so put that
back in for just a second. – I just wanna make it
really good for you. – Thank you. Ah, pale tongue with teeth
marks and a little bit of a stomach crack. You got a lot of heat in that tongue, so it’s very red, it’s
almost a touch scarlet. – What if your tongue is
always cracked all the way? – Well, there are people
who have geographic tongues. – Yeah. – You know, some people, that could be a result of hereditary,
and then it was like, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is it that I had this massive
craving for fried chicken because my tongue is this way? – How do you know that? – With hat do you mean? – He loves fried chicken. – Oh. – You just knew that about me, right? – Wow. – Did you watch our video
or did you just guess that? – [Doctor] No, I guessed that. – Are you serious? – I’m just using an example. – That’s a huge part of who I am. – Your tongue or your fried chicken? – Both!
– Both! (laughing) (soft music) – Okay. – Yeah, how you feeling? – I’m feeling good. I’m not too needle squeamish, so. – Okay, you have not had
this done before, right? – I’ve never, my mom has been trying to get me to do this for so long. Did you just poke me already? – You got two already. – Shut the fuck up. – You ever wanted to get it? – Um, I’ve always been curious. Did you just put two needles in me? – I did. – Wow, that was like nothing. – It’s about the size of a hair. – Where are the needles gonna go? – Depending on what you tell me will determine where they’re gonna go. Kidney six, lung seven are
often a good combination for sleep issues, so lets pop the other. So we’ve got a scarlet color,
we’ve got geographic in nature and a big, stomach-y, almost lung crack. – I do a series where I eat everything from a fast food restaurant. It’s been a rough week. – How rough? – Mostly constipated and uh, when I do poop, sometimes
they’re hilariously pathetic, and sometimes they’re chaos. – So because we’ve got some
digestive stuff going on, that stomach 36 point is
an important one for you. Adjusted point. – Oh, there’s a constipation
point right there. Classic constipation point. – Classic constipation point. Your tongue, little bit of spleen issue. Spleen six is one that’s a few
different meridian pathways combined, liver, kidney,
spleen, all crossed right through there, and it’s just also a point that doesn’t hurt so much. For you, I would say in terms
of preventative medicine, we want to start clearing
some of that heat, making sure that it doesn’t take hold and reside in some part of the body. This is a really great, oh, there it goes. I felt a little pulse right there. This is a good heat-clearing point. I think from an eastern standpoint, there’s this real belief that
the body can heal itself, and western acknowledges
this, but they think the only thing that’s gonna
work in this situation is to throw a drug at it. – I think there’s a misconception that you kinda have to
choose one or the other, but I think a lot of
health practices are moving towards trying to see a
marriage between both. – Yeah. – So you’ve been exercising
for the last six months, and that’s when the joint pain started? – It sort of slowly crept
up through that process. It’s like the whole knee got really stiff when I over exerted it once or twice. – [Doctor] Okay. Feel that one? – [Keith] Are you in my ankle? – That was on your shin. Did you feel it down into the ankle? – I feel it in my ankle,
it was very bizarre. – Yeah, so that mean’s the
qi’s really started moving for you there, good. – It felt like you were stabbing my ankle. – Yeah, oo, that’s a
little deep, you feel that? I felt that. – Yeah, I felt that. Whoa, what the fuck? – Yeah, stress point. – It’s not painful, it just feels like electricity went through all the muscle. – So the energy, the qi, in the body flows through the body. Some people it’s really surface level, some people it’s more deep. Little bit of a calm the mind. – Oh, that went on my face. Oh, that one’s, that’s in my skull tab point. – Third eye. – Third eye, it’s been opened. – [Doctor] Oo. – Whoa! – [Doctor] Felt that move. – Whoa, what the fuck. – He’s got a lot of energy moving, and he’s also, he seems to be just a bit more tapped into his own energy. – Oh my god. – Top of the head. – There’s a needle in my head. – Ah, mother of China, what the hell? – If you were actually
congested right now, we could also do a couple points here that thread up towards the eye. – I’m always a little congested. – [Doctor] All right, so we’re gonna go from here we’re gonna– – Gonna go, whoa, whoa,
whoa, you’re gonna do what? – [Doctor] Mhmm. – Okay. – Oh wow, you just like, your fingers know exactly where to go. I know you’re doing it, but it’s really totally pleasant and fine. – It’s not, it’s all right. I feel pretty calm. – [Doctor] Yeah? – So how do the needles alleviate that? – So there’s these pathways
in the body called meridians that’s just an energetic
flow, energetic pathway, and they correspond to pathways of the organs and their
corresponding emotions as well as different areas of the body. I’m gonna give you a count. One two three. A little bit of a pinch there, yeah. I’m gonna pull the sinuses just a touch as we thread just up
through there and oh boom, look how far that
needle’s gone up in there. – I didn’t feel, I barely
felt the beginning of that and felt nothing after it. – [Doctor] Good. – I feel little release and relief, but in terms of pain, minimal to none. – [Doctor] Yeah. That’s exactly how it should be. – Oh, Jesus mother and soul in Korea. Ah! Tokyo. – [Doctor] Two, three, and
breathe, oh yeah, there we go. – Oo, what the hell? – [Crew] Oh my god. (yelling) – This one’s one where we
usually hold a lot of tension, so let’s just tap one in there. Go in just a little. Wow that was tight on you. – Yeah? – I had to really force
it to get the tip in. – Wow, well thank you so much. – Oo. Oh fuck, what the fuck? – Oh. – [Doctor] Holy moly, you are a roped up, cabled, muscly man. – Wow, when you put it like that, Rob I mean, poke me again, my goodness. – I feel like my blood is a plasma and it’s leaving through a
spout at the top of my head. – What’s your favorite
place to put a needle? – Stomach 36. – What is his face? – What is stomach 36? – Such a good point. – Stomach 36 is one of those points where they talk about how
you can treat every disease in the body using like four points, and stomach 36 is just one of those. It’s located right here
in this nook in the shin. You feel a little, deep
ache at all in that one? – Yeah, it’s kinda radiating a little bit. – Yeah, good. Felt that, huh? That’s the spot, isn’t it? – That was crazy. – I just felt like an
energy pulse around it. – And if you’ve got all
that energy flowing up through the top of your
head, maybe even out, I mean maybe we should do kidney one. (dramatic music) – Where is kidney one? Is that on my penis? Are you talking about my penis? – No, no that would be bad. – My eyeball? – That would be ren one as in the taint. We don’t really ever do that. – I’ve done a lot of taint stuff. – I’ll bet you have. – On camera. (laughing) On camera. – [Doctor] On camera.
– Yeah. – If the bottom of the foot is here, it’s like right about there. – Oh. – Which is, it’s, I mean,
if we’re gonna be honest, it’s a little bit of a
sensitive spot in the body, but it’s nice, it’s nice. I’ve had it done, I get it done a lot, but I also like the painful needles point. – I mean, if no one
else did it, I’ll do it. – It might not be as
painful as what we hope is more that it’s gonna
be an energy flow down, it’s gonna root you and ground you. – Yeah. – So do you want the distraction technique or do you want to just give it a go? – I mean, let’s just give it a go. – Let’s just give it a go. And then we just go one two three, boom. (yelling) – Fuck! That hurts too much. Okay. The entry was not great, but
the current situation’s okay. – That’s what she said. – Yeah. Well first I felt a needle
going through my foot, and now I feel sort of like it connected to the
other needles in my body. I feel the pressure points
connecting to each other. – That means we’re tapped into the qi and the flow of the energy. Are you okay with a little pulling your shorts down a little bit? – Am I gonna be upset
if you show butt crack? – [Doctor] Yeah. – You haven’t watched
our channel have you? – [Doctor] I only watched
the knitting one so far. – Well, if you go a little further here, you’ll see a smiley face. (laughing) – Look at that. – I feel like I’m being electrocuted. Like there’s a generator
and all the needles are generator points, I feel
every needle in my body. – You wanna put a needle in the face? – [Doctor] Oh, we’re definitely
gonna put a needle in there. – [Zach] Yeah. – I feel a little loopy. – Do you feel present? – Yeah. But I also feel like I’m floating. – I feel a little weird. – The one thing I feared
coming in is that it was just gonna hurt like pinches
again and again and again. I almost feel nothing. For people who don’t know if they’re gonna benefit from this, you really got nothing to lose, ’cause in the best case scenario, it heals something that is hurting you, worst case scenario,
it’s just super relaxing. – Take a breath in through your nose. Let out a sigh through your mouth. Now scan the body from the feet slowly up through the calves. – Am I allowed to look
at where the needles are? Oh dear god they’re everywhere. Oh god, oh no. I’m just gonna go back to that calm place. (upbeat music) – Whoa. – It was like a blood orgasm. – [Keith] A blood orgasm? – Oh my god. You know like when you like
exit a really good massage or like you get out of the sauna and you’re just like whoa,
what the fuck year is it? What happened? Yeah. – I wouldn’t expect lying
down and getting poked with needles to have such a
calming effect, but it did. – I don’t know, I kinda wanna do it again, just so I can get more of an experience. Maybe a few months just
to see if like I saw real progress in my body. – If anyone tells you acupuncture is fake, show them this video. The amount of energy
that flowed through me on multiple spots was insane. I’ve never felt that before. – I do kinda feel like I have to poop, so that’s exciting. (upbeat music) – Oh my god. – [Doctor] How good is that? – That feels amazing. – It’s so deep in there. – [Doctor] So deep. – That feels, honestly deeper.

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