The Try Guys Try 90s Crafts ft. LaurDIY

– Hey guys. – [Keith] Today we’re at LaurDIY’s house, and what we are doing today? – [Lauren] Today we are
doing 90s craft kits. – Oh no, I did it to your table. – You’re literally bedazzled to the table. – Oh no. (screaming)
Oh no! (rock music) – Lauren, we have a very special surprise for you today. – I love surprises. – We brought some photos
of us from the 90’s. – What a gift.
– Yes. – Such a gift. – Oh my God. This is 90s. – So, people ask me the context of this. My mom wanted to prove to
me that I looked stupid. So, we did this photo shoot. But, it was right after
I got outta the shower. That slicked back look was
exclusive just to this photo. – Oh, I thought that was the hairstyle. – No. – I thought it was intentional. – Aw. – Is that your girlfriend? – That’s my sister Eugene. – It is a very adorative look. – Honestly Ned, you
Photoshop your adult face on that body, you look exactly the same. – Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, why do think I
started having a beard now? – It’s me with Winnie the Pooh. – [Lauren] I have this
exact picture with Eeyore! – Yes. – Oh my gosh, you’re so cute. – [Ned] Look at those sneakers. – [Lauren] Yo, those sneakers are back in. – Yeah.
– Are they not? – Oh my God, oh. – With that signature
background you know and love. – Oh yeah, no, this part
goes up, this goes down. (laughing) – Well, you guys ready to get fabulous? – Let’s get fab. – Get fabulous. – Do you have like a
transition that you do? – No. – Transition! – [Lauren] Oh my God. – We’re bedazzling? – Shit yeah. I’ve been looking for
a bucket hat for ages. – Choo choo. All aboard.
– Wow. – Wait, wait, can you say, hey kids, come aboard my train? – Hey kids, come aboard my train. You’re about to be dazzled. You wanna look like her,
you can look like her. – This looks like a nightmare. – Looks like a little mini sewing machine. – Ow, are you guys like having your finger just like slightly stabbed?
– Yes, yes. – Wait, so, do I
seriously just jab it, ow. Ow. – Wait, mine fucking fell out. – Just like stuff it.
– Lauren help. – Mine fell out as soon as I… How do you get it to stay in? – This is going really, really well. – I wanna put my name on my hat. Luckily, it’s only three letters. – You know, I had a vision, and then I encountered this nightmare. And, now I’m just trying for anything. – Are these patterns? – Oh my God.
– Oh cool. – What, there’s patterns? Where’s the owl? – Do you have an owl thing? – About to.
(owl hooting) – You know what, we don’t need stencils. We should just use our own imaginations. – Was that a SpongeBob reference? – Imagination. – This is fun. – This is kind of like anger release. Yeah.
– This is not fun. This is anger inducing. – No, you just put in on there, and then you smack it down. – It’s just a little bent aluminum, you could just totally
do it with your hands. – Oh yeah, you can just press
it in with your fingers. – You kind of, it’s like a stud. – Who needs that, I’m doing it myself. – Honestly, I don’t know how anyone could have difficulty with this. – Oh no, I did it to your table. – You’re literally bedazzled to the table. – Oh no. (screaming)
Oh no! – Keith. – How was I to know. It looks like I sat here
with the end of a knife and just went (beeping). Um, I kinda fucked up the table. I didn’t really mean to,
it just sorta happened. – I might be going a little too fast here. My N is not exactly straight. – Oh no, oh no. – My N is, it’s got character. – We don’t have very much time. So, I’m focusing on the collar. – My vision for my hats is, I’m gonna create a bedazzled L. – Oh ho, wait a minute.
– Oh no. – What if I bedazzle little eyes here? Oh my God. – I think I hate that.
– Well, that’s the plan. – Oh, these stickies go so
much faster, I am just– – You’re flying through it. – Sticking up a storm here. – Whoa, you did so much. – I wanted to stick with the
BeDazzler ’cause, you know. – Eugene has like 45 gems
on his vest right now. – I’m not gonna say it, but I feel like using the stickers is kind of a cop-out. – It’s safer, it’s faster, it’s easier. It’s just as cute. The stickers are where it’s at. – For my vest, I’m not
exactly doing nipple flaps. I’m doing kinda more like– – Nipple flaps?
– Nipple flaps? – You guys aren’t, nipple
flaps wasn’t the deal? – I’ve never gotten a piercing. – Next Try Guys video,
Keith gets nipple piercings. – [Keith] No, no. – Oh, I’m down with that.
– Yes. – Nope.
– I love it. – Yes, yes, yes. – Maybe if it’s branded. – Right, so there’s a price on it. – Yeah, there’s a big price on it. – Oh, yes. Look at this collar. – Wow, that looks great. – It is always nice to meet a fan. – That’s bedazzled. – Woo, yeah bro! Guys, very exciting, because
at the end of this video we are going to be doing
a 90’s fashion show, featuring all of our arts and crafts. – Heck yeah. Next up we have Sand Art. – This is the 90’s in a box. This is my childhood. – This was a camp exclusive. – I never got to do this. – Really?
– Really? – Yeah, I’ve never done this. – Also, I just need to point out, that this is a necklace. We can’t not do this. – I like this one ’cause
it kinda looks like a weird fish penis. – Well. – Doesn’t it kinda look
like a whale penis, have you ever seen those like penis? They’re like all goofy shaped and angled. They’re weird. – It kinda looks like a toothbrush. – Yeah, or like a penis. – This is me as a color. This is Zach. And, Ned could be red. Keith should probably be the
light blue for this, huh. Lauren, what would your color be? – I think I’m yellow.
– I know, right. – I think I’m happy individual. – Let’s do that. – Wow.
– That can be my sand art. Yeah.
– My heart. – I really don’t wanna get
it all over your table. – Guys, I’m crushing this project. – Oh wow, we’re just going
straight out blue, got it. – I’m gonna add a
different color later, but. I’m really not trying
to mix it up too much. – Oh, my God it’s cute. – What’s the candy that
you dipped in with the? – Fun Dip. – Fun Dip. – Stay right there. – Do you have Fun Dip? – [Lauren] Stay right there. Oh my mic, my mic. – Wow, wow.
– Oh shit. – Oh my God. Is this a 90’s video or what? Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Oh God. Is is blue? – Oh yeah.
– Is it blue? – Oh yeah. – Oh crap. I got yellow everywhere. – Ned! – I really don’t wanna get
it all over your table. I’m not a DIY babe right now. – Dude, you are a DIY baby. – Zach, are you wasting our snack? – No, I’m utilizing our snack. – Yo, low key, that color is so– – That’s a great color. – It’s beautiful, yeah. – That’s great, wow. – See guys, the key to DIY is
to use the things around you. – I kinda wanna shake mine. – Don’t, Eugene.
– Don’t do it, don’t do it. – Just a little bit.
– No, no, no, don’t do it. – Just like one shake.
– That’s gonna be– – ‘Cause I don’t like the pattern but, see that’s all of us right, and I wanted us to blend a little bit. – Everything you’ve made
so far is really beautiful, and so I’d love for you to
just like get on our level of not as perfect. – Oh, thanks Lauren.
– You’re welcome. – You know what you shoulda done? You shoulda done the same
colors as your shirt. It is so close. – I forget purple. Maybe if I mix ’em, mix the red and– – No, no, don’t take the risk. Don’t take the risk.
– No, I’ll just mix it together and it’ll be purple. – Let’s see what happens. All right, so this is
where we’re at right now. – It just turns brown
as soon as you shake it. No, no, don’t take the
risk, don’t take the risk. No! Stop shaking it. – Oh no, it’s brown at the top. (whistling) – There we go. – Ooh, it’s like cotton candy. – No, I made it brown. – With the blending it looks a little more like it’s like paint dripping, which I think is more interesting. – [Man] Even when he
fucks up he’s perfect. – I know, I hate that. – Are we wearing these as part
of our outfits at the end? – Oh my God, this and my bucket hat. – I’m gonna look like Flavor Flav, this is too big. (laughing) – Oh, this is great. This is everything I wanted and more. Subscribe to LaurDIY. – I am a pretty little Laur. – Like and subscribe,
and comment down below. – I would love to like. I like this video. I rang the bell.
– Heck yeah, you did. – I shop at – Nope, that wasn’t part of it. – Next craft. – Okay, so these are called
Perler Beads apparently. I used these so much. I didn’t know they were
called Perler Beads though. – Me neither. – You know, I did this
all through childhood, and I never once knew
what this was called. – I thought they were
just called iron beads. – Yeah, iron. – Like iron on beady beads. Beady beads.
– Beady beads. – Instructions, don’t need these. – Don’t need those. – My memory is, you’re
done and then you go to get the iron, and
you stand up, and your. – Oh my God.
– Yeah. – And then you knock the table, and it goes ding, and flies everywhere. – You know what, yeah,
they shoulda made these little nubbies a little bit bigger. – Little nubbier. – Just a little nubbier.
– A little more nub. – Just, all I want is a little more nub. – I’m making everyone’s
favorite detective. – You’re making a Pikachu one? – I’m gonna try. – I’m gonna make a heart with a W in it. And, I’m gonna put it
for Wes, yeah for Wes. – Dad life. – Oh, and for wife. – I’ll tell each of them
that it was for both of them. – Deception. – What is that, what’s? – Well, I don’t know what
the fuck this shape is. But, I’m gonna use it
to make a chicken leg. – Flip it upside down. – Oh. – Oh, it’s a puppy. I thought it was just some stupid guy with like incredible hair. Like he has little legs,
he’s kicking out like, yeah. – These are so tiny. I just bumped my heart and
then they went everywhere. My fat little adult fingers are not good at this. – My hands were always too big for this. Like, I remember when I was like six, I was like, my hands aren’t
small enough for this. And now, I’m just like, my
hand is bigger than everything. Oh, what are these? – What are those?
– Oh wow. – Oh shut up. – So this, I like stack a bunch of beads and then I just go, jab,
jab, jab, jab, jab, jab. We’ll finally be able to catch Eugene. Oh the gun’s even harder to figure out. – The gun is a little difficult. – This doesn’t seem good. – Oh, oh. Seems pretty consistent to me. – Never mind, it seems great. Except it’s full of stupid colors. Who would’ve filled it with random colors, like did someone have no artistic vision. – Pop, pop, pop, all right. – Who would do that? – Wow, that looks good. I hate how good this looks. – [Eugene] You like it? – I’m so, no I’m annoyed. – I just, I’m running out of yellows. – Lauren, what’s this? – I have a unicorn happening. – [Zach] Oh wow. – And, it looks really good. Except for the off white that I couldn’t decipher from the white, but it’s fine. – Maybe the unicorn just ran through a little bit of mud. ♪ Cutest detective in the world ♪ ♪ Voiced by Ryan Reynolds ♪ – Oh, I love Ryan Reynolds. ♪ Very sexually confusing for me ♪ (laughing) – All right, let’s iron
these and see what we got. – [Eugene] So, I think
a single layer over. – [Lauren] Yeah. – Your art.
– Yeah. – Oh, I remember this.
– Right? – Wow nostalgia. – And, then it mushes together. – And then, you start ironing, right? – I think so, yeah. – Wait, here’s what he looks like now. You ready? Let’s see this monster become a man. How do you know when it’s ready? – It gets smooshy. – [Eugene] I can see it
melting under the wax paper. You see that? – Ooh, that’s nice.
– Yeah. – And, whatever I do, I don’t wanna smash my beads like I did as a child. I’ve smashed my beads. – I’m feeling good about this, the tail looks great. Wow, that’s great. – Look at my little chicken. – Yeah, let’s flip ours over. In three, two, one. (gasping) – That’s cute. – That’s cute. – Wow. – Wow, Zach. – I’m gonna call this an almost. It’s cute. – Hey, it kinda looks like an owl. – That’s what I meant to do. – Do you have an owl thing? (owl hooting) (laughing) – All right, it is time to combine all of our 90s craft projects together. – And, present them in a
90s makeover fashion show. It’s DIY. (jazzy music) – [Woman] Oh yeah. (rock music) – Thanks everybody for watching. Make sure you check out LaurDIY’s channel, subscribe to her, and subscribe to us. Subscribe to everybody that you love, just do it, just do it. Bye. – Bye.

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  9. I would just pour out a pile of them and meticulously pick out the colours I wanted into piles with tweezers. I also used the tweezers to put them in the shape.

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