The Try Guys Test Old Age Body Simulators

– This is going to be the most relatable Try Guys series ever. Why? – Because it’s real. – Old people! We all love ’em. But what happens when we become ’em? (screams) – I’m 31 years young, I’ll
never get old, I’ll never die. – [Eugene] In this series
we’re gonna explore old age and all of the fun and
struggles that it entails. – I am Rhoda Isaacs and I’m
Zachary Kornfeld’s grandmother. – We are gonna try on an
old age body simulator, developed by people at MIT. – I think this is gonna be a
weird 24 hours for you guys. – Mm-hmm, we’re trying
it for the entire day. – We’re gonna find out
when we’re gonna die. – One of you did test
positive on one of the tests. – And in the final video
we’re gonna be transformed, look like how we might look
50 years in the future. – How do I look? (laughs) – It’s like a horror movie! – [Keith] And I’ll love
you no matter what! – Like feeling what it’s like to be old. We’re gonna see what it’ like to be old. Because everyone grows up. And everyone grows old. – We’re gonna walk a mile
in their orthopedic shoes. Which actually sound quite comfortable. – [Zach] Let’s get old! – I tend to separate the idea
of aging into two things. There’s the mental and the spiritual, which I think is gonna be fantastic. And then there’s the physical. Which I know that time erodes
your body away naturally. – I’ve only recently started to think about getting old
after I had my own kid. You’re a generation higher, literally. – I want to eat healthier and be healthier because I want to live a long time. But also it’s like, hard to care about yourself if you can’t picture the
real life consequences. – Today we’re trying on
an old age body simulator. Ha-ha, joke’s on you because
my muscles already suck. – Hi my name is Joe Coughlin. I direct and lead the MIT AgeLab where we’re developing new technologies and ideas to improve aging. – [Zach] You’re improving aging? – Well it’s better than the alternative. – Benjamin Buttoning and
becoming an old man baby. – Yeah, going the other way, right? – So what happens to your body as you age? – The vision, if you will, in many cases, is one of the first things
to go or noticeable. Think about this. By age 40, roughly, you
need 20 times more light to see as well as you did at age 20. – Shut the fuck up! – Where’s all that light coming from? – 20 times?! – Strength, flexibility begin to decrease. You can fight that by exercising
more, build up resilience. In fact, the real definition of aging is loss of that resilience. – Have you guys gotten,
like, a cut recently? Takes like twice as long
for that thing to heal. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Hangovers. Way worse in your 30’s.
– Way worse! – I kind of already feel like an old man. So I don’t really know
where else it can go. (dramatic salsa music) – Woo, oh, wow! – We wanted to come up with
a way of making sure that people in the lab and the
companies we work with get what it means to be old. The AgeLab team created AGNES. – Agnes, who’s she? – AGNES stands for the Age
Gain Now Empathy System. And, today we’re gonna try on AGNES. – AGNES is a suit that allows the user, could be an engineering student, a marketing professional, anyone feel the fatigue, the friction, and the frustration of
what it means to be old. – [Luke] First we’re going to put on some weighted vests. – Like bulletproof police vests? – Well, in that they’re vests. – Okay. – So you put weights
on the suit to make it harder to use your muscles. – Exactly, so in the natural state, you’re losing muscle mass as we age. – So there are a number
of weighted elements to use.
– Okay. – Oh, ooh yeah, no, that’s pretty heavy. (laughing)
Do I look like LL Cool J? It’s about like the pregnancy belly. – Oh, well, that was awful.
– Yeah. – Oh, this feels kind of nice. – Eugene, this is what a hug feels like. – Really? – That empathy part is as, it’s not just about the physical experience
because in your head you’re still the younger
person you once were. – So what is the scientific
function of the jumpsuit? – It’s to make you look a little weirder. – Oh, okay, alright! – One of the things that
Luke Yoquinto and I put together in the longevity economy was younger people and older people
have a lot more in common. The story doesn’t allow us to think that. – Holy shit, I’m sweating already. – [Luke] Next comes the harness. – Ooh, I’ve heard that before. – [Luke] And then,
we’re gonna have bungees that are actually gonna reduce your reach. – I can barely do the
hokey pokey with this. That’s what it’s all about! – These bands are gonna reduce
your ability to reach up, reach down, as well as how long a step you’re gonna be able to take. – I’m just, ha, getting tired. – We haven’t even done anything. – Get him fuckin’ suited
up already so we can get the next thing on me
so I can get outta this. – What do you think you’re gonna be like when you’re older? – I think you’re looking at it. – [Luke] Test out your
hamstrings and then we’ll hook up the rest of the bungees. – Ooh, it’s like we’re on a tiny carousel. – Yeah, I feel like I’m
a little toy soldier. – Every time I step, it’s
just like a little guy going, no, come back here. – ‘Cause essentially
when you’re wearing AGNES you’re an age explorer. Suddenly, those cabinets
become a little higher. – It’s very Jane Fonda. – Suddenly, it’s harder for you to be able to reach something on the countertop. – Oh, fuck you.
(moaning) Almost there. I got it. – You guys are doing really good. – Thanks. – So, not just your hands and the gait, but even a band that’s in the back will come down on a helmet to reduce how much you can move your neck, as well. – Whoa, this is nuts. – [Ned] Ooh, elbows. – [Zach] I wonder if,
like, knee pad fashions gonna come back. – My hands feel like
they’re falling asleep. – Do we look like we’re in Devo right now? Whip it good! – We also have a neck brace. – Oh, oh. – Starting around 30, 35, how
much you can rotate your neck becomes a real issue. – Why does he look so miserable? – ‘Cause I am miserable. My knees are heavy. Knees weak, mom’s spaghetti. – [Both] Heads, shoulders,
knees, and toes. Knees and toes. – Oh my god, I’m seeing stars. – I kinda like it. – You’re such a sadist. – I know. (energetic string music) – Let’s put the rest of the suit on. – The rest of the suit on! – So the shoes, we make a
fashion statement by using Crocs that have got some foam padding underneath to reduce that sense of feel you have, or that connection you
have with the ground. – Oh, oh, oh, how about that? – It’s like I’m on a balance beam. – As we age, the fat pads underneath our feet start to get thinner. So that cushioning isn’t there. So that lack of balance often comes, not just from function in your head, but also is like, gee,
I’m not feeling the ground as well as I once did. – Nailed it, got ’em. – It feels like my feet are in pillows. – Oh, my whole leg is on fire
and this is very hard to hold. – My knees don’t bend really well. – How’s your balance? – Bad. – Namaste.
– Namaste. – So, we’re gonna need to use these weighted gloves for your experience. – Kay. – Gloves that will
simulate arthritis or loss of strength and flexibility and dexterity in your fingers making
everything just a little bit more difficult. – So, each of your fingers is weighted. – Why? – I’m ready, player one. – Yep, you leveled up. – You guys getting
thirsty in all this gear? – Nice. – Oh. – Alright, old man’s still got it. – Oh, ow! – Being able to use certain
controls in the car. Just things you don’t think
about that you take for granted with your hands on a regular basis. – Oh, god, this is awful. Why do my shoulders hurt? – We all have touchscreens. They’re easy to use. A lot of it depends on the
moisture in your fingers. – This is Zach’s phone. I’m texting Maggie. – Uh oh.
– Hi darling girlfriend. – This isn’t working and people are going, oh that’s because they’re old. They just don’t get it. Not so fast. (gasping) Their fingers not working
well on technology. – It’s ’cause young people
have sweaty fingers. – Holding it here is
the most difficult part. Because all of this is weighted. – Do you think this will
be cool when we’re 96? – Water bottle flip will always be cool. (cheering) – [Both] Ow! – Fuck! – Well, we don’t have anything to simulate cognitive decline or function. We do think about vision. So we have different types of glasses. – Ah, this is terrible. – I see just smushy, dull
centers of my vision. – Marketing people love
red, they love blue. Those are really hard
colors to see after age 50. – These yellow glasses
will simulate the yellowing of the ocular lens which is
something that also happens. – Oh, you look cool though. – I feel cool. For the rest of your day
today, you’re gonna wear the standard issue
impaired acuity goggles. – Oh, cool. – Oh, this is a nightmare. – It looks like a filter they use on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Like everyone just got
20 times more attractive. – Just like my favorite
Reese Witherspoon movie. Legally blind.
– Whoa! – Sorry, that’s how close I
get to make our your mouth. Not make out with your mouth. But like make out. – And then the top it off, of course, there’s the ear plugs which is hearing, a major sense becomes an issue. So we’ll be using ear plugs to maybe not just deaden the sound but to reduce your ability to discriminate the words you’re hearing. – I just wanna, I wanna
like, lie on a couch. Well I usually don’t wanna lie on a couch. I wanna be up and active but this makes me not wanna be active. – Well, too bad, we’re
gonna play wiffle ball. – Oh, okay, Luke. – The crack of the bat. (clapping) (loud epic music) – I feel like, why’d you throw so hard? – Okay, let’s go, Ned, let’s do it. – Hold on, let me warm up first. – If we only ask older adults, they’re likely to go,
well, what’re you gonna do? I’m 77 years old. Of course it’s difficult
for me to open this jar. But an engineer, a marketer, a product designer who
knows the technology. Who knows the idea of what design can be, will be frustrated enough to go, no, this is just plain silly. – Dang it! – So AGNES is to give you
that momentary feeling of what is might be like to literally walk in someone else’s shoes. – Okay, just, one, just one more try. – You’re so terrible at this. – One more try.
It won’t do it anymore. – The crack of the bat!
– You’re so bad, Keith. Just give up, Keith.
– Bases loaded! Oh god, Keith, you’re so bad. – Two strikes.
What’s wrong with you? Every single one, Keith! That was terrible, I can’t see anything and I can even see you missed every one. – I got, I’m on first! (loud frantic music) – Look, I got to use everything I got. Whoa!
(laughing) I told you! – One of the more fun things we do is have AGNES make cupcakes. Ya know, sounds really easy. – Yeah! – [Zach] Hello, AGNES. – [Ned] Hello, AGNES. – Welcome to cooking with AGNES and AGNES. – Today we’re going to be making cupcakes. – With AGNES. – Yep. Mix cake mix, water, oil, and eggs. (dishes crashing) In a large bowl, in a large bowl. – Oh god. – Excuse me, I need a
little bit more light. – Oh this is, everything’s so heavy. What kind of tray for 350? – Do we need to mix the dry stuff first? – Um, no, uh. – I think this is aluminum. – Well, I can’t pour
it, why is it that hard? What are you doing? – Giving it to you. – Oh my god, you’re a real dick sometimes. (dishes clanging) – One cup of water, a half a cup of oil. And three eggs. (eggs cracking) Fuck yeah, how ’bout that? (metal banging) That’s a strong egg. How’d that happen? – If AGNES does anything it should have two teachable moments. Aging does not necessarily
have to be destiny in terms of it’s physical limitations. – I feel awful. – Let’s engineer a world
that’s easier to use, more accessible, is
seamless and fun for AGNES. Because, that’s the
same world that will be better for everyone of all ages. – This was just a taste and
it was fully debilitating. – [Eugene] The closest thing I can compare this to is being underwater. – Whatever your activity is, it’s really gotta be worth it. – This was just a few hours, we have to wear these for an entire day. (sharp clinging) – You’re a real dick sometimes. – [Zach] We’re planning on
wearing AGNES for a full day. – [Keith] I’m betting on
AGNES that she’s gonna wear you out before you wear her out. – [Both] Oww! – No! (yelling) – What a minx. – [Zach] But that’s not all! – [Keith] We’re gonna spit in the tube, we’re sending it to scientists and they’re telling us
how we’re gonna get sick. – [Ned] And finally we’re gonna do a full makeup transformation to show what we’re gonna look like
when we’re 80 years old. 80 years old. – Wow.
– Are we hot grandpas? – I think we’re hot grandpas. – Are we GFILFS? (loud upbeat music) – So, you’re a professor at MIT. – Yeah. – I applied, I didn’t get into MIT so. – Neither did I. – Bit of a, oh, okay, nice. Alright, yeah!

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    Thanks Try guys for making me laugh everyday.

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    "the fats pads begin to wear down" adds foam
    and so the lesson of this story is: if you want to simulate something, do the exact opposite of it XD

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  9. They are simulating a " healthy" old person. There are so many elderly people with other comorbidities such as stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Respiratory defects, heart defects etc, which causes oldage to become much worse. Also, as a young person, we are unable to experience something called frailty which includes feeling cold and catching infections much faster making old people more prone to dying due to these.

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