The Try Guys Make Sushi Rolls

(mocks Keith) – Lets stay on time. – I need the menu. – In 1974, the International
Culinary Institute (laughing) was founded. – [Eugene] Ever since
then, kids have been coming through these halls
learning how to make food. Today, I’m eating everything
at the Institute– – International Culinary– – [Both] Institute of Culinary Education. – B Camera shot joke. – Cut to the main titles. (bright pop music) – Sushi! – Sushi! – Sushi! – Sushi is my favorite food, hands down. I also like pizza and I also like pasta. But I really really like sushi. – I will literally just
grab a fish out of a river and eat it straight. I love sushi so much. If Cthulhu came out of
the ocean right now, chop him up, this guy
put him in his belly. – Today, we are ending with
a sushi-making competition. And I’m gonna win this bitch. – It’s just like every cooking competition video we do ever, just Ned gets
3rd place for some bullshit. – I think most people have no idea how to put together a sushi roll. So I’m excited today to learn and maybe I’ll start making it at home. Maybe I’ll become a sushi chef. Chef, sushi, che-sush. So hard to say. – My name is Frank, I’m a chef instructor. We’re at the Institute
of Culinary Education in Pasadena, California. Today, we’re going to work on maki rolls. – I thought they were
just called sushi rolls. – The common vernacular is sushi is fish on top of rice:
That is nigiri sushi. Maki sushi is usually rolled. – So when I say sushi, I mean maki. – You should be saying
maki, for the most part. – I love maki. – Maki roll, we have nori, which is just a sheet of seaweed paper. It has that nice kind
of crunchiness to it. And then the rice, which is
the most important thing. We have one of these nifty things, right. It’s called a hangiri. It’ll keep our rice
warm or body temperature because when we make out sushi we want it to be body temperature. – Could I, in theory, lay
out the rice on my body? – Keep it body temperature. – Body temperature. – We have served sushi
on our bodies before. – Okay. – We’re not cutting to
the footage of that. – We’re probably gonna cut to the footage. (Oriental music) – You know what you can use this for, too? – What? – Spanking your Asian children. It’s literally what they’re used for. Asians will sign off the comments. – For me trying to make this at home, what can I do to ensure
that I’m getting good fish? – Go with things that your
fish guy will let you smell. – And what should it smell like? – It should smell like the ocean. Like an ocean breeze. And we give it a whiff, you know, the fact that I can get that close to it and not be like, oh my
god, this is disgusting, you know, it tells you it’s pretty fresh. It smells, it almost smells meaty. If it smells like fish,
it’s already gone too far. – Do you know about the diarrhoea fish? – It’s called escolar, yeah. – Escolar. Do you guys know about this? There are some places that
instead of spicy tuna, they use escolar.
– Yeah. – It’s a cheap fish, it’s ugly as hell. Here’s a picture over Keith’s
face, it’s horrifying. Back me up here. – It’s true, It’s called
escolar and they serve it as white tuna. Places that aren’t great
sushi places will serve fish that isn’t what they say it is. – Has anyone ever told you that
you have very piercing eyes? – Do I?
– I was just thinking that. – Like as blue as the ocean
from which the fish has sprung. – Thank you, thank you very much. – I have to keep a tally
of who in the Try Guys tries to hit on the expert in every video. I think it’s between, you
two are neck and neck. – [Zach] I don’t know, it’s not. – [Eugene] You’re married
so you hold off on that. – [Zach] I’m not hitting on him. – I’m barely hitting on
our chef, I’m just saying. – Beauty recognizes beauty. – We’ve got some really beautiful tuna, some himatchi, some uni. You said you like uni,
do you want a piece? – I love uni. – Yeah, I’m not gonna stop you. – You guys know it’s an
aphrodisiac, too, right? – Oh boy.
– Whoa. – All right, you need to
stop hitting on him, Eugene. – Okay, I’m just saying. – I’m going to take off this part. This part here is the bloodline. And this is basically part of the fish that the blood circulates through. – Don’t want you in my bloodline. It’s an Ariana Grande reference. I got you, teens. – What we’re dealing with today– – [Keith] Oh my god. – [Frank] is this part. – This is porn. – It’s a little fattier on the bottom, closer to the skin and
the top is really nice and red and tender. And I’m gonna cut it into
kinda that general shape, at this point. – The sticks! – The sticks, right. – Have you ever chopped
off any of your fingertips? – I have and they normally
grow back for the most part. – Did you say they normally grow back? – Like a crab? – Yeah, well, I mean, I mean, kinda, they’re all kinda round-ish. – I’m still hungry but you’re
challenging that notion. (Frank laughs) – Same thing goes for the salmon, right? We want to get our salmon in sticks. We have our himatchi and
this is from the belly part, as well, you can see it’s a little fattier than the rest of the filet. – What would you estimate
the dollar amount of seafood we have on this table is? – It’s probably close
to three, $400 dollars right now, yeah. – Whoa! – So let’s roll. – Let’s roll. (electric guitar playing) – So here’s my sheets of
nori and the first thing I’m gonna do, look at the
nori, the nori has a rough side and a shiny side and
we’re always gonna use the shiny side as our presentation side. So the shiny side always goes down first. – Which sides the shiny? – They’re both kind of shiny. – They’re both pretty shiny. I’m gonna guess that smooth is shiny. Thank you, chef. – This is a bamboo mat that
we’ve wrapped in plastic and the plastic just keeps
the rice from sticking. And then I have a little bit of water with just a little bit of vinegar in it to keep my hands moist, that’s the key. – Dabbing it out. – Wet the hands, yep, dab it. – Oh, don’t do it, don’t, don’t. Did you seem him go for it? – I didn’t, no, I didn’t, I didn’t. – Ned’s been dabbing a lot recently. – No, no.
– It’s been very disturbing. – No, Eugene has just seen it a lot. – Don’t do it. Have you ever experienced
a triple homicide in the Institute of Culinary Education? – The first thing I’m
gonna do is grab rice. And that’s about, maybe a
little smaller than a baseball. – Smaller than a baseball? I haven’t held a baseball in so long. When’s the last time you held a baseball? – I don’t know baseball. – And what I’m gonna do
is I’m gonna draw a line with this rice across the top of my nori. I leave just a little
section of the nori blank, so that’ll be where they come together. And I just kind of like
folded it down with my hands. – I feel like a cat, when
they go up to a blanket and they (purrs). – Yeah, they doing, like
little making muffins. – I call it paw-patting. – Getting to physically
handle rice with your hands is really satisfying. – Yeah, can we just squish
rice between our hands for a second, oh yeah. – Not when you do it, you’re
making it creepy, dad. – You want to measure two-grain height? – Two grains is like a
Veggie Tales rapper name. ♪ – Yo, what up, I’m Two Grain. ♪ ♪ You ready to learn about Christ! ♪ – I’m gonna do a tuna to start and I’m just gonna lay my tuna in. – Okay, I’m gonna do some salmon. – Yeah, I’ll do some tuna. – Let’s go with salmon. – Pick your sticks. I’m gonna go with himatchi. – I’m gonna do a little ‘cado. – You gotta pinch it from the booty. – Well I think we’re… – There you go. (squealing) There it goes. There it goes. – Boop. (laughter) – Roll out! – Get under here, hold my filling. Roll it over the top and
give it a little squeeze. I’m leaving it so I can
see my nori there, right? Give it a little squeeze,
give it a little turn. And then I have my roll. – Now I can’t see it anymore,
I just hope it’s correct. – Mine’s looking pretty good. – And then a second little roll. – Oh, wait a minute,
I’ve done this thousands of times before. This is just like how kimbap’s
made in Korean cuisine. – Oh really? – Yeah. – Oh. – I did this like once a week. – Compacty-dactor, just gonna roll ’em up. He’s rolled, oh wow, it’s like Christmas. – Three, two, one. (gasps) – Oh my god. – Mine looks a little
under-stuffed, it’s got– – Mine’s a little over-stuffed, wow. – Mine looks great. – Clearly my childhood
training did not work out. – If you slice, it won’t smash everything. – The slice, not the smash. – Oh look at him. (squeals) Definitely not enough rice. – I make my first cut, I’m
trying to do it evenly. Halfway through and then
I cut this into thirds. – It’s kind of like a nipple. – Yeah, it is kind of like a nipple. – It’s like Chris Farley
when he was fat guy in a little coat. – Fat guy in a little coat (rips) – I can fix this. If you went to a restaurant you’d be like, oh that’s cool, definitely not a fuck-up. Okay, I’m gonna, let’s eat it. – Let’s just see if it’s good. Very little of the flavor is affected by what we’re doing so it’s great. – Oh my god! Maki rollin’. Yeah, we get to be Zach
and Keith in this video. We get to be goofy and silly. – Yeah.
– For once. – Yeah. (laughter) – I’m just gonna, there you
gotta, in the privacy TV magic! Wow!
– Wow. (laughs) – [Frank] The next roll we’re gonna do is an inside-out roll. It’s about the same amount
of rice as our first one but we’re gonna go all the
way to the edge with this. – It’s kinda like how a spider runs. – Oh, you’re good at that. – I have some black sesame seeds. – Now we do a little sprinkle-dinkle. – What’s great about having the plastic on here is that you can flip it over. – Three, two, one, kehoo. – I’m going with tuna but I’m
gonna try and make it funky. – The California rolls have imitation crab and avocado, right? Wow, you fucked this up, bro. – And then I’m just gonna
hold on to my filling. You can actually do this without the mat. Get your mat and just shape it later. – Oh, this looks not great. – Okay, this is not great
but we’re gonna reshape it. Handshake, nice to eat you. Okay, I definitely got some
of a lot of varying heights. It’s like a skyline, I’m
looking for a warehouse. Well, I’m gonna try mine, see how I did. That is a gateway sushi right there. – So that would be our
California roll with shrimp. I have a futomaki. – Futomaki is the fat ass roll. – Yeah, the big ass,
that big ass, big ol’. (laughter) – Let’s get a big ass roll. – They turned the cameras
off for five minutes and they said cool down, calm down. Just keep it together and
we’re right back into it. – Futomaki is a full sheet. A full sheet is a large
roll very akin to kimbap. So I’m gonna slice a few pieces of tamago. Tamago is a sweet omelet. – What breakfast in LA isn’t complete without a little bit of avocado and toast? Toasted sesame seeds. – Yeah, your hands like a shaker. – Are you ready to rock? – I’m ready to roll. – Okay, I get it. (screams) Here we go! (laughs) – This, again, you want
to hold your filling in. Roll over the top. Once it’s squeezed together, roll it over. So I’m rolling it all the
way over onto the nori. – Roll! – Oh, there’s so much of it! – I cleanse this house. Why’s yours so much skinnier than mine? – Slimmer, like brunch. – Look at mine. Food shot. – Food shot. Breakfast. – They’re, they’re good. Pretty good. – Pretty good. – Last but not least we’re
going to do our hand roll. Make a little bit
indentation in the middle. I’m going to put a little
bit of jalapeno in here, ’cause jalapeno is delicious. A nice scoop of the uni. – Let’s put a lil’, got
some snap peas in here. – Snap peas, a little cucumber. You gotta order up. – You gotta mix it up, make it yours. It’s a hand roll, for Christ’s sake! Scallions! – You know what, I’m
puttin’ shrimp in mine too. Why not? – Hey, put a little uni in, hey! A little bit, just a little little– – You’re going uni! – A little spread, yeah! You gotta experiment to know. (screams) It’s getting all over the place. – What’s happening to us? – Fold this corner up so that we start with that nice cone shape. Fold the cone around. You get a little piece of rice, you smash it in there and
that’s our little thing that glues it together. – He said one grain, how about 10? Yours is beautiful. – [Zack] Thanks, man. – [Kieth] That pink ginger. – Yeah, the ginger come out
is like a little tongue. It’s like lick-a-tongue. – In a hand roll, you
want it to stick out. Presentation-wise, that’s
how it should look. – I made mine so you could
suck the entire thing through the bottom like an
ice cream cone that’s melting. – Hm, I did good work over here. – Not, not me. (laughs) A lot of flavors battling in there. How’d I fuck it up, too, ’cause everything on its own tastes great, so, don’t know. – In fact, I’d say that’s more impressive if you can take this amazing ingredients and make it bad, like, wow.
– Thank you so much. So now the Try Guys are each going to make their own specialty roll. Our chef said it takes about 30-45 seconds for a trained professional to do this so we are going to give
ourselves three minutes. The chef will be judging
us on how we execute our own thing and then in
comparison with one another. – I wanna do this right. I’m runnin’ out of date ideas. This could be my little
(pop) back pocket move. – Typically, I’m the guy
who tries to get first place but it’s 2019, times are changing. – I kinda messed around earlier. It was a little bit of a weird energy but I’m gonna try and recenter. – And we’ll get started in– – [Robotic Voice] Four. Three. Two. One. – Shiny side down. – Shiny down. – Spicy side down. – I’m gonna get the jalapenos. The chef said that he loves the ‘penos. – Tickle the spider. – Himatchi, tuna, oh,
there’s not much salmon here so I’ll just put a bunch together. Shrimp, oh, not next to the salmon, crap! – Everyone having a good time? – Let’s just sprinkle some
of this shit, why not? – Let’s add a little bit of this. – All right, boom, awesome, crab. – Just a little more fish. Don’t laugh at me like I’m Zach! – These are just pretty,
they don’t really do much but they add a nice crunch. Listen to me! Zach, have you been
watching some cooking shows? Why, yes, Zach, I have,
thank you for noticing. – It needs to be a rainbow. Haven’t even started
the inside yet, oh God. – Some of this roe, I’m just gonna put one little drop, every bite. Scallions, why not? – Kinda did it, okay. – I’m gonna put a little bit
of ginger sticking out the top. – All right, babies,
here comes your mommy. – Crab sticks, oh shit. – C’mon Zach, you rolled stuff in college. – Okay, just roll and pray, baby. – That looks really appetizing. – See how it’s looking, pretty okay. – One little rice, boom! Look at that, beautiful! I have time, should I make another roll? Should I make another roll? I’m gonna make another roll. – Gentle massage, as chef said. Not to squish the rice too much. – Get in there, bro. – [Kieth] Yeah! – Get in there, yes, oh, it’s a thing! – Green onion, woo! Salmon, tuna, himatchi,
everything under the sun is going in. Oh, I’m panicking, this is a fat boy. – Oh, these are thick pieces. – Throwing down the babies, wow, it’s wet. – Oh guys, they look good. – Little pile of ginger. – I’m gonna take some sushi out of here. That’s a treat for me. – Like a middle-school eraser. – Oh, no the avocado’s falling off. – Fuck, the avocado’s
sticking out, well, that’s it. – Four, three, two, one. (laughter) (cheering) – I’m excited about it! The roe might have been a mistake but I think it’s gonna be a fun surprise. – I did not have enough time for that. – I feel alive! – Mamas meets babies. Let’s get the chef to
judge our maki rolls! – All these look really interesting. No, but they all look good. You guys did great. Eugene, I love the creativity here. The mother and baby theme is amazing. You’re the only one that used the roe and that seems to stand out to me. It’s a little sloppy but I might eat that. – To Eugene! – Oh, we get to start drinking? – Oh, excellent. – This is saki, by the way. – I didn’t mean to shoot it, I just– (laughter) – I think you’re plating
is beautiful, Keith. I think that your rolls
are really nice and tight. I think that you need to just
do a little less stuffing. You did a great job getting
the rice on the outside. I would always turn this over and present the nicer cut side. If you turn it over, it’ll probably look a little bit better. – Let’s fix that right now for you, chef. – Fix it right now, we’ll clean that up. – Oh, wow, that’s actually
your best looking one. – Beautiful, yeah. – To Keith! – Okay, Ned, I really love that you challenged yourself with this roll. But the thing I would have done with this is I probably would have
made your California roll and then put the fish on
top and reshaped it later. I think if you would have done that it would have been spectacular. And it is a bit of an
advanced technique so. (glasses clink) – [Zach] To rainbows. – [All] To rainbows. – Zach, you chose the hand roll
which I think is delicious, I think that it’s fun,
it looks really good, it’s a lot easier to do. I know how much you like ginger but that’s usually a palate cleanser. I think that that’s going
to overpower a little. Someone’s gonna get hurt
there with that wasabi. And that’s a lot of wasabi. For the most part, I think that, you know, it’s gonna have to go to Keith. – Whoa! – Lord, just threw it out there like that, like nothing, like it was nothing, wow. I don’t know, but Ned’s is so beautiful. – Listen, I love Ned’s. It was literally between you two. – The ginger, the beautiful ginger. – I think that the
technique there is great but just a little bit tighter. – So I got 3rd place? – You definitely got 3rd place. – That’s cool, that’s
great, that’s awesome. – I’m sorry. – No, I’ve never got 4th place. (laughter) Fucking awesome. We’re cool, don’t be upset. Your face is suddenly classic Ned. – It hurts, it hurts. Keith’s roll is terrible. (laughter) – It’s not terrible, it’s perfect! It looks so cute. – It’s subjectively not the best. I’m not saying mine’s the best. I think Zach’s is the best. – Can’t you just try some simple bullshit and execute it well. – It’s Keith’s motto. – Thank you so much, Chef Frank. Thank you to the Institute
of Culinary Education. I really love and deeply
appreciate the art of sushi and Japanese culture, but
we’ve been on the internet for like five years. I’m so glad that I could just goof around like Keith for once, fuck
up like Zach for once, and drag Ned down with me the entire time. This is a great competition video. I think it’s a new standard for Try Guys. Can’t wait to get 4th place again. I feel awesome, I feel jazzed. – I think you’re the best at losing. – Yeah, I love it! What is this feeling? Character growth, Cthulhu, cheers! – Ned. – I need, I’m out, I drank it all. – Gotta pour Ned a little more. (bright pop music) – I try hard, you know
I try, I try things. I try do it right, I’m good at stuff. I can do things, I took the SAT, remember. Why I gotta mess up? It’s a competition, let
me just try and do good.

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