The Try Guys Lip Sync Battle Drag Queens

Hello VidCon When I was asked to come referee this particular act, I couldn’t say no because it involves some of my favorites and fiercest people in the world and I’m always down to watch a good natured fight But read my lips, it’s going to be one hell of a battle Are you ready to meet your surprise performers? in this corner for sickening iconic and legendary Queens who have slayed our televisions and stages around the world from RuPaul’s Drag Race Give it up for drag royalty Derrick Barry, Morgan McMichaels… …Delta Work, and Kimora Black And in this corner four weird… …adventurous and hilarious guys who try everything for your entertainment on the Internet Fresh from their nationwide tour and number one New York Times bestseller, put your hands together for the Try Guys! Keith, Ned, Zach, and Eugene Four Queens, four guys, four battles, for glory. VidCon, are you ready to lip-sync? Now it’s pretty obvious that the Queens will always reign supreme because they killed a stage every night for a living. While they’ll showcase everything authentic and amazing about lip-syncing, the guys are going to be respectfully entering the competition doing what they do best- looking like clowns. Oh and one more thing you’re not gonna know what song they’re about to sing until they actually go head-to-head. So let’s get this party started Up first we have the drop-dead gorgeous Derrick Barry And she will be lip-synching against the most beautiful of the try guys. Keith, come up here This is the battle of the pop princesses. It’s Britney, bitch. You wanna? You wanna? You wanna hot body?
You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati?
You better work bitch! You want a Lamborghini?
Sippin’ martinis? Look hot in a bikini?
You better work bitch! You wanna live fancy?
Live in a big mansion? Party in France?
You better work bitch, You better work bitch,
you better work bitch, You better work bitch. Now get to work bitch! Now get to work bitch! Bring it on,
ring the alarm. Don’t stop now,
just be the champion. Work it hard,
like it’s your profession. Watch out now,
cause here it comes. Go call the police,
go call the governor. I bring the treble,
That means the trouble y’all. I make it bubble up,
call me the Bubbler. I am the bad bitch,
The bitch that your lovin’ on. Hold your head high.
Fingers to the sky. They gon’ try to try ya,
but they can’t deny ya. Keep it floatin’ higher and higher. Keep it movin’ higher
and higher and higher. Work
*repeated 15X* Work it out (, work it out,) work it out
*repeated 14X* You better work, bitch! [“Applause” by Lady Gaga starts playing] [Song ends] Now that was super fabulous and sugary sweet But I think I’m craving something with a little more spicy attitude Morgan McMichaels, can you please come front and center? She’ll be facing off against the most energetic daddy on the Internet med Brace yourselves for the clash of the pop-punk icons Woo! I asked for spicy, I wasn’t expecting that But I think it’s time we slow things down a little bit. You know, you guys want to slow it down a bit. Yeah? Let’s turn down the volume bump up the romance and who better to set the mood than the incomparable… …Delta Work If we’re talking about passion we have to have her face off against the most gentle adorable tri guy… …Zach Kornfeld. Get ready to feel heartache like you’ve never felt before in the power ballad diva dual Wow Pulling out that Lizzo flute solo out of nowhere. Haha. Well enough with feeling things, who wants to feel a little sexy? Who wants to be a little badass? Let’s get Kimora Black in the ring. And of course, we’re gonna fight fire with fire. So… …Eugene Lee Yang, let’s finally get your ass in the game Our final battle is too epic to feature solo artists… …So prepare yourselves for the ultimate girl group showdown Let’s hear it one more time for our drag royalty and of course the Try Guys Subtitles from LoveCharmyx 715 (Love ya all :3) Submitted by tea. BABY IM SORRY IM NOT SORRY!!! (sorry not sorry (Lol) 😛

100 thoughts on “The Try Guys Lip Sync Battle Drag Queens

  1. Keith's performance has good face expression and crazy dance moves that fit very well with the song

    Ned's performance was very fun, energetic, and badass

    Zach's performance was so much emotion yet very hyped

    Eugene's performance was hot, sexy, and baddie

  2. Sometimes I forget that drag queens are actually guys dressed as girls because they do such a good job looking like females.

  3. Okay 2 things Ned looked like Red Ridding Hood…and Eugene
    was a mother fucking boss! I mean I lost my freaking mind when I heard the beat to BlackPink's song. I was clapping like a damn walrus and then died…with a smile 😀

  4. In probably about a decade, the try guys' kids are going to find this video. I don't want to imagine the conversations that are going to take place XD

  5. can we just talk about their confidence… thats how much confidence i aspire to have aha
    also…. imagine Wes watching the try guys video when hes older and his reaction when he sees his dad in gold underwear on stage


  7. When Kimora blaq was performing did anyone one else see that brown hair girl, I was like bitch calm down she looked like she was gonna eat someone

  8. Keith: the sleep paralysis demon
    Ned: forgets he’s a father for a quick minute
    Zach: what he felt when he finally got a girlfriend
    Eugene: loving life

  9. Keith: the sleep paralysis demon
    Ned: forgets he’s a father for a quick minute
    Zach: what he felt when he finally got a girlfriend
    Eugene: loving life

  10. all throughout ned's performance all I could think abt is little wes growing up to see this video of his dad??

  11. pretty sure Eugene gave the rest of the try guys some very confusing boners. that was hot. BUT ZACH?!?!?!? YAAAASSSS

  12. Am the only one who thinks the girls are sassy? ? Im not hating they qte guud still and the Try Guys are cery guud too 😀

  13. Now I don't know if anybody else noticed this but that little girl in the crowd that was screaming literally bugs me so much like was she going to sit down at some point

  14. I was not expecting to enjoy this as much as I did! Especially Ned!? His rhythm, confidence, and really smooth moves shocked me in the best way! Holy cow!! He's come a long way!!! Must've practiced his ass off for this, and then grown it back in time to shake it for everyone!! <333

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