The Try Guys Fix Their Voices

– The waves were much higher
and far more frightening than they were supposed to be. A storm–
(equipment clunking) Oh my God! – Oh my God.
– Oh my God. – Sorry! One second, sorry. – We are recording an audiobook for our brand new book, the
Hidden Power of Fucking Up. – That’s right. If you hate reading,
this video is for you. – Chapter one. (laughing) This is gonna be such a long day with all of us in here together. – I’ve kind of always dreamed
of being a voice actor. Tumbling from failure to failure, with no loss of enthusiasm. Just a super fun job. – [All] That’s when we saw the. (laughing) – Audiobooks are very different from what we normally do here in video. – Oh, my face! (upbeat music) – You know, on YouTube you’re big, and you’re loud, and you’re
trying to speak fast. An audiobook is supposed
to be more intimate. – Dey Street books and
Harper Audio present– – The Hidden Power of Fucking Up. – That was great. (upbeat music) (gasping)
(bright music) – Skyrim, they did Skyrim here! Close your eyes and open up your ears, because today the Try
Guys are talking at ya. – I was, for lack of a
better word, a drag zombie. – Now Zach is reading, blah
blah blah, I’m Zach, la la la. – Each of us are doing a solo day, and then on Friday we’re
all coming in together, that way we can bounce off each other. – Ned and Eugene lifted
Zach from the icy water. – I, ugh! – Don’t laugh. – That was the sound
of me being pulled up. – Okay, okay.
– Ugh! So we have a week to record 200 and something pages of book. (classical music) – Right now the opening is read as Keith all the way through. – The Try Guys are not all
great at speaking all the time. – We did that, yeah! – So we’re bringing in a vocal coach. – [All] Hee. – Beautiful. – Hi guys. – Hi.
– Hi. (laughing) – I’m Faith Rumer and I’m a voice coach, and also an acting coach
and a dialect coach. – Do you have any secret clients? – Well I worked with an
Academy Award winning actress. – Wow, was it Jennifer Lawrence? – I was also thinking Jennifer Lawrence. – Is it Jennifer Lawrence? – No. – Natalie Portman?
– No. – That’d be too exciting.
– Charlize Theron? – The first thing is you wanna stretch. When your body’s all tight up here, we can’t speak very well. – This feels amazing.
– It feels great, doesn’t it? – What do you do, and how do
you help people talk better? – [All] Ah! – Well it depends what’s
going on with them, some people need more voice work, and some people need more speech work. Good, and then just let yourself roll up one vertebrae at a time. So voice work is about
the sound of your voice, whether it’s breathy, if it’s loud enough. – Is anyone else out of
breath from just that? – I’m sweating a lot. – Yeah ’cause that was a lot for me. – And then speech is
all of the articulation and how we speak, and some of you have more
from one side than the other. – [All] Ah. – Today is sound recording day. This is the booth, this is
where the magic happens. (humming) – Yeah, yeah. – Whoa wait a minute, this is– – [Ned] Frontwards kick. – We’re gonna mic you
close, and it’s gonna be within six inches, about
that far from your mouth. – Okay. – And when that happens,
everything in your mouth we’re gonna hear, it’s an audio closeup. This is the most intimate form
of communication possible, you’ll be inside someone’s head. That got me three Grammy’s. – Only three?
– Just three. (laughing) – All I’ve heard is that
you fist pump in the back. – You’re in there alone and– – [Ned] You need some feedback. – Yeah, so that’s what
I do, I can do this too. – I would just prefer a
couple of fist pumps today. (laughing) – This is gonna be most of
our first time going into an audio booth, so what
is that experience like? Like, what are mistakes people make, what should we look out for? – Let yourself make
mistakes, just like when you do your videos, it’s
okay to make a mistake. – Just go for it, all right. – [John] Just enjoy yourself. – But the main thing that you
want to do when you record your audio book is you still
want to sound like you. – I’m Keith, I’m Ned, I’m Zach,
and I’m Eugene the best one. (laughing) – What do you think about our voices? – So I was watching your videos, and– – We’re sorry.
– I have some thoughts. (laughing) – Everybody has a little
different thing about what’s going on but you can all
benefit from everything that I’m gonna say at the same time. – I’d back it off just a little tiny bit, ’cause he has high energy. – Super cool. – So Ned?
– Yes. – What do you think’s
going on with your voice? – I don’t know. (laughing) – It has a little bit of nasality to it. – Well something’s doing this (laughing). – In the back of your
throat is your soft palette, and if those muscles are
weak, the soft palette is low and then all the sound
goes into your nose. – Really? So I gotta work out my soft palette? – [Faith] Yeah. – And for all this glamor, and
success and laughs, dammit, I have gotten paid a grand total of $12.70 cents! – [John] Watch the speed
and take your time, see it as you go through it. – There’s a really kind
of strange exercise for your soft pallet, you wanna try it? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Ka, ka, ka.
– Ka, ka, ka. – Now we’re gonna suck that sound in, so we’re gonna go like this, ka! – Ka, ka, ka.
– Ka, ka, ka. – You see while I was
doing science stuff by day, by night I was fulfilling my
passion of performing comedy. I’d even audition for Saturday Night Live and done solo character acts. Aw got the fist pump, nice. (laughing) – The dance steps are
a little questionable. – You can hear the
dancing through my voice. – So Keith you have a trained voice, you trained in theater, right? – I did. – In audiobooks that might
be a little bit overwhelming. – Whoa, I’m Marilyn Monroeing! – It’s overwhelming in real life. – Hey shut up Ned! (laughing) In early 2014 the four of us joined Buzz, it’s tough to try to think through all these things but also not over think. – [John] Just watch
the speed a little bit, ’cause you can rocket through. – Yeah, for sure. – My voice is made here, I’m trying to make sure its coming out but I’m making sure its coming up, but I’m also trying to make sure its not going through my nose. Somehow in four years I went from performing in front of college students on a stage, to performing
in front of mostly college students on
videos on their phones. Now I couldn’t have planned out that journey in my five year plan, do colleges still make you do that? I don’t know. My point is that none of us
set out to become The Try Guys. – Eugene has a really
nice tone to his voice, and he’s got this really
rich beautiful sound to it. – Wow, I’ve never been told that. – But at the end of his
sentences sometimes he gets soft and I can’t hear those
last couple of words or that last word. – Yeah (mumbling). (laughing) – I chose to label as
defiantly unlabiable, I just said labiable. – [John] I know I heard that too. – That is a part of a women, I’ma go back. I choose to label myself as defiantly unlable, unlabiable,
(laughing) labelable, got it. – Sounds like Keith’s the Ying to my Yang. – Sort of, yeah I think– – [Eugene] You’re in my
throat, I’m in your throat. – Open your mouth wide and lets see if there’s a
little Eugene in there. (angelic humming) – [Zach] There he is I see him! – [Ned] I can see him! Wow. – Eugene you were in there all along. – My work with The Try Guys, the unlikeliest of best friends, has consequently made me
into a happier person. – [John] Nice tone, perfect. – Did you save me for last ’cause we’ve got very little to work on? – For you I think the thing you want to work on the most is articulation. – Zach Kornfeld, you know I always struggled saying
my name more than anything, because of the k, k, consonant. Anyway. – So there’s some exercises
you could do to help you that. – [All] Pah, pah, pah, pah, pah. – So that’s your lips and now with the tip of the tongue
we’re gonna say ta, ta, ta. – [All] Ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta. – Kah, kah, kah, kah, kah. – [All] Kah, kah, kah, kah, kah. – Now after you put it
together it becomes, patika, patika, patika. – [All] Patika, patika,
patika, patika, patika, patika. – The idea was to create stop
motion movies using your LEGOs but after a few videos I
realized I could broaden it to the rest of my bedroom
where, inevitably, I cast my stuffed animals in an, this is where my speech gets too wordy. – Yeah and also slow down a little bit. A trick here is to see the
room as you read through it, see what the words show. You are the camera, so
that’s kind of the direction. – Okay I love that. The idea was to create stop
motion movies using your LEGOs, but after a few videos I
realized I could broaden it to the rest of my bedroom
where, inevitably, I cast my stuffed animals
in instant classics such as, The Bear Witch Project and
Raiders of the Lost Bark. – Nicely done. – With, the appeal of an audio book is it, because they’re getting
the words no matter what, but what’s that added layer? – The smiles, the life, the vitality. Charles Dickens made all
his money in this country by reading his books aloud. – Really? – So did Twain. Reading is nice when you’re
in a room by yourself and you can get lost in something like you’re reading (mumbles), but really its the performance of it. – The waves were much higher
and far more frightening then they were supposed to be. A storm was brewing and angry clouds gathered on the horizon, inching closer as the turbulent waves thrashed our dingy life
raft like a rag doll. – And then Keith started vomiting. – With each wave, Keith
fell deeper and deeper into an abyss of nausea. – Now I am a survival show aficionado, so I was supposed to save the day, uniting our fractured
family and swooping in during the video’s climax
to lead our rescue. – [All] Yay! – But that was then, this is
now, and Keith was lost to us. – [All] Boo! – As the remaining three
of us devised a new plan, Keith continued to heave into the water. We needed to get this video done and get our asses back to shore. – [All] That’s when we saw the shark. – Two of them actually, both circling curiously beneath us, occasionally piercing the water’s surface to see what all the commotion was about. – Hey what’s all the commotion about? (all laughing) – [Keith] That’s what they said, yeah. – With dorsal fins closing in on our boat, suddenly our death and
dismemberment insurance paperwork felt very relevant. – But we were still there and our video wasn’t
about to shoot itself. – Mm mm. – [All] No, no, no, no, no. – We rushed to complete filming before Keith ran out of bodily fluids and the sharks decided to fill the voids in their own empty stomachs. (humming) – [Man] Wow that was great guys, The Try Guys, you guys are
great at this audiobook thing. – Writing the book was therapeutic, but reading the book out loud for the audiobook was catharsis. My ancestors survived Japanese
occupation and a civil war, to relocate to, of all places, the conservative American south. – Sometimes when you write stuff down and then you read it back, and your like ah it doesn’t read exactly how well I think it sounds in my mind. But I got to make it sound
like how it sounds in my mind. All these years of coming in
third, and fourth, and Zach. It finally paid off and I, the chef of the group, would prevail. – I’d say listen to the audiobook
if only to see how much of our random nonsense bullshit
they actually edited in. – That was lovely Eugene. – Thank you Mary. – It was just so much fun
to be in the audio booth with the other guys. – [All] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – What surprised me is how much talking takes it out of you after
a three hour session of reading and emoting and speaking. I was just so drained. – [All] What we learned! – In the audio that
follows we’re gonna share a collection of philosophies, that have guided us through making videos and somewhere along the way, transformed us into better people. – This is a book about embracing failure and riding it on a bumpy, but
ultimately upward trajectory. – So as you listen to this book, we want you to think
about some of the habits you’ve picked up and how they made you less vulnerable to new experiences. – Its all about how you get back in your heels and try again. – Together, we’ll all become
the best versions of ourselves. – [John] Wow you knocked
it out of the park. – Sick. (upbeat music) – Five A.M., wake up and meditate. – Buy The Try Guys audiobook and you too can get Ned doing
a Mary Poppins impression. – Just a spoonful of
sugar at

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  1. I listen to audiobooks everyday at work and this audiobook is by far one of the best. It’s so easy to listen to and so funny!

  2. Yes i think i sound like squidward. I am not from a good school, i never say that. It is true that people choose that particular job here for its benefits. I just couldn't like it enough until now. But my efforts shouldn't be wasted. There are few people who likes their job. But you can choose to love what you are doing.

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  5. I have never bought or listened to an audiobook. I have audio processing issues, and it's much more difficult to understand when I'm only hearing it and not reading it. I typically watch everything with subtitles when they're available, and sometimes struggle with a video when they aren't. I have never understood why audiobooks don't come with a copy of the actual book to read along with.

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