45 thoughts on “The Truth About the Pocophone F1!

  1. Hey guys need suggestion should I buy Huawei p30 lite or Poco F1 ?
    Poco F1 has better cpu, battery but lookwise Huawei P30 Lite is better.
    Price right now are same for both ?

  2. I thought I would buy the Xiaomi Mi 9, then I hesitated with the Pocophone F1, and since my old (and wired) but excellent headphones (AudioTechnica ATH-ESW10 Japan Edition, for connoisseurs) cost more than the Pocophone, and I've no intention of replacing it by a crapy bluetooth headphones and don't want to bringbond an adapter, I ended up choosing the F1 (who cost me 220€ -128go Armoured Edition-, instead of the 530€ for the Mi9 128go).

    My possible drawback with the F1 was the photo quality ; but damn I am not an expert and for an amateur use there is no complain about it ; even the night mode is perfectly usable.
    The non-glass back of the phone : excellent too ! I widely prefer a plastic one who does not fear much, than a glass and shiny one that will end up cover up by a case (so logic…)

    Perfect reactivity, available in 128go (extensible), nice autonomy, headphone jack, usable photo in wide situations, not so look-alike fragile design, decent price, Xiaomi hit the right spots.
    (switching from a Galaxy Note 3 I used uncovered for the last 5 years and a half)

  3. Just watched this video, a bit late to the party. Although I just bought an Umidigi F1 I must admit that I am a hypocrite, nobody mentions the fact that a Chinese worker is paid 5 dollars an hour and often works a 12 hour shift, in Denmark an electrician gets paid 35 dollars an hour f.ex with excellent bonuses if he passes the 8 hour mark. No wonder the Chinese can make cheap phones, I will never work for 5 dollars an hour though.

  4. There is something in this phone you might not recognize ,it's called a HEADPHONE jack,for some old-school headphones ?

  5. The watermark is for advertising purposes when sharing photos worldwide on social media FREE Advertising

  6. Except for the price difference what is the advantage of Samsung S8 against Poco F1? Heard something about watching HD movies is where poco got big issue compared to high end phone

  7. Get rid of the Stock Xiaomi FW and replace with an almost-stock Android ROM (e.g. LineageOS, Pixel Experience) and you've got a Pixel 3 that costs only $300.

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