The Truth About Mini Pigs

I'm Megan with Happy Tails pet care and I'm a professional pet expert and nutrition consultant my goal is to educate people about animals and help pet owners provide the best care to their beloved pets see a pet in my video you like let me know and I will be true that pet in more videos hey guys this week I want to talk about mini pigs and this isn't going to be a care video this is going to be about what it's like to have a mini Pig living in your home and what you can expect from a pig so before you even learn how to take care of a pig you need to find out if it's going to be the right pet for you the first thing that I want to start off with is talking about what a pig is and once you can understand a pig then you can understand where the mini part comes in there is a huge misconception about what a mini pig actually is it's not a mini dog it's not a mini cat it's a mini Pig so pigs are huge animals and any type of small version of this is not going to be a tiny little pet it's going to be a fairly good-sized pet it's going to be smaller than the actual regular size but it's not going to be super super tiny so before I even show you a mini Pig I want you to take a look at a regular adult standard sized Pig this is Esther and besides being an awesome celebrity with amazing fashion sense I'm showing you her photos so that you can see pictures of a standard pig in a house next to people pigs are huge animals and if you had this as a pet a pet pig in your house this is what it would look like so when you see a mini Pig you can't say what a huge animal huge compared to your Pomeranian yes huge compared to an actual Pig no Esther like I said is awesome and will always make your day better so go follow her on Facebook right now you can find her link in the description of this video and follow her rescue happily ever after Farm Sanctuary where you can see the awesome work that her and her dads do to help animals okay so hopefully you got any ideas of a teacup pig out of your head and now you can see the real-life expectations of having a mini so this is petunia petunia is a full-grown mini Pig this is what a mini pig is it is not going to be smaller than this it might be a tiny bit smaller than this but generally this is the size that you're going to get or actually much larger when you get a mini Pig mini pigs are mini pigs pigs are gigantic animals and if you're looking for something smaller this is probably not the right pet for you petunia is a Julianna mini Pig and they are the smallest breed of pig she's about three years old and she weighs about 60 pounds 60 pounds is actually a pretty good size for a well-bred Julianna but in general mini pigs should actually not be measured by weight they should be measured by height a well-bred Giuliana should be between fifteen to seventeen inches right here at the shoulder where my hand is some people accuse mini pig owners of malnourished in their pigs in order to keep them small by giving them very little to eat so that they're underweight like any animal you can tell if it has been malnourished and has been starved it will be very thin its bones will be showing and that's how you tell if they haven't been feeding them right however in general people actually have to keep their pigs on a diet because pigs gain weight very easily so they actually eat very little and it's important to not over feed your pigs so that it does stay healthy pigs do make really good house pets because they are very clean and can easily be trained to go to the bathroom in a litter box or to go to the bathroom outside like a dog many pig owners agree that pigs are actually easier to Train than dogs petunia here is trained to go to the restroom outside she spends most of her time inside the house with me but she is trained to let me know when she needs to go to the bathroom she is very good about not going to the bathroom while I'm gone I can leave her in the house for several hours and she will wait until I get back to go to the bathroom a lot of people don't realize that pigs actually need vet care they need that care the same way that a dog does they need regular vaccinations and they'll also need that care if something else happens to them like an illness before you get a mini pig it's very important to find a vet in your area that will be able to take care of your pigs medical needs another thing that's important to think about is will you have to take your mini pig to the vet or will the vet come out to seat your pig it is easier if you have a veterinarian that is willing to come out to your house to see your Pig petunia is seen by our veterinarian at home about a year ago I noticed that petunia had very dry skin her skin was actually flaky and more dry than usual so I had a veterinarian come out and take a look at her and she actually had what's called sarcoptic mange this affects about 95% of the pet pig population and is really common for them to get it is very easy to take care of with a couple of shots and it clears up but that's an example of how pigs will need bed care throughout their life pigs will also need to have their hopes trimmed their hopes grow continuously and they also grow tusks some pigs need to have their tusks trimmed as well petunia has very tiny tusks and she actually never has to have her tusks trimmed but some pigs do have to have that done mini pigs require a special diet there is packaged food available for mini pigs that is specifically for mini pigs they cannot eat regular food for pigs like large pig food but not every pet store is going to carry mini pig food so you might have to order it or you might be able to find it at a local feed store pigs can easily get sunburned especially pink pigs it's very easy for them to get sunburns if I take petunia out during the summer I put sunscreen on her so it's really important to protect your pig skin and this can be done by providing lots of shade by providing mud or putting sunscreen on them if petunia is muddy she gets washed off before she comes into the house you can see that petunia actually has very small eyes and she has pretty big ears and pretty big snap pigs have very poor eyesight but they make up for it with their amazing sense of smell and hearing generally most pigs do not like to be picked up petunia tolerated being picked up and I picked her up up into about 40 pounds after that it was a little hard for me to get her so I don't pick her up anymore but when she was younger I did used to do that picking up a pig and putting it on your lap is not like picking up a dog pigs have hooks and they do hurt and they do leave bruises pigs are hurt animals and they do need company however that doesn't mean that you have to have more than one pig pigs can very easily bond to you and other animals so as long as you have a lot of time to spend with your pig or you have a dog or other animals that your Pig is going to be with all the time then they'll be happy if you don't have any other pets and your way you may want to think about having at least two pigs let's see some pictures of petunias friends pigs are extremely intelligent they are one of the smartest animals on earth but having a really intelligent pet is not always a good thing it actually makes them very difficult to care for but it makes them very rewarding pets as well pigs can be taught to understand several words petunia here actually knows quite a few she knows words like outside water go to bed things like that pigs can also be taught to do a lot of tricks and like I mentioned before they are not difficult to potty train but pigs are so smart that they can train you too pigs want to have everything their way pigs are like having a toddler but they're not going to get past the age of four for the next 15 years they will have tantrums to get what they want a pig's tantrums includes kicking screaming and sometimes biting I'm very lucky because petunia has actually never tried to bite me she won't bite me but I have heard a lot of pigs that do bite and when it pigs having a tantrum the screaming is really the part that drives you insane baby pigs can scream so loud the way that I like to describe it is I couldn't hear myself think let's take a look at a pig screaming besides screaming pigs make a lot of different noises they join the grunt they make lots of noises with their lip smacking sucking and that's a problem for some people some people who don't like certain noises people who don't like the sound of other people chewing that's something that's going to bother those people and pigs will chew and smack their lips even when they aren't eating they'll do it for really no reason at all and sometimes I get a little frustrated pigs will very quickly learn that they can scream to get what they want and they start training their owners to do whatever they want once they start having a tantrum and it's very much like having a little kit if you give in to the Tantrums every time and let them do whatever they want you're going to raise a bratty pig baby pigs do not always sleep through the night I actually got really lucky with petunia she was very good all the time she would sleep right through the night she wouldn't make any noises she wouldn't potty in her crate so she was really really good as baby but that's not the case for everyone a lot of baby pigs will cry for attention at night they will cry because they are hungry they'll cry because they pot eat in their crate they'll cry just because they want attention and they don't want to sleep so getting a pig is really like getting a baby pigs have a big attitude pigs are not like a dog and they're not going to love you all of the time pigs are big talkers they make a lot of noise but when petunias mad at me she'll actually give me the silent treatment and she won't even look at me I was talking to somebody else about when their pig gets mad and what that pig will do is it will knock over everything that it can reach it'll stomp off to its room it'll close the door and just be by itself pigs just have such big personalities that sometimes some of the stuff that they do is actually kind of funny when petunia was a baby she slept in a crate at night and she would not go to sleep until the door to her crate was completely closed and locked so when she was tired she would go and get in her crate and she would pull and try to close it by herself which it's kind of hard to close a crate that way but she really wanted it to be locked before she went to sleep and pigs hate change as she grew it was really hard to change crates when I would move her into a bigger crate she actually hated it because they hate change so what she would do is she would pee in her crate because she knew that I would not leave her in her crate like that so several times I had to take her out clean it up I put her back in and immediately she would pee again it was kind of frustrating I have a raised garden bed where I grow fruits and vegetables and Petunia figured out very quickly by herself that if she got something like a box a crate and kicked it over to the flower bed she could stand up on top of it and reach the tomatoes to eat pigs are very motivated by food and this can help with training however if a pig doesn't want to do something it's probably not going to do it even if you're offering food harness training to pay can be very difficult but it can be done I used to use a harness with petunia however I don't anymore because we don't go anywhere and she listens to me really good so I actually don't have to keep her on a harness in order to keep her with me she's very good about staying close to me while we're walking around but this is going to depend on your situation whether you're going to need to harness trained or not if you're somewhere where you're going to have to take your pig out and walk it for it to get exercise then you're probably going to need a harness if you need to take your pig to the veterinarian then you might need to put it on harness kind of like a dog mini pigs can also be very destructive in your home I've been really lucky and petunias actually never destroyed anything in my house however this isn't the case for everybody and I asked some of you guys on Facebook if your mini pigs had ever done anything really bad in your house and there's one response that I got that I would like to read to you guys after the fact this is a kind of funny story but when it's happening it's not funny but I'm going to read it to you guys so that you can see what a pig could actually do in your house of course this goes for like any pet you get it can always destroy stuff but this is a story about a fake destroying something so this person writes my Pig opened his bedroom door once while we weren't home made a huge mess in the living room by breaking a decorative bowl of rocks off my coffee table also ripped his backpack to get to the streets and ate a whole bottle of baby aspirin then he opened my backpack using the zipper and ate all the erasers off of my Ticonderoga pencils along with a bag of Dove chocolates he also tore into some of my binders and ripped off a few pages out of my books when I got home from work he was back in his room with the door closed like nothing had happened so there you go that can happen if you have a mini pig or it could be like mine and not destroy anything in your house or you could do something even worse pigs are awesome little animals and if you have the time to put into them they make wonderful pets however they're not the right pet for everyone they require a lot of patience but if you're willing to work with your pig and willing to overcome all of the other obstacles such as tantrum screaming they're huge personalities they are very rewarding pets to have if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel I put out a new video every week talking 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  1. So me and my family have 3 large dogs and 1 smaller dog, most of the larger dogs are very docile. The one that isn’t as docile is a German Shepherd we are try to rehome because he is aggressive. And the smaller dog is an old pig that is 14 years old. We feel that we are ready from something a bit more unusual like a pig or Pygmy goat but the two main people who would be taking care of the creature (me and my mom) are gone a lot (me school and her work) and that because of the other animals we are a bit nervous because even the docile dogs hate new things such as a new animal. And we would like that we could have an animal that we could bond with the family for the fact that leave home every other weekend to visit my dad. So if you can give us any help for choosing the new creature(creatures, preferred only one) that would be very appreciated, Thanks!

  2. Our potbelly pig is 3 years old, weighs 220 pounds, lives upstairs, eats downstairs, has a huge loving personality, has destroyed the daughters room and a very, very, very expensive table and the carpeting, is super flexible about meals, activities and time tables, is potty trained, (but he chose the spot not what we preferred), has never screamed unless squeezed, and quietly "talks" (grunts) to say hello, hungry, pee, walk, etc. We learned the meaning of his grunts. As soon as someone gets back from school, work, trip, etc he does cry loudly exactly like a baby till that person goes upstairs to say hello. Will "talk" a long time upon first greeting in morning even will sit down because the talk is long. He follows our verbal commands quite well, but not si much when we are not around. Knows how to open refrigerator & pantry but has only done so 1 time and never again. Literally calls my daughter/owner "Mama" when scared (vacuum cleaner, storms) and runs to her.

  3. Lil big fellas are actually very cute!! but way too much trouble. I'd rather spend my time on raising a baby.

  4. The last picture of Petunia and the puppy dog was so precious!!! I had to pause it so I could admire it longer 🙂

  5. She's the size of a medium dog..all this time I thought teacup pigs would grow to be the size of a small dog hmm , second guessing my choice

  6. what do you mean by pig crate? I locked up pictures but I only saw sad pigs in food farms t.t and extremely small metal cages

  7. Hi happy tails!!! I was thinking about getting a mini pig for my birthday (it’s in June) and I was thinking if you can do just any kind of mini pig video. It will be really helpful!!! Like teaching tricks. Thank you!

  8. I've got a Potbelly pig that is in the 150-200 lbs range and is around 5yrs old… she's a good critter…
    They make really good pets…

    I've also got fairly large collection of North American Pit Vipers mostly different species of Rattlesnakes along with some Copperheads…

  9. I saw you on the news and it made me curious about “mini pigs.” So I YouTubed the subject and here you are again. You must really know what you are talking about!

  10. I thought mini or "micro" pigs were a lie bcs a lot of breeders lie about the size or breed when selling a pet pig and you end up with giant boars.

  11. I just brought home a 3.5-4 month old potbelly pig. Little boar, that was kept outside these past few months, with minimal human interaction. He is nearly farrel, very scidish and on edge. I've had a pig before, but he was born and raised in a house with kids, so he was tame and didn't need much handling to get used to me. I've only had this pig for a couple days, brought home 12/2/2018, so I understand he's going to be scidish and he's adjusting well for having very little human interaction prior. But I was wandering if you had any tips on how to help taim him and help him adjust to being a house pet instead of a barn animal. Since bringing him home I've made sure to spend a couple hours with him multiple times each day. Making sure to talk gently and handle him a little. Is there anything else I can do?

  12. Can you please speak about deworming pig pets every 6 months to kill the infectious parasites pigs carry in their intestines such as Ascaris Suum. When Petunia goes to the bathroom outside, how do you dispose of her manure? As the parasite infected manure could infect grass, plants etc. in the surrounding area. This parasite can infect humans if the eggs are accidently ingested through unwashed hands, or unwashed produce which came in contact with pig manure. Did that ever happen to you? Sorry for asking too many questions.

  13. Hello there-I’m from New Zealand where “Kune Kune” pigs come from-According to most kiwis and google Kune Kune pigs are the smallest pig you can get-Can you tell me if there the same pig/different name or completely different breeds & whether or not kuneskunes are actually the smallest breed (they are usually under 60cm tall) Thanks for the awesome videos btw, I’d love to see you talk more about chinchillas-And bearded dragons as I love how you cover every aspect of every animal you speak about, Thanks so much for the helpful vids

  14. Do they have hair? Is it possible for them to cause allergies like some people have to cats and dogs? And would a pig get along with my rabbit?

  15. Well, I must say that after watching this video I would NEVER want to have a pig as a pet. She was eating the ENTIRE TIME that you filmed the video. A real PIG.

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