Hamsters are incredibly popular pets. They’re famed for being cute little balls
of fuzz who just run on their wheels or in their plastic balls or lap beads of water
out of their little water bottles and dig around in wood chips and what have you. But underneath that cute exterior lies a miserable
pile of dark secrets. Hamsters, it turns out, are blind, alcoholic,
inbred, murderous, cannibalistic cranks. Hamsters are terrible. For humans, one of the strongest natural emotional
forces is the protective instinct a mother feels toward her children. So that’s why it’s so shocking for many people
to find out that it’s actually not that uncommon for a mother hamster to kill and eat her babies. There are a number of reasons why this might
happen: stress caused by the size of the litter, fear of the environment, especially if some
goony human pokes too close or too often around a hamster cage with a litter of pups in it,
a human’s scent getting on the babies and confusing the mom so that she doesn’t recognize
her own offspring, insufficient food, or just because the mother feels overwhelmed and worries
she won’t be able to provide for or protect her babies. It’s actually an act of mercy, not just some
case of sudden cannibalistic munchies. In that context, it’s much clearer that a
hamster mother eating her babies is actually just a different manifestation of that same
protective maternal instinct that human mothers feel, and it’s maybe a little easier to understand. But all that understanding might fall away
when you read about how hammy moms sever their pups’ heads. Respect and understanding, man. They are hard won, but sadly can be lost by
something as small and inconsequential as eating your own child’s head. Hamsters are rodents, and there’s one thing
that ties all rodents, as well as related species like rabbits and hares, together. It’s the fact that their incisors, their front
teeth, grow continuously over the span of their life, like some kind of terrible tooth
nightmare. Normally, the teeth stay a normal length because
rodents gnaw at their food, and they’re naturally ground down in that process. Yes: that is also gross, and not a great alternative
to the mental image of infinitely long teeth. But what happens if their teeth don’t get
properly ground down in the normal eating process? Well, the teeth might become overgrown and
curve into their gums, get caught on things, cause drooling, hyperventilating, and cause
problems with swallowing. Those are all terrible and gross things to
imagine, so how do you fix it? Well, with another terrible and gross thing:
trimming your hamster’s teeth. The good news is that this is a simple horrific
process with simple tools you already have in your house whose memory will be forever
tainted by this foul dental deed. No need to use a dremel tool like you might
with a larger animal like a rabbit or chinchilla. Just use suture scissors or a pair of fingernail
clippers and try not to think about the amateur veterinary dental surgery you did next time
you clip a hangnail. The hamster is a burrowi-ng, crepuscular animal,
which means it’s active during the hours of dawn and dusk, and lives underground. As such, a good sense of sight is about as
useful to them as a never-ending pasta pass at Olive Garden. While hamsters do see okay in dim light, in
bright light they’re basically blind. Baby hamsters are blind at birth, and as adults
they can only ever see a few inches in front of their nose. A hamster’s main methods of getting around
are using their other senses, such as hearing, smell, and touch via their whiskers. The bad news is that this bad vision poses
a number of dangers for pet hamsters as well as their owners. These Mister Magoos of the animal kingdom
are known to walk off high surfaces or jump out of hands or off shoulders and hurt themselves
or worse. The lesson here is don’t perch your hamster
on your shoulders or hold them in your hand while standing up. Also don’t buy them multi-level cages or,
you know, put them on high surfaces…even if you think it would be cute to put them
on the ceiling fan blade, even if the fan is on low. Hamsters’ poor vision is also the main cause
for biting, as sudden moves frighten them, and if they don’t catch or recognize their
owner’s scent, they might bite defensively at the unknown giant blob trying to shove
them into a ball. Despite the clear classification of hamsters
as rodents, the hamster seems to have a little canine DNA in its genome as well: turns out
they’re part booze-hound. That’s right: according to the New York Times,
hamsters are popular with alcohol researchers because these little dudes are nuts for hitting
the sauce. Given the choice between drinking from a bottle
of water and a bottle of alcohol, they will choose the alcohol 100 percent of the time. They love it. How did hamsters develop their adorable love
of liquor? It’s related to their instinct for hoarding. They bury fruit to store all summer, and when
they come back to it in wintertime, the fruit has fermented and the hamsters get turnt. As a result, they’ve come to prefer and even
seek out the smell and taste of fermented fruit because that fruit is easier to find
by scent. It turns out they can handle their liquor
better than humans, though. Their livers are developed enough to metabolize
comparatively large servings of alcohol. In terms of size relation to their other organs,
a hamster’s liver is five times the size of a human’s. You know, proportionately. Not literally. If you had hopes for a whole hamster village
in your home, you should throw your Hamster House plans in the trash. Turns out hamsters are super territorial. While it’s not uncommon to see hamsters caged
together at pet stores, it’s because these hammies are usually really young. Once hambos hit about 8 to 10 weeks of age,
you have to keep them apart or they will fight it out until one or both are dead, like those
guys with switchblades who strapped their wrists together in the “Beat It” video. Even if they don’t fight, close proximity
between adult hamsters will cause enough stress to significantly shorten their life spans. The only time adult hamsters should be together
is when they’re mating, basically, but even then it’s an uneasy truce that’s short-lived
at best. If you have multiple hamsters, you have to
keep them in separate cages and they should have their own toys. If you have one hamster and you somehow feel
like that isn’t enough, having two hamsters is a good way to get a million hamsters, because
these cute little fluffs are actually unstoppable baby-making machines. A hamster can get preggo at just four weeks
old, and then a female hamster will come into heat, that is, become receptive for mating,
every four days. For comparison’s sake, most dogs come in heat
two or three times a year. You can tell your hambo is in heat because
she will give off a strong, hormonal odor that will serve as a musky and unwanted reminder
of your tiny month-old friend’s budding sexuality. If a boy hamster and a girl hamster get together
long enough to mate without killing each other, you can expect a litter of hamster pups in
about 18 to 22 days depending on the variety of ham you have. The litter will likely be between 3 and 12
pups, depending on the hamster type, though a Syrian hamster uterus can hold up to 24
little miracles. If this isn’t enough babies for you, great
news! Dwarf hamster females come back into heat
immediately after giving birth, so just refill that furry little mama like a PEZ dispenser
full of babies and you’ll have another dozen pups in less time than it takes for an issue
of Southern Living magazine to come out. Just kidding. Absolutely do not breed your hamster two cycles
in a row, you monster. Also adopt, don’t breed. There are enough hamsters. You monster. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Grunge videos about some of
the weirdest stuff in the world are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
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100 thoughts on “The Truth About Hamsters Is Surprisingly Dark

  1. I had two hamsters that were sisters. Bad idea having them in one cage. One of them started eating the other one alive. First it was the poor hamster's back feet and one day I, a 10 year old kid was shocked to seeing the hamster that was getting eaten was not fussing about it. She was just laying there.🤮

  2. My syrian hamster Canelo died out of nowhere today😭. Got home and saw him in the middle of the cage (unusually, he was always in a corner sleeping) with no movement. I thought he was in torpor so i warmed him up. 3 hours later he was still in the same state. He then started to slowly hyperventilate and flinch until he died 😭😭😭. I tried giving him water before so and he screamed. What could have caused his death? 😕

  3. My hamster was kinda bitchy but never super aggressive. Though he was a total fatass who wanted the fancy grass chews.

  4. I'LL PUT SOME JACK DANIEL'S INTO THE WATER BOTTLE. My daughter has a hamster. After watching this, I kinda want to pour a little whiskey into it's water bottle, then see how well it navigates the maze!

  5. I made my hamster kill her babies….I kept looking and putting my hand in the cage…..thanks for ruining my childhood

  6. I love hamsters, I have two russian dwarves, living seperately. If you give them enough space, and enough respect, they live happily. I don't handle my hamsters too much, but they're incredibly tame. They have dozens of toys and I've easily spent over £100 on each of them. They aren't cheap if you want them to be happy. Cages can be pricey (if you want something secure, I live with two cats soo) and so are their toys, and vetinary trips.

    If you want affectionate rodents, hamsters aren't for you. They're much happier given their own space. I reccomend rats! I have four rats, and they are absolutely affectionate and love their human friends. Just make sure you do plenty of research, as they're quite complicated. A few basics are that they will need a very large cage, preferably a bird cage converted into a rat cage for plenty of climbing opportunities, they need to live in groups, or pairs, but I reccomend groups just in case any of them pass, and they are omnivores; So feed them meat as well as veg!

    Also, about the litter eating, I doubt that's entirely savage. We really can't put our morals into play when it regards animals. Mothers kill their offspring when they instinctively know they will not be able to provide for all of them. But, if you care for a hamster mother properly, and give her enough space, she won't eat her babies as she'll feel secure and able to look after them. If it's her first litter, it's much more likely for her to do it as she will be extremely stressed, but if it's her second, it's unlikely she'll do it unless she's being neglected.

    But with the rampant amount of hamsters in need of homes, I highly am against breeding them. It is stressful, and just as painful as a human pregnancy, for a hamster mother. It seems unnessassary and cruel to put her through that. Also, hamsters shouldn't be kept together. Even russian dwarves. It's just not worth the risk, and they feel much more secure on their own. I just don't think it's a good idea, and if you do plan on it, please prepare a second cage just in case they start to fight.

  7. Okay, you got it wrong here mister, look at their head, their frickin head, it's as small as a seed so you should expect not good thinking, and, they eat each other, do the thing aggressively, and eat the babies, well they eat each other it's because, they don't know each other, what? You expect them to be friends at first sight? No no no, they fight because they have few experience with each other but if you introduce them to each other, you will notice that they barely fight anymore and don't hurt each other anymore. For the thing, it's just their way of doing it, THEIR NATURE, us humans do it in a different way too so u no judge boii. Now for them eating their babies, separate them from the husband or separate them from their parents.

  8. My hamsters name is brownie and she’s been living with me for about 1 1/2 years I love her so much. Sure her teeth are a little larger than normal but she is the sweetest hamster I have ever met. Brownie has jumped off multiple shoulders but she was survived. My sister has had multiple hamsters and I’ve never met a nicer hamster than brownie. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. We have been giver her pain meds and she’s okay. I think hamsters are really beautiful and sweet animals if you treat them with kindness

  9. Okay. I couldnt even finish this video based on the BULLSHIT ON TRIMMING YOUR HAMSTERS TEETH?! Are you out of your mind?! Hamsters NATURALLY keep their teeth from over growth by using chewing, its called buying chews for your hamster. And who the hell would give their pet alcohol?! Anyone who does real research and actually owns a hamster would know you're making them out to be uglier than they are! Ridiculous.

  10. my hamster acts exactly like a dog. is extremely chill, have NEVER bitten anyone, is extremely fluffy, let’s me kiss him 24/7 and IS THE CUTEST THING ALIVE. no joke. he is so precious. my ben is the best thing in the world universe.

  11. When I left home one morning, I had 5 young hamsters, when I came home there was one, covered in blood, sitting in the remains of the others. Eating.

  12. This guy🤦🏻‍♀️ first hamsters don’t dig in wood cuz it’s dangerous to them. Also Hamsters teeth do continuously grow but it’s necessary to buy them chews so if ur hamster has long ass teeth it the persons fault.

  13. Ive actually had two boy hamsters from the same litter for 2 years and they love being with each other. They argue sometimes but most of the time theyre sleeping with each other in their house

    ** They're russian dwarf hamsters, Bryan and Keenye

  14. I had hammys for years and they’re some of the best pets I could have ever asked for. It’s just to bad that there’re lifespan is so short.🐹

  15. This video is stupid. I have two Syrian hamsters and they are really sweet. If you want to watch videos about hamsters watch Victoria Rachel.

  16. I have been keeping hamsters for 18 years now and they are wonderful pets! I can't imagine my life without them. I keep mine in very large bin cages and large tanks. My hamster licks my hands and sleeps on me. Shes very comfortable with me. I think of her as a very tiny dog.

  17. I watched my hamster eat her babies. I have kept hamsters for years. They are as different as people. I have adopted a hamster with her teeth so long they grew through her head. The previous owners were neglectful. Of course it died. I let my hamsters decide if they want in the ball never force them. I have hamsters follow me throughout the house in their ball!

  18. Some of this information is off. Robo hamsters are different then other Dwarf Hamsters and easy to keep. They are just not great pets for holding or children under 8-10years old.

  19. I just want to point out, some hamsters can be kept together. But only certain breeds, like dwarf hamsters. You definitely can't keep syrian hamsters together.

    I have two dwarf hamsters and they're mostly happy, but don't ever recognize me as their owner. I often find them sleeping together, cuddling, and play fighting. Which, yes, is normal. It's how they assert dominance. They're from the same litter I believe, but you shouldn't introduce un-related hamsters unless it's for mating purposes.

  20. I learned all of this after Rudy then Rudy#2 then Rudy#3, RIP!!!🤦🏽‍♀️! Then I just decided that hamsters weren’t for my son!!!

  21. I had a male and female hamster years ago. She came into season and I thought let them mate I kept an eye out so they wouldn't fight sadly it was there first time and the female became impatient and bit right through he's thigh so I quickly seperated them and it put me off been Cupid for life (male hamster was ok)

  22. They died easily by age or sick and food poison like I use to had hamster two times an they die and I always had to buried into the grown

  23. its because syrians are solitary and most other breeds don't like being put together, and they only eat or reject their babies if you touch them

  24. Mothers care for their babies & love them. I've seen it with some of mine. If we as an owner cannot provide the proper conditions for a mother and her kinds that she worry for her children, she will spare them a miserable life & kill them out of mercy. But once you provide everything they need, the entire litter can surely all survive, as has happened with me many times. I even got an alpha Hamster within his brothers that breaks up fight between his siblings & intimidates the trouble maker, but never hurts them. He even follows his smallest brother when they are playing in the room. They are wonderful creatures.

    The video is very informative & practical for all new hamster keepers to learn from and avoid all the possible nightmare from newbie mistakes

  25. FYI: DON’T TRIM YOUR HAMSTERS TEETH. Especially not the way this guy said. Giving them things to chew on and this normally does the deed for you. If it doesn’t, GO TO A VET. The last thing you need is to accidentally hurt your hamster or traumatize them by not doing it correctly. Fingernail clippers might damage the teeth, and suture scissors… I don’t even need to say why you shouldn’t use those lol.
    I love hamsters. This video is misleading and seems like its almost meant to wave others from purchasing hamsters.
    My advice? Do your own research and read up, watch actual hamster youtubers. They’re delightful pets!

  26. I personally own two hamsters, and they are amazing pets as long as you do proper research!
    My Syrian is in a 75G and my robo is in a 40G! They love it! I love them. )

  27. I love my hamster, he only bit me once and that was last year when I was trying to introduce her to my Guinea pigs ( both of which were both female but also over 6 times as big and one was pregnant and heavy ) but on the funny side she keeps biting my niece and nephew and my roommate ( they all poker her to get her attention for some reason I just call her name and she comes to me even if she is wondering around my apartment.

  28. I put 2 of my hamsters in a jail after one of them ate her baby (murder) and the grandma of the eaten babies supported the murder.

  29. I have 2 adult male Syrians, they grew up together and I haven't seen them fight, not even on food. They like to sleep together lol.

  30. The title shouldn't be written like that. Information which is given just the truth, basic knowledge you need to know when you want to have a hamster

  31. my hamster rasin is a sweet and precious baby. She kisses my nose when I'm sad and she's long haired and very soft, she likes to cuddle up against my neck. and the fact that hamsters are alcoholics just gives me another reason to love them. Hamsters are not terrible. They are pure, good, and wholesome little fur beans.

  32. I was like "nail clippers for teeth? That would hit a nerve ending and cause them to be hurt really bad!" I was thinking like, why no chew toys? It will wear down their teeth over time

  33. Please do not try to trim your hamster's teeth by yourself. Go to a veterinarian.

    Also, their teeth would only need to be trimmed in emergencies (i.e. disfigured jaw). Provide proper toys and hides for them to chew on.

  34. Hahaha, dude, you've got hamster issues! My experience with hamsters ❤️ has been awesome. My fave hamster was named Shakespeare and he was like a tiny teddy bear, so easy to teach tricks and cuddle with❤️ I miss my lil pal very much. HAMSTERS RULE!! 🥰🤩😍💗😘👸🤴

  35. This is why every pet isnt right for every person. Research must be done to make sure you and the animal fit and you can provide for all of the animal's needs. Animals are cute, but there's always more to caring for them than you might think.

  36. People should NEVER cut a hamsters teeth
    Let t vet do that.
    Don't want to spend money, don't take any pet…….

  37. 1 it’s not the mom hamsters fault if she is stressed enough to eat her babies
    2 don’t trim their teeth
    3 don’t use balls
    4 don’t keep hamsters together
    5 don’t ever breed hamsters

  38. I find gerbils are much nicer but I had some hamsters they bit were lazy gerbils are up all different hours have lots of energy and rarely bite.

  39. Never, ever trim your own hamsters teeth! You could trim to much of it down making it hard for the animal to eat or hit a nerve. How stupid of you to suggest this!

  40. Yeah rats go into heat every 3-5 days and can breed from 5 weeks old, gestation period is 23 days.
    Doesn’t mean you should breed them after, you should always give it a few months

  41. Weird mix of accurate and inaccurate information. Some stuff is out of context for hamster behavior and played up to make it seem weird.

    Don't trim your hamster's teeth, give them proper chews. Organic dog chews (like whimzees) are a surprising favorite of hamsters! What you can do on your own at home is trim their nails if they get too long. Older hamsters may not wear down their nails as fast so sometimes you need to come at it yourself. Be careful not to trim too much and to hold them properly in the process.

    Hamsters are also "chocoholics" for actual chocolate. They can eat chocolate. Don't give them too much, and its preferred you give them dark over milk chocolate, but its healthy as an occasional treat.

    Though the first captive hamsters were inbred, further expeditions to bring back more hamsters to increase the genetic pool were performed.
    Adopt from rescues and ethical breeders (Cheeks and Squeaks, Strong Brew Hams, Hubba Hubba Hamstery, Happy Paws Hams, etc. to name a few in North America) instead of breeding your own AND/OR from buying hamsters from pet stores as those are all mill bred. Ethical breeders keep pedigrees of their hamsters rather than using pet store hamsters to bred, so they're a lot healthier and have better temperament.

  42. 3:41 strange facts. That ceiling fan is original from the 1970s. More strange facts, I have one that still works beautifully.


    we once got three hamsters once we came home we immediately started playing with them about 3 weeks later one hamster was not moving and the smell got really bad but they still ate fine so we moved them down stairs a couple hours later when we went down stairs 2 or the hamsters ate one of the other ones we decided to let them of at a forest after that we never saw them again and never got any other hamsters can anyone explain this

  44. Lmao. Bunch of butthurt children crying over this video. It's just FACTS told with dark humor. Suck it up buttercup. Hamsters are short-lived bitey little bastards. If you're lucky enough to have a friendly one good for you. This channel isn't telling you not to buy one. Morons

  45. Most hamster owners (Who have done their research) Know about all of this stuff, As long as you know how too properly care for one and keep them separate than you'll be good. Half of these things happen whenever a owner is really shitty at caring for their pet.

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